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I'm having problem clicking on the button that allows you to post a a picture (the yellow square with mountain). Actually, I can't click on any of the formatting buttons and smilies at all. Anyone else having this issue? I'm using firefox 3.5.
^^^ I think the starting price is too steep; my guess is a lot of interested buyers will snipe rather than placing bids now. If you want to attract bids right away you should start with a low opening price, say $99. Also, suede typically don't command much premium.
At the BH Saks there were also a few of the JM Weston wholecut chelsea boots in black. Conceptually they're nice but they're a little too bulbous on my feet, so I passed. Around 250 or 300 bucks after the discount, I believe. One of the SAs, Dennis, was answering multiple phone calls from presumably SF members or lurkers. He sold out of the double monks (Westminster) shoes within minutes of the store opening -- all going to Brooklyn addresses!
That's a fantastic price. Sho, you're sure you wanna sell this? I think you're nuts!
rlschwart is right; this is NOT that suit. The suit hanburn bid on has variegated pinstripes; the one I am selling has traditional pinstripes.
Quote: Originally Posted by justsayno i got the SA to price match one store that had Park Aves on sale. 35% off which store has Park Ave on sale?
My pleasure, garcus. Glad you like it.
Ha. It sold in like 15 minutes! Didn't have time to PM anyone.
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