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Price drop. I would like to move this asap. Available only through Monday 10.26.09.
Quote: Originally Posted by Corniche Bad luck , they asked my my PIN NUMBER!!! Fraud??? Dear sellers, I did a 91 $ order and when I wrote all my visa card numbers, I was asked for my PIN number!!! That is the first time I´ve been asked for it in ages and thousands of euros spent. Sorry but as you´ll understand. I can´t give anyone that information, that was even non required in any other bussiness. If you accept my order without it, or paypal,...
gdl, is the norweger calf or shell?,7526459.story A 6-year-old boy climbed into a homemade balloon aircraft and floated away near Fort Collins, Colo., forcing officials to scramble to figure out how to rescue him. Live footage from a TV helicopter showed the balloon moving swiftly through the air. The aircraft, which is shaped like a flying saucer, has the potential to rise to 10,000 feet.
^ that's just fantastic!
Quote: Originally Posted by intent Did anyone catch the gorgeous air stewardesses? Their accent is icing on the cake! One of them was Nicki Whelan:
Quote: Originally Posted by EasyGoing Oh god, is he on Battery in front of the Bay Club and Levi's HQ? On his way to Fog City Diner! More like on his way to perform at Teatro Zinzanni Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy OMG you're right! I believe that's in Jackson Square, near the corner where Old Ship Saloon is located. No, Old Ship Saloon is a good 5-6 blocks south of the Bay Club (where the dude's pic was...
Price drop.
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