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@kiya, will there be a restock of the Strike Gold HEAVY LOOPWHEELED ZIP HOODIE - INDIGO DYED in L or XL anytime soon? Would love to try it on at SESF before purchase "FINAL 24 HOURS - SAVE AN EXTRA 20% OFF ALL SALE ITEMS WITH CODE 'PLUS20' AT CHECKOUT"
I would recommend browsing this thread: Filson Bag Thread: With Pictures
My pre-order was cancelled
Thanks for telling me your situation. I have contacted their CS and the issue is going to be resolved shortly.
Yeah I know, shout out to the old me.
I sized up on them to have a more loose fit. What is even more confusing is that they have been barely worn. I've been on the extreme end of denim wearing by sizing down 3 and not washing for over a year and have nothing come close to what just happened. I simply abducted one of my legs to get into my car and this occurred.
So this just occurred after wearing for 3 months twice a week while I was entering my car. Has this happened to anyone else? I've never worn a pants that could rip this easily. Does RT do denim repairs? I could not find an email on the website in who to contact.
A product that I backed (Passport Case Horween Essex) was fully funded a while ago. It is now open for funding again. Is this normal?
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