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Its in plaza last
Not sure if it gas been mentioned before. J Gilbert has a pair of NST in cognac calf that look absolutely stunning.
Whisky shortwing bal
Does anyone has the list if 2014 nakeups fron j gilbert for ore orders
Bought a pair of pre owned whiskey shortwing from a fellow forumer. Liked it so much. Its in a good condition. Thanks again Burton. By the way does anyone have the list of J Gilbert 2014 make ups for pre order. Remember seeing it here but just cant find it.
Hi Burton, Sent you the payment via paypal. But receive a pm from u that the item has been listed in ebay.
Missed out on the plaza snuff wt by leffot. Is there any other place i can get that in plaza? Also looking for a pair of nst blucher in black calf.
Tks for the advice. So is there any difference in sizing if i m buying once washed or its the same?
Thanks timbaland. Is there any sizing different between the different slim fit models? ie if i were to buy a once washed how shd i sz? Or its the same
I am ready to purchase my first pair of RRL slim fit from this ebay seller. http://www.ebay.com/itm/181097279888?redirect=mobile Not sure if anyone can advise if this is a rigid slim fit, it says 'raw'. My waist sz is 31 and from what i gather in this thread, i shd sz down at least 2 cos this jean stretch alot. How abt the shrinkage?
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