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Cross post from the Thrift thread, re today's op shop finds. [[SPOILER]]
Today I think I've had the best day op shopping that I can remember. So what did I find? Suits Isaia SOLO 8 s190s, 44L Isaia, 44L Brioni 44L Holland and Sherry Savile Row dinner suit Pretty sure this is bespoke, from H&S London. Probably a 44L Gucci 40R Sports Coats Brioni, 44L Bijan pure cashmere, 44L Pants Most of these are 38-40 Bijan slacks Bijan pure silk Pal Zileri Ties L-R Borrelli, RT BoC, Charles Hil, Charles Hill...
Wearing Amouage Dia today.
Today I think I've had the best day op shopping that I can remember. I've schlepped far and wide, and managed to come home with the kind of loot that would make Spoopoker or Nataku green with envy. So what did I find? Suits Isaia x 2 Brioni Holland and Sherry Mayfair dinner suit (the real thing, not just H&S cloth) Gucci Sports Coats Brioni Bijan pure cashmere Pants Bijan x 5, including one pure silk Pal Zileri Ties Charles Hill x 2 Borrelli RT BoC Shirts Stefano...
Nice PS too!
You're not kidding there.There's a Melbourne op shop that had some PZ suits in bold stripes last time I looked. They looked new or near-new to me.There is also a PZ outlet in North Rd, opposite Luisa's.
Matt, have you seen Chabon's "sort-of" successor to Kavalier and Clay? It's a graphic novel that is ostensibly by the two artists in his novel. http://www.amazon.com/Astonishing-Secret-Awesome-Man/dp/0061914622/ref=sr_1_10?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1392941136&sr=1-10&keywords=chabon
Ciel Man today. For comparison, I'm wearing a squirt of Ciel Femme on one wrist. It's utterly different; I've no idea why they share a name.
Angelique L'Incandescent sounds rather nice actually. Very classy.
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