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Quote: Went by Dynasty this morning to see if they could do working sleeve buttons, and they could not.  I've got another sportcoat to do at the same time, so I'm going to try calling around to a few other places and see if I can meet with success.  Sorta disappointing, considering Dynasty is right around the corner from me. -s Try Peppino's on Lex betw 60th & 61st. He'd do it for $50.
Great job. You must have a lot of free time... how about adding a caption stating make, last, color?
why don't you just ask your local prada or gucci boutiques? someone there should be able to answer or at least point you in the right direction.
Quote: A. Harris, how do you recognize the handstitching in the lapels?  By the irregularity, or by the lack of "loops."  The presence of loops is a dead give away that it's maching padded, of course.  The basted Brioni in Neiman Marcus does not have loops and looks every bit handstitched.   But more importantly, I found a cheap, old Polo Blue Label sportcoat at a consignment shop today.  These were the ones made in America back in the early 1990s -- by H....
Quote: Hmm, these would probably be too big for you then - they are about a 9.5-10 US. Sorry   Are you implying these shoes are for sale, j?
Quote: Nice pair of Lattanzis on Ebay recently.   I prefer alligator to croc, by a lot. What's the difference between alligator and croc, in terms of quality of the leather, shine, durability, style etc?
Try this: http://www.ctshirts.co.uk/content....e=twill You could print the page and present it at the store.
I also got my pair today. Very fast shipment and the jeans fit well. I highly recommend LA Guy. But who the heck is Palmer?
The Cowdray looks very much like the RL Halmore Chelsea that someone else linked to above. Here's some more pics of the Cowdray/Halmore in brown: http://www.oldvic.jp/items/index.php...view&i=0500049
Does anyone have a working Bluefly Code? Thanks.
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