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Quote: Originally Posted by Matt Any clubbing recommendations? Lots of bars, sure, but anyone recommend any decent nightclubs? D'oh... anyhows looks as though you all had a befitting time.
Quote: Originally Posted by spb_lady And where do you guys usually stay when in HK? I usually prefer to stay at small cute hotels while travelling, but still haven't find anything like that in HK, so just stayed at one of those skyscraper hotels. May be any of you can recommend on this? Boutique hotels are pretty new to HK but... Triangular with windows on two sides rooms at http://www.butterflyhk.com/butterfly.../en/index.html overlooking...
Gaijin, prease! Heading back not only to/for teh Suzuka really really boring F1 on Oct 8-10 so suggestions for a place near there Nagoya etc to stay as teh JTB etc 'tour package' cartel want silly yen$... US$1000/night for teh Hilton even LeoPalace is asking US$250/night... Yelp... Yokoso.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube It was the one time in my life that I ever really thought of her even thinking "fuck you". Noice... When my maternal great grand parents were 'relocated' back to England with their brood of eight born from the British West Indies through to Burma via the Raj after Teh Empire that was not to be spoken of... they named their place 'Harlequin'...
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness McKee is great if you enjoy formulaic, clichéd motifs and themes that recur in 95% of other movies. He also doesn't teach anyone how to be a good writer, but rather how to build a story out of stock elements. . . The point being that cookie-cutter recipes for good screenplays such as McKee offers are generally bunk. However it may help to know the basic structure/themes and formula that McKee offers in...
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks ...and I'd like to know what some good examples of films that show great examples of screenwriting. Off the top of my head McKee cites Casablanca, Kramer versus Kramer and Chinatown. Also read scripts from drews http://www.script-o-rama.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Go here: http://messageboard.donedealpro.com/boards/index.php? Read. +1 And teh bible - Robert McKee 'Story' http://www.amazon.com/Story-Substanc.../dp/0060391685 and if possible attend one of his seminars.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt then finished at a bar that was playing a lot of 50s rockabilly... If it was a pub on a corner half way up Camden High Street then it twas The Elephants Head.
Bed to desk... usually takes hours.
I don't think anyone actually goes to a GP to watch the race as it is practically impossible to follow it at the circuit... you need to watch it on TV later to find out what if anything actually happened... it is more a case of it's on and there and thus why not... and really some things should be done at least once in a lifetime... just to hear the screech and squeal and the smells and atmosphere... After all as with life it is not necessarily about the destination but...
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