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I've ordered the Essential briefcase, plus a shoulder strap. I went for burgundy as the colour; he has other colours beyond what's on the site.Henry is not registered, so there's no VAT deduction. I think shipping was £60. Still cheaper than retail here. Turnaround is about a month now, plus shipping time.
I've placed an order with this chap: http://www.htleather.co.uk/category/briefcasesHaven't received it yet, but I believe Akula has one.
SOTD is LIDG Homme. Regarding Ambre 114, someone suggested layering it with Shalimar. I have both, so I must try that.
Ambre 114 today.
34. Between Man and Beast, by Monte Reel (2013) Monte Reel's biography of the Victorian adventurer Paul du Chaillu is an eye-opener. du Chaillu was the first Westerner to see gorillas, and brought specimens back to London, just as Darwin's Origin of Species was fuelling an acrimonious debate about the relationship between primates and man. He was unintentionally caught up in this debate, and became the target of eminent men determined to destroy his reputation to further...
Terre d'Hermes today. Was a sceptic, now a convert.
Tofay I feel like number one - Acqua di Biella No. 1
I no longer smell like a whore. Today I smell like an Epic Man.
I've also got a similar pair of cufflinks to coxaca's and they were also from my father. Mine are oval bowls and opals, rather than triangles.
You can get those bottles at any op shop for a buck.
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