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Allaboutshoes - another happy customer here.
Received my Allen Edmonds this morning & would just like to say I'm very pleased with them & dealing with the seller was an all round good experience and would buy from him again.
Quote: Originally Posted by broseff It's been 4 weeks for me waiting on a stocked shoe to ship out. Every week the OP has been saying that it will go out soon, but I don't have much reason to believe him after today. I wouldn't worry about it as I have been waiting longer and have just had confirmation that my shoes are going to be delivered tomorrow. I don't see how you can say you don't believe him after all the positive comments he has had?????
I really wouldn't bother with these shirts & look elsewhere as the quality/fitting is very poor.
PM SENT Walnut Calf Fifth Avenue 11.5D
Sorry to mess you around but I've changed my mind and I'd like the Walnut Calf Fifth Avenue 11.5D.
Well thank you for your constructive advice holymadness & if you treat people who are in need of advice in the real world as dismissively as you do in the virtual world then you'll no doubt be the one eating the bullet!
I'm glad that NYUCniceguy has brought this subject up of identifying clothes and not 91210 as I'd like to ask would anyone know where I could find a coat similar to the one our favourite federal agent is wearing in this picture.....damn it!
A bump for this as it is one of the most informative & non-partisan threads I've come across. I cannot believe that I haven't made the trip to Northampton as I only live 60 miles away, shame on me! Do the various outlets have summer/winter sales?
From the city of Paul Smith otherwise known as Nottingham.
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