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Quote: Originally Posted by fuji I've been buying my jackets much shorter with a more fitted waist, higher armholes, fuller chests and more structured shoulders. This is my attempt at doing a mafoofan pose. The overcoat has a much more fitted waist then in the pic. How tall are you?!
Quote: Originally Posted by johnny_flapjack RLPL Eden, which I don't recall seeing in brown before. It would be nice if they showed a pic of the soles, what with them having seen "very little use" and all. Still a bit rich for used, but they'll come down in subsequent auctions. http://cgi.ebay.com/1250-POLO-Ralph-Lauren-08-EDEN-Oxford-Loafer-SHOES-9-D Not really "Eden". These don't look to be Edward Green. The script inside isn't like...
17. Whelan 18. Kurylenko 19. Cruz 20. Dawn 21. Bellucci 22. Lima 23. Johanssen 24. Hazell
Looks like Tom Ford.
1)Helfer 2)Whelan 3)Kurylenko 4)Miller 5)Cruz 6)Stokke 7)Green 8)Dawn 9)Bellucci 10)Wench 11)Lima 12)Biel 13)Kadena 14)Johansson 15)Hazell 16)Casta
Very nice. Did you go through EG directly? How much was the cost door to door?
Final reduction
Lowered price.
Excellent transaction with chorse123. Great merchandise, good value, carefully packed and quickly shipped.
Quote: Originally Posted by Concordia This irrelevant spot is probably the only place I can tell one of my favorite b-school interviews. My best friend was trying to get into a quant shop that he had admired for a long time. Since he wasn't a physics PhD, they didn't quite know what to do with him but they were impressed with his aptitude. Anyway, at one of the 23 interviews a senior fixed-income guy asks him "You know Excel, right?" Silly question. ...
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