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[[SPOILER]] 8. Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of NazarethZealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza AslanMy rating: 3 of 5 starsReza Aslan takes on a pretty much impossible task in trying to write an account of the “historical Jesus”. At the outset, he acknowledges that there is pretty much only one historical source that even refers to Jesus - Josephus - and even then only parenthetically. This forces him to rely on the Gospels and Acts for much of his...
Voyage d’Hermes EDT. No real reason, it’s OK, not my favourite Hermes by a long chalk, but it least it lasts a while.
How ridiculous? Would it be worth chopping a quarter of my foot off?
I think it’s your aspect ratio. The eBay cover pics are in 1:1 ratio, so portrait ratios tend to have whitespace down the side and look odd. Landscape 3:2 can look OK if there is not much whitespace top and bottom.EDITJust noticed that Snoogz already answered this. FWIW, I saw an eBay community discussion that recommends 1:1 ratio for your main picture and 3:2 for the rest. I now program those into my camera as I shoot, then copy them straight into GS.
1828 today. This is one of my FBs that definitely does not get the attention that it deserves. Which is true of most of them, I guess.
BHOD* moment, as the crossword fanatics say. Putting together an eBay ad for a cashmere coat, and noticed a slight stain at about hip level. I didn’t notice it before because it’s close to the fabric colour. Where in Melbourne is there a dry cleaner whom I could trust to get a stain out of a 100% cashmere garment? Any ideas? * Bangs Head On Desk
I think perhaps I did not make myself clear. I’m not seeking affirmation of my self-worth, I’m seeking input on whether the suit would be flippable. But thanks anyway.
Would you guys pick up a ventless suit, or are they a no-no these days? Saw a Belvest suit and was very tempted, but for that.
Op shop cherry popped. An Oscar Hunt suit spotted in a Sacred Heart suit rack. Makes a change from Planet and Flair, I guess. What do you guys think of ventless suits? I saw a lovely Belvest suit in an op shop, but it had no vent. Very tempted to snag it in case someone wanted it, but I get the feeling that ventless is a deal-breaker. Am I right?
Which one is foxy?
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