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I'm in. E width. Speed hooks, pls.
I'm in for this as well. I've been in touch with Gabriel from skoak and Gabriel asks that everyone who is interested should email him directly.
Yeah, I prefer wensum. Thanks.
@Laufer, how about wensum sole instead of dainite?
How about Burnham with leather strips, MH71, like the RogerP's boots (but prefer without medallions):
How about Dainite or Medway for the soles?
I have a somehow related UK VAT question, so I hope OP doesn't mine my posting in his thread. I sent a pair of shoes to be repaired by one of the usual Northampton Forum favorites. They did a great job. However, they didn't take out VAT when charging me for the repairs. When asked if they forgot to take out the VAT, they said that for repair of used shoes, they can't take out the VAT. I tried searching online to verify whether this is true but couldn't find an...
Thanks, Dino. Very helpful.
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