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For me meds didn't work. I find the best solution to depression is staying on the move as much as possible. If I'm constantly working towards something I feel a lot better. What is the point of life if I'm going to be depressed and sit around doing nothing? I was going to shoot myself but decided why not have some fun, work hard and see how far I can get in life. Staying busy and focused as much as possible is what helps me. Also cardio is a great way to help in times when...
Is it ok to wear corduroy pants?
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Your mother won't buy you any clothes? No. I'm not a kid. But I'm the size of a 16 year old so I wear mostly kids clothes.
I'm broke and there are some very good deals going on. Should I buy these "moleskin jean"? I need some more pants but don't have much money right now.(12 hours a week of work isn't paying the bills very well)
The Prince by Machiavelli
Bombay Bicycle Club.
Can a sweater be taken in?
I just got my X-small cotton/cashmere sweater and it's too big. Their X-small cardigan fits but their sweater does not. I guess I'll have to stick with kids clothes.
I thought I was done, but in the last year I've grown a little. I read men can grow up to around age 24, so I have hope. I'm still only about 5'5'', I think it would be funny if I grew 2-3 inches in the next 2 years.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger sleeves are too short Yes they are, the tailor fucked up. Are they too short? I can't afford another peacoat, but don't want to go around wearing it if it looks really bad. This is the second item the tailor has messed up, my favorite shirt was ruined by her. I took a few more pictures.
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