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Just an update after a chat with Henry. He described burgundy as a dark reddish-brown with a hint of blue. What he describes is a shade called Old Burgundy, which I found on Wikipedia and looks really close to,the bag. So it is just that my mental image of burgundy differed from his, and I should have checked further before ordering.He kindly offered to refund if I paid return postage, which is very fair for a MTO piece. I'll hang onto it though; it's a very nice bag even...
Agree with both of these points.
Today is Eau de Tommi Sooni I. Go Aussies!
This is pretty bare bones, but it might fall short of what you need.http://www.hsw.com.au/?product&id_prod=506&id_cat=&id_dept=
You leave her out of this.
Good point. I also think the side panels look more reddish than the rest. I have some Saphir Bordeaux cream that might do the job.
I wish I was a 35 YO balding Dad. Those were the days ...
My Henry Tomkins briefcase has just arrived from the UK. The order was place in late June, so it took roughly 10 weeks or so to get here. Henry warned that he was very busy, and it actually arrived about a week earlier than he predicted.I've attached some quick photos. [[SPOILER]] This is the Essential model. Price was UK225 shipped, including UK35 for the optional shoulder strap. About $380 in today's dollars, although it was more like $350 when I bought it IIRC.About my...
Yesterday Terre d'Hermes, today CdG Green.
So what. Collingwood ejected from the finals in the first week. HAPPY!
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