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Today is Plum Japonais, for high tea on Mothers’ Day. I had been keen to try this, having only smelt this on card before. I had thought the opening too fruity for my taste, but this is really about warm spices, almost incense-y, than about fruit. It probably lacks a little bit in the longevity department but overall this one is a winner for me.
Italian Cypress today, both during the day and a top-up for when I went to the evening football game. (We got our arse handed to us on a platter). This is seriously good, still smells great five hours after the second application. I have sampled this before and liked it, but it always made me come out in a rash. This hasn’t happened today, so maybe I just had a bad batch.
Given that, I’d choose the brogues, although they are too chunky for my taste. The boots aren't dressy enough to work IMO, and the monks might look odd with jeans and chinos.
And if he hasn’t read the Sentimental Bloke yet, then he’s unAustralian.
Tough question without context iSurg. What are you planning to wear them with, and where?
I also wore a brown jacket today, although I actually am an old man. Still, I submit that this Canali would not look too fusty on the tyros. ($10 at Salvos).
Arabian Wood. Or wouldn’t, in my case. The opening of this was a lot more civilised than that of Tobacco Oud, but I can’t say that there was anything particularly arresting about this for me. Throughout the day I don’t recall a single occasion when it intruded into the foreground and caught my attention. It lasts pretty well, but it’s not doing much while it lasts. I really thought that I would like this one more than I do.
Tomas Transtromer.+1 on Philip Larkin and Les MurrayBeowulf - Heaney’s version is excellent.
Well, when you consider the average paperback price is about $32, $43 is not so much nowadays. I don’t spend that kind of money either, unless it is on very high-quality stuff that e-books can’t do justice to, and I can’t get through the library. This might be one such book.
Well today was Tobacco Oud. This opened with a quite acrid and pungent tobacco leaf smell; not something I’m a huge fan of, but it doesn’t stay long. Within an hour the loud has come through, a very good one. It’s not the band-aid smell you sometimes get, but more the rich woody aspect. I think that that happens because it’s leavened by the booze. This is a nice composition overall, fine for the office once the tobacco quietness down. I would have liked it to last longer,...
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