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love the seersucker pants w/ elastic waist. anybody with them in navy small hmu
kinda. i found them a bit long even after washes. good material and fit otherwise, would recommend.
[[SPOILER]] needles linen coatchronicles of never sunniesuniqlogiles + brother braceletslvcepaulet
teal looks great, thanx
maybe not the right thread, but who does super light linen outerwear/knitwear (like a field jacket or shawl cardigan)? living in NOLA's humidity, i'd really like something with pockets that breathes well over a v-neck and grey/white jeans. engineered garments has a cool cotton/linen explorer jacket this season but it ended up being surprisingly thicc :-/
I am absolutely down for a group buy on a white canvas sports trainer (or tennis trainer for that matter).
good stuff at uniqlo: slim ocbds, some knits (merino and linen, i like the cotton-cash blends too but they're very thin), supima tees, flannels, if the measurements work for you then the lightweight cotton suits and linen sportcoats are a great deal, sox i've heard good things about the vintage chinos too. everything else is pretty bad imo.
I'm selling the light cotton blazer (navy, size M) for $35 shipped. only tried on, noticed chest was too small for me 2nd go-around after I took off the tags. PM me for deeetz. the matching chino pants are gr8 tho
light cotton blazer and linen cardigan came in body of the cardigan is nice and loose but the sleeves might be too slim for some. i took my slim fit oxford size. no complaints about the blazer
ordered the linen cardigan as well as the cotton blazer (EDIT: I got the matching lightweight chinos), will review later this week
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