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One guy shoving two guys’ heads up three guys’ arses? What’s not to like?
[[SPOILER]] 12. The Agile Project Management HandbookI spent an entire week battling my way through this eye-glazing 200 page melange of methodology, product definition and myth, so I figure I ought to get to count it. Agile is a “recent” approach to project management that has got everybody excited but is in reality just a slightly different emphasis on the classic triple constraints. The Agile approach dictates that the schedule and cost constraints are sacrosanct and...
I was thinking at first glance that this would be about ties and cufflinks.
I have the Ambre, and it’s very good at the price. (I did get it on sale, mind you). Haven’t tried the Dunhill, unfortunately.I tested Anubis a while back, and Lonestar Memories was the first scent it reminded me of. I already have a FB of the Tauer; do you think Anubis maybe overlaps it a bit too much to warrant buying?
Almost went with Ambre 114 myself today. Ended up choosing Amouage Journey, since it’s a fair while since I’ve worn it.
Gnnaaaarrr. I meant to go see that, but I forgot it was on!
Just curious, is there a way to receive an alert when somebody has left you feedback? Right now I just keep a weather eye on my score to see if it changes, and I’m hoping there is a more reliable method.
I can endorse this recommendation (of course). This week alone, I’ve found 3 Zegna chinos. Also shirts from Lagerfeld and Tom James, polos from Zegna, Cucinelli and Paul Smith, a Hermes tie, a Polo scarf and a Brioni suit. Bit of a streak; it won’t last.
Perhaps the buyers are pissed that they didn’t get the sexy female model promised.
L`Essence de Cerruti. Antoine Lie at discount store prices; winner.
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