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^^^ you have to show your work to get partial credit
For $h!ts and giggles, let's make the pole the shape of a cone, with 13 cm diameter at the bottom, and 0 (because it's just a point) at the top. The string still wraps around 16x. How tall is the cone (pole) now?
#1 was made for Procter & Gamble?
^^^ Stilmacher's long-lost twin brother?
In this question the number of times the string wraps around the pole (16x) defines the question.
The sale price is GBP50 more than it was December! ALL SHOES ARE £420.00 (£365.00 TAX-FREE) UNLESS MARKED OTHERWISE, PLUS SHIPPING. Size 10 Sale Shoes Size 10B Oxfords SOUTHWOLD BURGUNDY 202 Size 10 C Oxfords LICHFIELD BURNT PINE 888 Loafers BELGRAVIA CHESTNUT 184 - £400.00 (£348.00 tax-free) Size 10 D Oxfords PLYMOUTH BLACK 82 PELHAM BLACK 888 Loafers WIGMORE BLACK 606 Size 10 E ...
Here's a question for the group: Shouldn't the intermediary (e.g. store or distributor) make sure that the shoes are exactly as ordered prior to forwarding the shoes to the customer? The customer places an order with the specs detailed to the intermediary, who then forwards the shoes to Vass. When the intermediary gets the shoes from Vass, shouldn't they check that the shoes match exactly the specs requested? If they don't, the intermediary should send the shoes...
New Posts  All Forums: