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Thanks for telling me your situation. I have contacted their CS and the issue is going to be resolved shortly.
Yeah I know, shout out to the old me.
I sized up on them to have a more loose fit. What is even more confusing is that they have been barely worn. I've been on the extreme end of denim wearing by sizing down 3 and not washing for over a year and have nothing come close to what just happened. I simply abducted one of my legs to get into my car and this occurred.
So this just occurred after wearing for 3 months twice a week while I was entering my car. Has this happened to anyone else? I've never worn a pants that could rip this easily. Does RT do denim repairs? I could not find an email on the website in who to contact.
A product that I backed (Passport Case Horween Essex) was fully funded a while ago. It is now open for funding again. Is this normal?
Price will be based on production cost, market demand, and of course the brand itself. Without knowing which "leather biker jacket" you are referring to the markup can vary.
Anyway to prevent fading on the 60/30 Chino's?
Where are you located? From there, we can direct you to stores which you may be interested in.
Anybody wear insoles with their Indy Boots? I wore mine today for about 8 hrs and my feet hurt
Anyone know long ago the Visvim FBT in Coyote came out? I've been looking for a pair for quite some time.
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