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Does anyone have a working Bluefly Code? Thanks.
Quote: Seriously, I know you're all going to laugh, but go to this Web site. My shoes have been coming undone my whole life. I went here, they haven't come untied a single day, and there are all sorts of options. I use the Ian secure knot, which uses less lace and never comes undone, but the choice is yours. I second this recommendation. I've been tying my laces using the secure knot method and i've never had any problems with laces coming loose...
Quote: Any halfies do it for me (Phoebe Cates, Danica McKellar, Kristin Kreuk, Norah Jones, Kate Beckinsale, Sara Tan, etc.) must be my genetic disposition. koji Kate Beckinsale is a "halfie"? Half white and half what?
Quote: They were made that way at the request of Louis Boston. Is it possible to order Vass w/ dainite or commando soles? That would look better than Topy, no?
Are the shoe trees included in these prices?
I think I read either here or on AskAndy that Rider thought Tramezza was well worth the asking price. I tried to search the archives but couldn't find it. Maybe Rider himself could chime in?
I have a suit that have just a bit too much shoulder padding that what I prefer. Would it be possible to have a tailor reduce the padding somehow? How expensive would something like this be?
B-S, so is it correct to infer that cavalry calf is lower quality that "regular" or box calf?
I saw a nice Kiton sportcoat at Barneys sale today, made of 50% cashmere, 50% bamboo. I was surprised when I read the table--what, this thing is made from the same material as chopsticks? However the fabric felt pretty nice, maybe b/c of the high cashmere content. Anyone has experience wearing a bamboo garment? What's the long-term performance like? Do you get splinters ever?
Nordstrom in downtown SF (SF Center) has a good selection and a terrific return policy. They mostly have Aldens, AE and Ferragamos though; maybe a few Santonis. Neiman Marcus has some Lobbs and the usual Italian designer shoes (Gucci, Prada, Testoni, Tod's etc). Saks has Heschung, Testoni, Zegna, and the usual Italians. Malouf's in Burlingame has a selection of Ed Greens.
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