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Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 The latter. They're left on the jacket to protect it during shipping and are intended to be removed before wearing. Yes, yes but please don't tell him.
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl Chances of getting a break like getting the editor to pay attention is very small. Consider approaching one of the writers, buying a few drinks, etc... Or sleep with his wife/boyfriend/secretary... or him. Seriously OP just approach him. He can only say no, call the police and or never read your opine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sherlockian I drink at least a dozen cups a day of PG Tips. Tetley's and Yorkshire are also acceptable. The real key is to always add BOILING water to the tea bag. Anything less will simply not bring out the flavour of the leaves. Depends on the tea. In general the hotter the water the bitterer the taste. So even with some black teas boiling water would in effect scar the leaves and thus the palate. Red and...
Or a piece of a winery?
Quote: Originally Posted by stilmacher Man and it's a business relationship. Where is said man? Hobbies? And how much over 100k? EG: in buy him into a syndicate of a racehorse?
Oh but I can be constued as art... Hmmm....
Quote: Originally Posted by stilmacher Exotic suggestions welcome - this is a serious question. Me.
Nicolas Feuillatte- the 2002 pink is rather palatable... the 1985 R.I.P... other than those any of the non-vintages are most quite throwdownyourthroatable (or elsewhere)...
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