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getting the cardigan in natural and maybe seafoam plus a v-neck in either blue or the off-white, already got all the good shirt colors last year and the blazer's shoulders are too small for me.
i own multiple pairs in light heather grey, navy, and wine and have had zero problems after wearing them hard for at least two years.
I know we're still a while from seeing the EPLA sportcoats, but I hope they're available in exactly the same fabric options as the Doyle (even as a MTO option). French Blue duck canvas unlined sportcoat = instakop.
dig the bomber, dgaf about the pants/probably the rest of the collab.
I went true to my US size, thankfully it looks like.
was totally surprised to see the white sport trainers up, snatched them up with the quickness. the sizing on the site seems a bit a odd as they're 1/2 larger but it's adjusted for the US measurements (ex. a 9 is a 41.5 instead of a 42)? I went TTS so we'll see. at such an insane price I'm willing to gamble a little haha.
got blackwatch today too, sized down like I did last year. fits greats, material seems smoother this year. blackwatch is darker irl than online.
red patchwork is so good, just started wearing it again now that the evenings are getting a lil cooler. wish i had gotten the grey as well.
thanx for the heads up. i think the quick sellout might be due to a mfa thing, like how that jcrew red chambray was super popular a few years back.
$5 off $50 until the end of tonight. probably going to cop one of the red ones + some supima undershirts, some of the gray plaids ( and grey southwest print) look kinda kool tho.
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