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Quote: Originally Posted by Montrachet Macallans has a holiday box for $100 with one bottle of 12 year and one of 18 year. I hope to find this under my tree. This.
I've been into British Folk and a lot of indie. Noah and the Whale Mumford and Sons The Middle East SeaBear The Veils
There is nothing in this world I hate more than Glee.
Half my money with Madoff and the other half in Lehman Brothers stock.
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit That is not normal! Have you seen a Dr. about that? I mentioned it while I was in for something else along with other stomach problems. It's probably IBS or UC, but for an official diagnosis I need a colonoscopy. I really don't want one of those! Quote: I used to have this issue too. After a really strong, intense run I would have the most insane stomach pain (in the lower abdomen) and then...
I did 6 1/2 last night and my stomach didn't hurt too bad for once. Usually after a good run I'm on the ground with stomach pain then in the bathroom for a hour or two. But lately my stomach hasn't been too bad.
Anyone run everyday and do a lot of weight lifting? I've been told cardio is ok while trying to gain muscle and also by others it's bad for muscle growth. I've started a "split set", where I lift upper body 4 days a week. I've been eating more and gaining muscle but I don't want to gain any fat with it. Also I love to run, nothing feels better than going 5 or 6 miles.
Quote: Originally Posted by melwoesblvd greece is going down, citi is going down with it. i hope it gets to around 2.50 again. but realistically i think it will stay around 5 for a few months now Most PIIGS debt is in the hands of Europeans. American banks aren't that connected to Greece and the rest of PIIGS, not like European banks. Citi is a piece of crap bank, but when you have the backing of the government, they won't fail. I advocated...
No, I don't exist.
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