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Quote: Originally Posted by ozymandias All is great but I'm 19 20 is the new 40, apparently... not that you may get to see 40 if my diagnosis is correct. . . Puberty?
A.N.other mid-life crisis IHOMO. Pork a blonde, procure a Porsche (if only to wrap it around a tree - menolike trees) and pop of few of m@ts pills. . . Happy to help and prey have a joyful day.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Early Peanuts is incredible. There's never been a comic strip so cruel and sad... Charlie Brown and the Little Red-Haired Girl, sigh.
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 Tks again...My flight leaves(Cathay Pacific) from HK>NY @ 9:25AM. If I can catch that first train back(5:50am) I should still have plenty of time right? I will have my boarding pass from the Bangkok>HK flight...And my checked luggage should should be loaded directly on the Hk>NY flight. I plan to leave my carry on in a locker for the time I head into the city. Left luggage is at city check in (HK airport...
At 5am just catch at cab to Wan Chai like normal folks do... and watch the other real world pass by from Pacific Coffee or one of the bars on Lockhart Road. And/Or have a full English breakfast at The Frying Pan.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQ-esque Me: Are we friends now? .. [other rambling] Her: Yes. Need to know. [backstory, details. . . ]
Procured a long Weekend on The Dark Side, booked an appropriate birfday brunch and arranged some necessary essentials for the Elements... Popped a couple of HKtwentie$ to the charity collectors after all New Years prosperity... and indeed give and you will receive - returned back to the hat-box and opened a package of w*rk that had been delivered along with the Tooth Fairy Express this fair morn and it contained an unexpected Lai-See envelope. A Wonderful Monday indeed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Ciragan Palace Kempinski. +1 Used it for a shoot way back when. . . And befriend the very debonair white haired gentleman who looks like a count as he is . . . he is the owner and has a rather nice yacht that he parties hard on . . .
Quote: Originally Posted by Nantucket Red ...unless they are willing to pay an extremely high premium for stultifying drudgery, this would be much less attractive than what I'm doing now. They may and it may well drag on for years... however regardless it would give you your out and the in you need. But comfort zone of corporate Japan that almost pays to bespoke suit you maybe suits you... Karaoke anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas we think you can do the work, you seem to want to be here, we like you - you're hired, now... welcome to SalarymanLand and rot and stagnate until retirement. Corporate life in japan is hardly dynamic. Get a job, get a wife (and a McMansion an hours commute away), forget about your life as this is your life. . . Horses, courses... ants... grasshoppers. Hence Red's mid-life crisis. 'And now what?'...
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