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^^^Does the 'h' imply it's a hybrid?
a very "top shelf" look
Sierra Trading Post
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday And then there's ... this: Look at those ties, and how those ties are tied, That's how voxsartoria ties his ties...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Does it mean I don't get credit for the correct answer? I didn't know whether it was the right answer or not, since I hadn't worked it out myself. Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS ^This, of course. Edit: The reasoning has been given above. The max lenght the pole could be if it was a line was 2300 cm. Now it is of averaging thickness of (13+0)/2+6.5. Or half as thick. 2300-2205=95....
^^^ you have to show your work to get partial credit
For $h!ts and giggles, let's make the pole the shape of a cone, with 13 cm diameter at the bottom, and 0 (because it's just a point) at the top. The string still wraps around 16x. How tall is the cone (pole) now?
#1 was made for Procter & Gamble?
^^^ Stilmacher's long-lost twin brother?
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