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Ok noted. Thank you newbiealden, bootspell n schmollo for your advice.
Ok will go on the same size as Barrie. Thank you
Anyone here had bought viberg boots before? I had a few pairs of Alden in Barrie and Plaza last but not viberg. I intend to get a pair of viberg in 2030 last from their website but do not know how is the fit compared to Alden
Its in plaza last
Not sure if it gas been mentioned before. J Gilbert has a pair of NST in cognac calf that look absolutely stunning.
Whisky shortwing bal
Does anyone has the list if 2014 nakeups fron j gilbert for ore orders
Bought a pair of pre owned whiskey shortwing from a fellow forumer. Liked it so much. Its in a good condition. Thanks again Burton. By the way does anyone have the list of J Gilbert 2014 make ups for pre order. Remember seeing it here but just cant find it.
Hi Burton, Sent you the payment via paypal. But receive a pm from u that the item has been listed in ebay.
Missed out on the plaza snuff wt by leffot. Is there any other place i can get that in plaza? Also looking for a pair of nst blucher in black calf.
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