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Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles I think it is beautiful, but that is just me: The Dark Side. HK still has it's pockets of beauty though. And above all energy. And for want of too oft used dichotomy.
Quote: Originally Posted by artoftime "The watch represents an extremely poor value if purchased solely to provide accurate and reliable timekeeping. It is a bit of an in-joke among anyone who wears a Rolex... especially considering that Rolex do the timing for sporting events. OP using watches is a bad example. A 99c digital will tell the time... A box of matches will light a cigarette... etc etc. Value is what it is worth to you. Or...
Quote: Originally Posted by ssnyc Zhong Xiao east district is the younger trendy area. It's more streetwear (Nike Sportswear, Adidas Originals) and some great boutique shops. There is also a jean shop with all the brands SFers go nuts for...Flathead, Samurai, etc. +1 It's Taipei's Shibuya. Little maze of back streets but some great cafes/funky lil bars and stores where you can pick up flyers for clubs etc... Friendly folk there too. Enjoy.
There are some nice lounge bars/cafes on An-ho Road, Section 2 (and a Carneiges)... But mainly catering to the ex-pat community. Also a little shopping mall with a great International Supermarket and a few designer stores but the mark up there is silly. Bali at the top of the subway line is nice too - if you like the local erm Seaside/ex fishing village ish.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles I'd have to think about it...but as a starting point $1400. Right-0 that is a starting point(ha)... Do you do discounts for bulk as in 256,000 point$? and thank thee
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles I'll book you any Starwood property you want at 70 cents to the dollar. Westin, W, Meridian, Sheraton. Hello How muchy$ for 64,000 points?
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi Been here, found it randomly from some website. Really nice and great prices, been there a couple of times, never fails. Another vote for Affinia Gardens. The junior suites are huge, the location is and the staff wonderful.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nomad_K More than a few friends tell me that I need to use my accumulated miles more often as they drop in value so quickly. Again it depends on the airline. United do or did great deals - 65,000 miles for a return albeit coach Asia-Stateside compared to the 40,000 now for Intra-Asia. However ANA do bonus miles on some routes but usually only domestically. And extra points for every $ spent on an ANA credit card...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nomad_K Interesting - were you not a fan of ANA business/first, economy, or were you less than impressed that they cancelled the route you frequented? ANA service in business has been top notch from my limited experience, and even their economy class service blew away anything from the States/Europe/Australia imho. Everyone can (and often does) have a different experience though. *Edit - ANA flights that are just a...
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Martini is for Monday, apparently. Regardless enjoy.
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