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Boxy cuts?
He must be an exciting and great written character, because all of those jackets look like shit.
Except for wrongweather, are there any other european online retailers?
You got it all backwards, the fact that you're always so angsty makes it obvious to everyone. Get laid, it will make you feel better.
Nice jacket, a shame it's too small. Jeans are also too tight.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Fellow Linguist I saw a homeless guy in nudies last week. The ultimate denim purist recipe, living on the streets for 6 months before first wash.
Quote: Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 looks great, that moto is best leather on you IMO +1, also, not convinced on that white coat NN.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane stop hating on my glasses They belong in the matrix.
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Again though, upper arm fit is just throwing it for me. Obviously it's a good fit but from the standpoint of perfection that's the flaw. There must be a way to rectify this. I agree completely, only thing that bothers me with TOJ (and my OG DR). If i were to order another jacket, I would make sure to slim the upper arm from the standard measurements. It's a shame because my TOJ0 had perfect sleeves for my...
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y agreed. grit looks 100x better than he has in any of his old fit pics. This could be you, let Drew swag you out.
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