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Quote: Originally Posted by Nomad_K Honorable mention goes to ANA. Not a fan at all (see above). However my J-boss has just spent approx $5K flying back and forth to Okinawa to get lifetime gold (or whatever the top tier is ) membership to star alliance - moar miles per trip, access to the lounges, baggage of up to 32kg if in coach, business class check in, occasional upgrades and priority when booking flights on miles. He is now putting...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Looks great Brian, BTW it's considered snack/junk in the western world too, we just have a habit of turning everything into some fine dining but it's putting lipstick on a (delicious) pig. BTW who else eats kidneys here? Steak and kidney suet pudding. With lashings of mustard. edit: Brian - Sundae's look divine - thank you will note for next trip there.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I forgot how much I love a good, I mean really good, blood sausage...but nothing is better than a few slices of rich, well spiced black pudding. Yes, yes. Proper English breakfast needs black pudding, ooozing mushrooms, fried tomatoes, lashings of mustard... Yum.
I used to rate United business class as it was the only airline that had the lie-flat seats on intra-Asia routes... and Vic Traders ribs and a rather fine selection of Champagnes... and you could get a business class seat for less miles than cattle with ANA... but they canceled the HK-Tokyo route Good to hear positive reviews for Emirates as they do a deal back to the UK from here...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Checks Do you know what an IBM Selectric is? IBM made scalextric... whoah learn something new each and every day... Do I want my marbles back?... I used to very good as far as I can remember and conkers too.
Thanks all. Made a point a long time ago of not being google-able. Then guard slipped and facebook hacked. Now this however is just weird trolling. Anyhows tis the interwebs... and an excuse to call in the loan. And speak of the devil - text ahoy...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Thanks! I think the black goatskin is more her tastes and will look into it. If you do then weigh it down with a few pennies so when she states 'oh you should not have' upon seeing the box, judging the weight and rattle you may raise a smile that 'oh you didn't'... and then slip the diamonds on her wrist regardless. Tiffany also do (or did) a larger envelope. Passport/unfolded bill$ size.
My mind. Needing to know (in order to let go). And a real life friend who has decided to affect my identity elsewhere. But as they say nowt as peculiar as folk. Imitation yadda yadda and thus can I call in the loan?
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I'm looking to buy her a new wallet (suggestions welcome, but figure I'll end up with a Coach, Cole-Haan, etc.)... I like envelope$... Cartier has a nice range of lil peeled snakeskin... This is my Baby Satanmas present to myself this year.
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