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red patchwork is so good, just started wearing it again now that the evenings are getting a lil cooler. wish i had gotten the grey as well.
thanx for the heads up. i think the quick sellout might be due to a mfa thing, like how that jcrew red chambray was super popular a few years back.
$5 off $50 until the end of tonight. probably going to cop one of the red ones + some supima undershirts, some of the gray plaids ( and grey southwest print) look kinda kool tho.
flannels are up. lotsa patterns, too bad the blackwatch sold out super fast.
supima undershirts are great, would recommend the black or grey-- the whites are a little sheer (nothing crazy tho).
the henleys are normal length. they're also my favorite supima tee available but the colors are super limited and boring.
I guess they're all done with restocking linen shirts? If anybody has the lavender or green in a size small PM me.
Roll-out sounds amazing (Turkish grape kamigata! French blue Doyle! Shirts!). Does this mean no EPLA sportcoats until later this year though?
I've been wearing my linen casual shirts on a pretty consistent basis. I sized down and out the dryer they fit a bit too snug in chest but loosen up to the Perfect Fit in about half an hour. again, I'd go with what's closest to your shoulder size to see if you should size down or not. love the dark grey and blue with jeans and tobacco suede wingtips. really wish uniqlo would come out with more plaid patterns or a burgundy.
tobacco (or cobalt/midnight blue) tropical wool noragi would be insanely cool.
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