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Quote: Originally Posted by sunror extend as long as possible unless financially prohibitive Why on both counts? Please and thank you.
Erm... that time of the year again... Can family member undertand and communicate? And any ideas of what family member wants to do?... As in for example my Father asked me to drive him to wherever... and it was decided that well what's the worst that can happen is that you'll die trying knowing that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Britalian No apology is necessary bro. I made no claim to be interesting, only one to seeing through 99% of the output as being utter wank. You seem to think quite differently. Then again, I'm talking about Italian tv, not the cultural mecca that is your country, I'm sure. TV shapes any nation IHOMO. However I did enjoy returning to the cuntry of my spawning after a decade and so thankfully not being able to...
One of my most versatile Dior jackets was misplaced a while back... moral of the story trust no-one. Ever tried getting compensation from a cloakroom? Let alone a replacement? I don't mind losing (other than being pifted at myself) stuff but when it is taken...
Usually not for anything other than the local slant on the news... or when in Japan (volume on mute always) just to see how media so influences the sheeps... anyhows tonite feeling sort of erm so switched on to an ole episode of ER. Did not make things better. When I grow up I will be able to drop TV sets offa the roof terrace or shoot them. Hush lil baby don't you cry watch the TV set go fly and if that TV set don't smash fvck it all and crash.
This thread reminds me of school. But I like it. After all details darhlin.
No. Sort of thing a bar hostess would get each and every one of her customers or boyfriends to buy and sell off all the duplicates.
I love the way LV riles peoples. Call your mate out on the bag (that he probably bought in a re-sale store) rather than the trip to Tokyo.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Tell me do you own any monogram bags? l The prerequisite Keepall 55... I'm not exactly a fan of the monogram for anything other than luggage. Oh and please don't hate on my avatar - them shoes have been through a lot. And still going strong.
Old school but you never needed to know let alone ask why someone was inked.
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