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You want to sink, so I'm going to let you
I drive a crappy car but usually dress well for my area and some friends like to make fun of me for looking "rich". I think everyone should dress how they feel, not how they think their income allows them. Btw my friends drive nice cars but wear rags, so I think they're ridiculous to say anything. I was wearing a lacoste shirt at school earlier this semester going to my car and some kid asked me if I'm looking for my Mercedes.
All the cool kids in their early 20's dress like this...
Clocks by Coldplay Black Burning Heart by Keane Reckoner by Radiohead
Quote: Originally Posted by Laffertron Mods maybe this would be better in the social life food and drink section? Who else on the forums doesn't drink? It could be for health, religious reasons, prior issues with alcohol, or maybe you just don't see the novelty anymore? I woke up one day and realised that drinking doesn't really accomplish anything positive. I don't need to become incoherent to have a good time with my friends, and I'm not going...
Quote: Originally Posted by Toad I actually think investing in a foreign currency at this point isn't such a great idea. You want to buy low, sell high. Right now, the dollar isn't worth that much. It's probably not going to get that much worse than it is right now. Long term, it's more likely you'd lose money with such an investment. Now's actually the time foreigners want to convert their money into US dollars since they can get them for so...
I would love to learn French or Arabic.
The Austrian Theory of Trade Cycles and other essays by Ludwig Von Mises, Gottfried Haberler, Murray Rothbard and Friedrich Hayek.
It's going to end up taking me 5 or 6 years to get my bachelor's.
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