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Rochas Macassar today. Found a mini in a flea market on Sunday.
Seen in Camberwell Market today. The perfect present for Gerry's SO. [[SPOILER]]
Is that Macchiavelli?
He's a cannibal, FFS! You expect him to follow SF rules? :-)
Except when I visit my Manangatang in-laws. :-)
Chevignon Brand today
You don't count because you're still too young to know better. :-)
Got a pair of those for sale. Get in quick!
Tauer LDDM today. Almost out of this, so I'm hanging out for another sample.
I'm with you, it's great. My next FB is going to be Invasion Barbare (or at least a ridiculously cheap 30ml sample) so I'm going to hold off on other buys for a while.
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