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I will probably end up reading out of curiosity, but I'm not in any hurry. I can't forget that this was a rejected manuscript. Not only that, Lee's rewrite of it was also rejected before she came up with her masterpiece. Just think, if Go Set A Watchman had been published in the first place, we may never have seen Mockingbird. If nothing else, this book tells us the value of good, strong editing.In comparing the two books, it needs to be borne in mind which was first....
Today I am smelling Robitussin. It would be a waste of time to put any perfume on.
There's a cluster of outdoor wear shops in Little Bourke St, between Elizabeth and Queen St, and along Hardware Lane. If you can't find what you need there, you can head over to Emporium and check out Uniqlo, Broorks Brothers etc. While in Hardware Lane, you could always drop into Oscar Hunt and get them to make you one.
Speaking of which, L’Instant Homme going for 55% off now.http://us.strawberrynet.com/main.aspx
Did anybody get onto the half-price TdH that Strawberry net had a few days ago?
I haven’t worn any cologne the last few days, as I’d have been scrabbling around my sample box in the dark. So I’ll tell you about my after shave balm. It’s the discontinued Crabtree & Evelyn Sienna. I found an unopened bottle of this in an op shop for $3. It’s nothing hugely remarkable, just a nice blend of citrus and leather. I enjoy it as it is applied, but I don’t smell it the rest of the day, so I suspect it’s pretty mild stuff. I usually wear it with a fragrance. If...
For the first five minutes that it’s worn, yeah. Then it starts to wear, and will soon look less formal than a standard silk weave. My grenadines have all done that, including that HC one.Whatever, I am merely pointing out that these are people who consider a knit tie with a square edge certifiable. Wearing a tie at all is a bit suspect. As for a pocket square ...Elliot should wear what he feels comfortable in.Management types in banking IT, who are usually doing the...
Poor choice of words maybe.My advice would be to not wear anything unusual. Banking IT folks are very conservative in a sense, in that they tend to note flamboyance and can be suspicious of it, because they don’t dress that way. My advice is really just to wear the most boring tie that you have so that they focus on you.
Avignon. No I did not dance on a bridge while wearing it.
New Posts  All Forums: