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Either Prof is trying out for the NBA, or that is one very petite beldame sitting next to him.
I had actually, and I was quite surprised. I think what may have happened is that I usually apply scent after a moisturiser layer. I had a different moisturiser with me, and I suspect it was not as good a barrier.Today is CdG Play Red.
Les Nuits d'Hadrien today. Yesterday was Speakeasy. I went on holiday for two weeks before that. I took two decants with me: Opus III and Invasion Barbare. The Opus III wouldn't spray and I started to develop a rash when I used the IB. So I ended up not having anything.
49. The Master and Margarita, by Mikhail Bulgakov (1966). A triumph of magic realism, The Master and Margarita describes the havoc unleashed in Stalinist Moscow when Satan visits, accompanied by a dark magician, a homicidal demon and a mischievous talking cat. This troupe stages a seance at the theatre, the results of which blights the lives of several of the local literati. One of them, Ivan, ends up in a lunatic asylum. There he meets the Master, a failed novelist who...
That's a gorgeous button Androfan. Looking at the inscription, I think you're right that it is in Latin. I think I can make out the first word as "Sigilla" and the second might be "corona" - so perhaps it starts with something like "Sign of the crown". I checked the British orders of chivalry, and none of their mottoes are close to that. I did notice one thing though. The central figure in the design looks like a lady standing in a shield emblazoned with three lions;...
Not quite up there with having Michael Bastian friend me, but getting there.
Been reading but not reviewing just yet. I must be right on 50 by now. Did you spot the link I gave to one of my Goodreads comments?
Looking to id a cashmere SC I found thrifting. No maker's name anywhere, but here are the labels. Thanks for your help.
Thank you for that; it sets my mind at rest. I just might quote you in my sig from now until the end of time. :-). I do need a baller watch still, and those cashmere undies that Alex K sells are intriguing ...+1. Did you get caught in the storms? We had cats and dogs in Cradle, were soaked in Strahan, and saw flooding in Freycinet. Had a great time though, all the same. Thanks to PoP for some good tips.
IIRC, I mentioned once that I also post my reviews on Goodreads. The day after I posted the above review, this comment appeared. :-)
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