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Versatile suit, can be worn pretty much anywhere. Great for interviews. Navy herringbone, looks solid from a few feet away. Scabal Super 120s/cashmere blend. 11 oz/320 gms weight. Excellent condition. Freshly drycleaned. Jacket Features: - Lightly padded shoulders - 3 buttons rolling to 2.5 - Half lined in blue bemberg - Subtly done pick stitchings on lapels, breast pocket, hip pockets - Beautifully handmade buttonholes - Flower loop - Side vents - 4 inside...
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty Fratelli Rossetti (approx. 15 years old) shell penny loafers. I found these hiding way in the rear of my shoe closet without trees . [IMG][/IMG] Those don't look like shell cordovan.
Quote: Originally Posted by mccvi PG, Are these all 82's? i believe those are all Vass U last
Is this basically C&J Audley? This new design is one of a range created by our Bespoke design team for the RTW collection. Available on the 337 last in Black and Dark brown Antique Calf. "
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne EG sale damage: Pelham Adelaides (888 last), aka The Perfect Black Shoe. are these from the sale? did you ask the store to add the steel toe taps?
#5 is very nice. Is that an all around goyser stitching I see? Too bad these are all small sizes. Big fan of #4 also.
Vass Goyser Chukka on P2 last, size 43 EU, 10 US Free shipping with BIN.
I'd like to move this, so huge price reduction.
I'm having problem clicking on the button that allows you to post a a picture (the yellow square with mountain). Actually, I can't click on any of the formatting buttons and smilies at all. Anyone else having this issue? I'm using firefox 3.5.
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