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Weekend price cut.
^^^Where is this store? Do they take phone orders?
Handmade in USA of 100% English Silk. Worn 2x. Closeup of label shows closest to IRL color. It looks grey with a tinge of "seafoam". Beautiful color, just perfect for spring/summer. 58" x 3.5" length x width $40 shipped CONUS Final Sale.
Can someone confirm that they don't have the silly Paraboot tag on them?
I believe the first jacket is actually a 42S, not 42R, and I demand that you correct this immediately!!!!
Grenson antelope oxfords
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim My mega-yacht is under construction. It will dwarf this puny boat. Here's a pic. On the contrary, it is fully armed and operational!
Are the RLPL pants used? They're cuffed and the lining looks yellowish. Also, 37.5" waist pants seem mismatched with the 40R jacket. Is there a size tag on the pants?
Whelan Bellucci
Had a terrific transaction with soaped. Item arrived quickly and very professionally packed. Proactive, courteous communication, too. Highly recommended!
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