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That and that of the little old ladies who are inevitably spying on me while I do it.
I gather you mean buying? Not sure what sort of tips you’re after but there is a thread dedicated to that specifically. Members who spot nice items on eBay post them there. Might also be worth looking at B&S and at the thrift thread too, as a lot of posters there are looking to sell what they find. Some US thrifters find insane stuff, so it’s worth a look.Another thing to consider is that Northern hemisphere sellers are coming out of winter now and possibly looking to...
Job interview = Mark Birley for Men. Just as well, as the interviewer was an absolute stunner. "Sorry, what was that job you were talking about?"
Popped a cherry in a little op shop today; a pair of Trafalgar braces. Considering how rarely I see anybody in Melbourne wearing braces, I was greatly surprised to see these.
I think you might find that the opinions here range from “oh” to “don’t care”. You’re greatly exaggerating your importance to think we are hating on you just for a jacket alteration.
That truly sucks. A similar thing happened to me. They took my wedding rings, a gold necklace of my wife’s and the kids’ rare coin collection, amongst the usual electronics gear, etc. We had the best insurance, but wedding rings are simply irreplaceable, just like your earrings. I got replacements paid for by insurance, but it is simply not the same.
More adventures in BINOBO land. Yesterday I listed a reent Isaia suit and woke this morning to find a message from an eBayer asking me what I was prepared to sell it for. I told him to make his best offer on eBay and I would consider it. He responded with another message offering about 2/3 of my BIN, but asking me to do it outside eBay. I told him that breaches eBay policy and that I was not prepared to do that. Looks to me like this guy is a bit of a dodgy customer,...
New Posts  All Forums: