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Because God sold all he had and gave it to the poor?
Black Afgano today. I’m not game to wear this to work, so now is a good time.
Similar for me too. I went down a half-size a couple of years ago, and my podiatrist’s advice is to not wear loose shoes at all, so I wear loafers less and less these days.
My new one is the 13” retina, 2.8GHz, 8GB RAM 500GB flash drive. About $AU2100. Like you, I chose to go with an external drive, but I chose a 2TB portable drive and partitioned it.
Fro a long time, that’ the only use of vinegar I knew.
Well that’s pretty much what Vman recommends anyway. The only difference is a few hours soak in vinegar first, which is hardly a lot of work.I also use vinegar to clean scale off the outside of my fish tank. Brilliant, but you need to be bloody careful none gets inside.
New one on me. Where to cop?Yesterday I wore Russian Tea and went to an Eastern European restaurant for dinner. Seemed right. The wife doesn’t like RT, which is just my luck.Today I’m wearing Cristobal Pour Homme.
I’m actually in the middle of doing it right now to get some stubborn spots (ink?) out of a white Brioni shirt. Looks like it might work, too.
This is a repeat of a post made here years ago by Vman. I’ve used it repeatedly using Napisan, to remove old stains from op shop shirts, freshen up old looking shirts, etc. It works.
Governments too. Politicians love a good laptops-for-schools project, even if they have no idea what they will be used for, how they will remain charged for the whole day, how the teachers will monitor use, etc.
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