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Wingtips with shorts?
Would penny loafers go with pants like these? I'm broke and need a new pair of shoes that would go with shorts, jeans and dress pants.
That among a 1,000 other sites and listen to the opinions of many investors. The drawing down bank reserves wasn't anything to do with ZH, at least not an article I read. I however have read several articles putting the pieces together of Fed's actions recently to show why that is an option. But it's really anyone's guess as to what Ben will do tomorrow. My guess is lower IOER rates and use that 1.7 trillion but who knows. After more research I changed my mind on BAC as a...
BAC is still shit even if Buffet put 5 billion in. Didn't keep Goldman Sachs from going down again in the future. I still think there are shorting opportunities there. Silver in the long run is still a great bet, whenever the Fed does it's next market support which will be inflationary, it will rise. Maybe be a short term sell off before then. Gold will keep seeing CME margin hikes as gold and silver are the enemy of central bank's fiat currency. It's looking like the...
Contracts. For businesses to buy from us. Thinking of the rep's that came to the store I worked at for a few years and how they went about things. I sat in on several meetings where they would try to get my boss to carry their products. Often they brought coffee and food, might try that? Need to get some more dress clothes, down to 4 shirts and 2 pairs of dress pants. Too hot here for a suit, but a vest will work. If I make the cut and last til it's cooler, i'll get a suit.
Just selling shoes for a few years. Very laid back full service shoe store. Worked on several political campaigns. Even at one point was running for local city commission. So I have much experience with people, especially the wealthy.
It'll be mostly in the red until the next bond purchasing program starts and the debt ceiling is lifted. Well assuming they can keep inflating this bubble with quantitative easing. Eventually the fundamentals will deteriorate so much it'll pop and we'll be back in panic mode and a flash crash. With the market mostly HFT, with an average stock hold of 23 seconds, we're setting up for the next crash. I wouldn't buy now, everything is overpriced.
About to start my first job in outside sales. Any tips? Assuming it's going to be hard getting businesses to sign contracts and cold calling.
I'm not sure if I like this sweater or not, or maybe i'm not sure if it works for me? It's Lands End. Please ignore the picture, i'm not very photogenic and it was taken at 5 am after being up 24 hours.
I look better as I age because I lost 80 lbs a few years ago and take care of myself now.
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