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Decadence and hedonism. Quote: Originally Posted by mcs5280 Recreational guillotine is the way go. There's something so fulfilling about keeping the spirit of the reign of terror alive. I knew someone with a guillotine on one of their front lawns... but they were English aristocracy.
If they are splitting and bleeding get some hydra-cortisone(?)/excema(?) cream from your doctors. Neutrogena hand cream (the original greasy one) is good too - slather on lots prior to bedtime and sleep with cotton gloves on.
Quote: Originally Posted by PTWilliams ... rather it is about how I made someone's day by their seeing the Bentley. I get the same feeling when I see a neat car, be it modern or vintage. In the same way I believe that style can bring pleasure to other people. Seeing a woman in a pretty dress (quite the exception these days) or a man well dressed provides others pleasure... Yes, yes. I smiled the other day as a wrong colored gold...
Mr Chan my cobbler replaced the zippers in a pair of my boots but used the original sliders and pull tags.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Thanks to all for the advice. The decision was made ... and you helped make it easier for us. There will be no feeding tube. Best of luck for the meantimes. More love and strength to you all.
My instructions are seriously no funeral no more no less... just decant my ashes back to the Sea. Any sea.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS This is what I'm suggesting ... preferably at home rather than in the cold confines of a hospital. Perhaps because it's what I would choose. But the decision is not up to me alone. Get your family member 'home' asap. There are peoples who will do all all the home hospice care but it takes time and that is probably the one thing you do not have. So you may have to. My Father went into hospital 10 days before...
Palliative care. End of story.
I am looking forward to Paradise Lost for the New Year (again).
I have hired gyms for shoots. That is all I know of that of that. Bodies are flesh and blood... do they need anything bar fuel and life?
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