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I want it but they probably won't make it in a xxs.
I don't have the good camera anymore, my brother took it back. I just bought this jacket from Zara, I have a hard time finding anything that fits. All the kids jackets at the malls I went too looked horrible.
I own 2 pairs of jeans. I actually like chinos and dress pants better, they feel more comfortable.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Well, the most truthful news comes from the government of Zimbabwe. Only because Baghdad Bob retired or was killed, I'm not sure.
The Chinese Government, very accurate and reliable without the spin.
If I was stylish for others I would be wearing a camo jacket or XXXL T-shirt where I live.
It's 10 am and I need a drink.
U.S. Royalty, Beirut, The Working Title, Copeland, Brand New, Cold War Kids.
Vanilla ice cream.
Exercise, it will release endorphins and make you feel better. When I have an anxiety attack or depression I like to run a few miles or play racquetball if I can. I'd advice not using any benzodiazepines, I made that mistake when I was younger and they are very addictive and a bitch to withdraw from.
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