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Thank you for this threak... it should be subtitled 'underappreciated foodstuffs' IHOMO. I used to love opening the cans back in ole England - do they still come with the key? And still remember fresh sardines in Turkey/Southern Portugal/the Med... Anyhows a question regarding the canned variety - used to be a breakfast staple on toast with lashings of black pepper and fresh tomatoes but they started to erm reverb after a while... and even nibbling on fresh parsley did...
I choose to abide in a hat-box that is not even big enough for my shoe-boxes but in a great area rather than allocate two to three times the cost on somewhere slightly more spacious… However in doing so I have an excuse to blow the difference on a languorous weekend away in 5*star HotelLand and do frequently. Balance in extremes and appreciated all the more as in a way justified.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nantucket Red Thanks for the thoughtful critique. I would only disagree about the "unaware" part. . . Perhaps what you find wanting is a more intimate engagement with my subjects, hence the suggestion of shooting nudes. The 'unaware disaffection' is as to do with the soul, the subject as your vision that mirrors. The reason I suggested nudes was for you to bring about that too, not intimacy, but a vulnerability...
Red: Enigmatic work that reflects an empathy for your subjects soul. A poetic loneliness that stems from unaware disaffection. So technically brilliant yet wanting. Would be interesting to see what you could do with a nude.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Art. Or Advertising. And the choir of ghosts below work too IHOMO.
If you exit the Yaesu side the adjacent buildings are the Shangri-la hotel to your left and the Four Seasons to your right. There is a street level al-fresco cafe/pub called Paul set slightly back from the sidewalk just before you get to the Four Seasons. Just my humble suggestion for a meeting place. And have a great trip.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW ...but working paper into the theme seems a bit more challenging! A paperweight perhaps?- Lalique's intertwined heart for example if you want to be soppy. And Merry Anniversary to you both.
Guffaws of laughter at bedtime from the one I adore whom is currently way too many miles far far away.
You have to do the orange Eiffel Tower too (there is a bar up there) and the boat up/down the jellyfish gawa from the Statue Of Liberty to the Temple amusement park and plastic food town. Kitsch after all has its place too.
My souvenir NYE's scab has been picked erm fallen off. (Note to self #1: Seeing in teh New Year with a bang is meant to be a figurative turn of phrase. Note to self #2: learn how to exit a cab gracefully whilst literally blind drunk after an all you can drink firework countdown junk float around the fragrant harbor). And I have a long languorous Weekend on The Dark Side indulging my the one and only fiend ahoy.
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