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44. Dead Certainties Dead Certainties is a bit of a strange book. Simon Schama combines two stories within it: one called The Many Deaths of General Wolfe recounts Wolfe"s demise in battle, and then looks at the mythologising that followed it, in the forms of Benjamin West's famous painting, and the history of Francis Parkman. The second story, called Death of a Harvard Man, occupies most of the book. It concerns the disappearance and murder of noted Boston capitalist...
21 today. Not my age, but the Costume National scent that I am wearing. Today is a big day for me. After 5 years at the bank on contract, I am finally winding up. So, as at 5pm, I will be unemplyed, with no job lined up as yet. First item on the agenda is to fly to WA, drive up to the Coral Coast and lounge around on the beach for a couple of weeks. Then, we will see what happens.
Gettig there; 70 is looking pretty doubtful though. 43. Judges Judges by Andrea Camilleri My rating: 3 of 5 stars I picked up Judges in the library, principally because it contains a story by Giancarlo de Cotaldo, the writer of one of my favourite European TV series – Romanzo Criminale. I have yet to encounter a novel of his in English, so this was the next best thing.Judges is an anthology of three novellas by leading Italian crime writers; each story centres on an...
Not in. I'll be driving up the coast of Western Australia, and wearing a tie will be the furthest thing from my mind. Will be interested to see what people come up with though.
Thanks Rach; that will be a good guide for negotiation. Wearing Journey Man today. WRT Pete's query about tobacco scents, this is supposed to be one, but to me it smells a lot cleaner and fresher than a typical tobacco scent.. There is a note in there called cypriol oil which I'm not familiar with; that may be what I'm smelling.
That’s more like it.I don’t. That’s what question marks indicate - that one is asking a question.
Sigh. Doesn't anybody listen to Andy Stewart and Kenneth McKellar any more?
I distinctly remember a period in the 80s when U2 were not over-rated. Mainly because they came out and played here before anybody had even heard of them.U2 jumped the shark with Do They Know It's Christmas? Since Bono discovered that his mission was to preach to us instead of entertain us, U2 has been about as welcome as 7th Day Adventists knocking on the door.
Rach a mate of mine offered me a partial bottle of that last weekend. Not sure what it's worth - how much per ml do you think would be reasonable? (I've tried it on card at the Tiffany store, and it seems OK).Today is L'Eau d'Hiver. This sticks VERY close to my skin; I can barely detect it. At the prices people ask for FM scents in this country, I could not see myself buying this.
I have one. I bought the grey version a while ago. TBH the main reason I bought it was the fit; the shoulders and sleeves are exactly right for me, which is rare in a polo. I like the fabric and it's a pretty versatile garment; can wear it to work on Fridays under a sports jacket, with jeans, to parties, etc. It's held its shape well too.I'd still wonder whether it's worth the asking price; $200 is a lot for a polo, there's no getting around that. Mine was a present, so...
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