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I really want to mix my style up some.
I finally made on a few weeks ago. It's addictive.
Chester French, Phil Ade, Young Buffalo, The Horror the Horror, Florence and the Machine, Bombay Bicycle Club, Siobhan Donaghy, Manchester Orchestra, Mew, MuteMath.
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense nope! make sure it fits well and dont look too stuffy, you'll be fine I need to have it taken in, thank you!
Is a seersucker blazer too "old man" for someone in their early 20's?
I need a new shoe to go with jeans, chinos and shorts in the summer. I usually wear boat shoes, but want to change it up a little. Is it ok to wear this penny loafer with jeans, chinos and shorts?
I work at a shoe store because they work around my school schedule. I almost got a job at AT&T but they don't like their employees to be in school.
No Surprises or Fake Plastic Tree by Radiohead Not So Tough by Copeland Whisper by A Fine Frenzy Any song by the Honorary Title. Padraic My Prince by Bright Eyes.
I fucked 20 bitches, did some chest bumps with the bros and then drank 30 beers.
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