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How about Burnham with leather strips, MH71, like the RogerP's boots (but prefer without medallions):
How about Dainite or Medway for the soles?
I have a somehow related UK VAT question, so I hope OP doesn't mine my posting in his thread. I sent a pair of shoes to be repaired by one of the usual Northampton Forum favorites. They did a great job. However, they didn't take out VAT when charging me for the repairs. When asked if they forgot to take out the VAT, they said that for repair of used shoes, they can't take out the VAT. I tried searching online to verify whether this is true but couldn't find an...
Thanks, Dino. Very helpful.
Dino, would you mind taking a pic of your El Primero and in-house movement'ed Daytonas side-by-side, please?
From the WSJ: February is a cruel month for parents of tots in India's competitive capital"”it's when parents brace themselves as nursery schools release their lists of admissions. The first list of names came out Tuesday, which is why, if you were looking, nine of the top 10 Google Trends searches in India were Delhi nursery schools. Remaining lists for general admissions will continue to come out through the month. Why is this such a big deal? Kate Darnton,...
Quote: Originally Posted by OffTheRack 85 Broad?
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart In before page 889. damn, too late!
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