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I had it, but it got bumped off my faves when Heidi Klum asked me to add hers.
Are you in Melbourne BSPF? If so, go to Azzaro and try their Enrico Coveri or house brand Italian suits. Can generally get something for less than MJ Bale's special price, and he does a lot of wedding business.
It's Ladies' Day at the races today, so I am wearing a ladies' cologne: Escale a Portofino.
You got away with one there fxh. Verema did not finish last, because it did not finish at all. I collected $2 for the only genuine last-placer - Ruscello. Sorry to hear about your tooth; hope you are not in pain.
Another lovely sunny day here, so for the next sample in my challenge I looked for a citrusy EDC. I turned up a vial of Aspley Purple Water, which I'm really enjoying. Big blast of citrus on application, and I think I'm just picking up a hint of ginger in the dry-down, which I missed the last time I sampled this.
It's here. Post 83738.http://www.styleforum.net/t/9006/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread/83738#post_6706604
56. Strange Shores, by Arnaldur Indridason (2013) Strange Shores by Arnaldur Indriðason My rating: 4 of 5 stars In Strange Shores, Arnaldur Indridason brings us back to his main character, the gloomy detective Erlendur. Erlendur has long been haunted by the death of his little brother when the two of them got lost in a blizzard when they were children. In trying to come to terms with his feelings over this loss, Erlendur returns to his childhood home, now an isolated...
As Osiris mentioned, it is Cup Day here and a cracking sunny day, just gorgeous. I went with L'Humaniste FTW. There were doubts about its staying power among the tipsters but it kept up with the field and ran the race right out to the end.
TBM and other guys doing Movember, there is a guy over on the Thrift forum offering to donate 5 euro to prostate cancer for everybody who posts a pic of their upper lip there.
Thanks Hans, although I know very little compared to some of the collectors I know.Just further to this, anyone surprised that perfume might have a value is going to be shocked by this eBay auction. (I know I am). Lynx is the British branding for Axe and here is a vintage Lynx currently going for over $100 and there are multiple bidders!
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