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We do, we’re both part of a secretive cabal dedicated to making people smell better. Once we ease you all into Tom Ford, we are going to ambush your wallets with the siren songs of Roja, Amouage and Frederic Malle.
Nasomatto Silver Musk. Doesn’t last that well for an extract, but it smells fantastic while it does grace one with its presence.
TBM, there aren’t a lot of Tom Ford fragrances that I’d class as summer scents. In my opinion, the woody, leather, oudh, rose, spice combos are better in the cold weather. If I had to pick one TF for summer, it would probably be Neroli Portofino. Don’t know if anyone’s hosting a split of that. (If so, I’m in).
Me too, although I do keep an eye out for a pair of selvedge jeans in my size. Saw a nice pair of Edwins a while back, but too small. The hunt continues.
PM Sent
Sadly, it doesn’t seem to check out. I compared the logo to the Hermes logo on my ties, and it’s clearly different.The carriage design is especially different, and the horse looks wrong, with less detail of the reins. Unless Hermes' logo has changed in the interim, this doesn’t seem to be the real thing.On further inquiry, it looks like it was made by a US company called Volupte. Still vintage and worth a little bit, but no jackpot, sadly.
Few more wins today, including some unusual stuff. Zegna wool/mohair SC, size unmarked, guess 42R Faconnable shirt, 16.5 Popped a cherry here. I’ve never seen Psycho Bunny in Australia before, even retail.My size, so keeping. Salvaatore Ferragamo belt (ladies?) NIB Salvatore Ferrgamo high-heel shoes Also found some vintage perfume, but I won’t bore you with that.
Glad to hear it.You could say I had two SOTDs today. My intended SOTD for e pretty hot day today was Mirto di Panarea. I had to do some decanting in the morning; this is not a good idea for me, as my hands tremble. End result was I spilled 5 mls of 1740 all over the kitchen bench and got it on my hands as well. So I guess 1740 was my real SOTD, given I smelled of it all day. Kitchen and family room smell great.
Not sure if I mentioned, they are both DBs. Would that make a difference? Pockets are flap pockets. If I get it done, I’ll the them to Sam; I reckon he will talk me out of any sheer vandalism.Are there any 42Ls here who would like a Brioni DB? I have two: a charcoal PoW, and a grey stripe. If the alteration is going to wreck them, it would be better for them to go to somebody they fit.
I’ve had time on my hands lately, winding down for the end of the year. No work around, so I’ve had time to haunt the op shops a bit. Here’s some of my finds over the last few weeks. Nearly all of this is available. Suits and Jackets Aquascutum SC, 40S Zegna Couture SC, 52R (keeping this) Brioni DB Suit, 42L, charcoal PoW Brioni DB Suit, 42L, grey stripe Ties L-R Corneliani, Altea, Giorgio Armani, Borrelli, Borrelli, Tino Cosma 7-fold, Zegna Couture L-R...
New Posts  All Forums: