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Does anyone have a polo.com discount code?
Quote: What about that shirt.??.  No pins in the back?  It's the slimmest shirt of all time.  The highest yoke I've ever seen too. I think when they took the picture of the front, they pin the back of the shirt. When they took picture of the back, they pin the front of the shirt. That shirt is not that slim in real life.
I just saw former President George HW Bush at the Super Bowl opening ceremonies, wearing a navy blue blazer with his trademark repp ties. What struck me however was that he buttoned both buttons of his blazer. I thought you were supposed to just button the top one. Comments?
I don't remember the titles (esp. since I don't read Japanese), but if you go to your local Kinokuniya, you'll find a few Japanese magazines that has lots of pictures of suits. They go into details of construction, etc. and even includes interviews with the tailors.
Can you post his url, for us newbies?
Who made Cary Grant's suit in North by Northwest, by the way?
EG's still having a sale, although the available models are probably quite limited. The price is GBP 250 (net of VAT) + GBP 30 shipping. So that works out to about $500. But again, they may not have the styles you want in your size. Not sure what the regular retail price is; someone else may have more knowledge.
Are any of these shoes still available for sale?
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