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I'm looking for some dress shirts in kids size. I saw a Joseph Abboud contrast collar shirt at Bloomingdales but it didn't have french cuffs. I didn't know if I should buy it, I couldn't decide. Is it ok to wear a contrast collar shirt with barrel cuffs? I was going to buy a white french cuff Brooks Brothers boys shirt but they're out of size 18.
Quote: Originally Posted by bcx Need more details. How old are you? Where will you be going? Do your friends think you're a db? 21, I'm not sure where we are going yet. And I'm not sure what a db is? But never mind, I just changed my mind.
Is a tie with a zip cardigan to formal for going out for drinks with friends?
Quote: Originally Posted by Milhouse Is she hot? I had a professor that used her cat for every example she discussed. That was truly painful. No, she's old and crazy.
I max out around 6 miles then I have to sit on the toilet for a while. IBS is a bitch, otherwise I could do more.
None, my pits don't sweat.
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard I know, I know... But if Polo is okay, I figured this might be: (Off-white - $68 on sale...) I didn't see that on the site, thanks. JCrew is much better quality.
"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." Mark Twain College for most people isn't about learning but getting a degree for a resume and networking. I despise college thus far but need a degree for my resume. Maybe once I go to a real college things will be different and I'll be able to learn. I get to waste my time in my English class with a "professor" who thinks she is 12 and gossips and talks about sex most the time.
I lost around 80 lbs in a few years. I once weighed 200 and I'm 5'5''! For me it was simple, eat healthy, eat 5-6 small meals and exercise. The only thing is I wished I lifted weights because I lost some muscle with the fat.
Should I buy this sweater? My options are limited and I can't find a good white sweater in my size.
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