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Yes with a handfull of exceptions."**Offer is valid August 15 through August 17, 2014 (11:59pm PT) on Discount is applied to your order at checkout. Offer valid online and in all stores excluding Southampton, NY, Queens Center, NY & Menlo Park, NJ."
Anyone want to go in on an order with me so we can qualify for free shipping? Interested in 1-2 pairs of Sanders but the shipping cost is pushing me away.PM me and we can figure out the logistics.
I've got a Rag & Bone Giftcard that can be used in retail stores only that i'm looking to sell. It's for $250 and I'm looking to get $210 $200 via gift payment to avoid those PayPal fees. Price includes shipping in the US.
Rag & Bone in store giftcard. $250 for $210 shipped.
According to a dude on The Choosy Beggar someone said that everyone who emailed should be admitted. I really want shoes but my sz. 13s are holding me back. Fucking feet.
Price Drops
A few new shirts and price drops.
sns23: Good point on the tweaking. I wonder if renaming the listing to "NATO Style" instead of just NATO would do the trick.
Hey Guys, I hatched this DubStraps idea on here a little less than a year ago and thanks to this forum it's mostly been a fun experience. Little things, like what popped up in my email this morning start to make it more of a headache. I received a trademark violation notice from eBay taken out by "International Watchman, Inc." saying they had removed my 4 strap listings from the eBay marketplace. When I went to International Watchman, Inc.'s webpage the first thing that...
Price Drop
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