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bump for the remainders.
bump for what's left.
apc ns sold!
all sold items shipped!
at grey beanie, w+h fleece, penfield flannel sold!
sales pending
measurements added for penfield flannel. measurements for others will be added shortly or upon request.
I have a few things up for sale. Prices include shipping within the US. Add $5 to Canada and $10 worldwide. Message me via PM or email at for questions or concerns. 1. Wings & Horns Tiger Fleece Grey SOLD! 2. APC New Standard SOLD! 3. Vintage Valentino polo (50) - great condition, fits like a medium. $40. 4. Penfield flannel SOLD! 5. Award Tour beanies - brand new. $35 each. (Grey SOLD!) 6. Leroy Jenkins shorts (36) - worn a couple times,...
who did you sell th RL shawl to? i want to make them an offer.
the shirt fits me perfectly, fitted but not too fitted. i am 5'11, 160 pounds, and somewhat built but skinny. i can take fit pics and add measurements.
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