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[[SPOILER]] 6. How to be BothHow To Be Both by Ali SmithMy rating: 4 of 5 starsNot knowing much about it, How to be Both was a bit of a surprise. The first part of the book is fairly standard contemporary fiction: a young girl, George, is dealing with the death of her mother and confused about her emerging sexuality. Her reminiscences about her mother include a whirlwind trip to Ferrara, Italy, to admire a breathtaking palace fresco painted by a mysterious artist about...
I neve knew that Louis L’Amour wrote Hopalong Cassidy. I always thought that the Lone Ranger was cooler than Hopalong, and Zorro left them both for dead.
Robert Tallbott SEVEN FOLD Silk Tie Abstract Design EC (assuming condition is excellent)If it is a limited edition, include that. I was researching 7-fold prices yesterday, and RT prices vary from $25 to more than $100.
That is just an awesome coat. Like Coxy, I saw it at the fund-raiser, and I’m still admiring it.
Sequel to my drama queen performance over being dudded on a BINOBO for a Helmut Lang jacket. Finally got the nod from eBay and re-listed. I swallowed my pride and took you guys’ advice. Result was a BINOBO $30 higher than the deadbeat’s, paid and mailed in a matter of hours. Thanks for the good advice.
Today is Ambre 114. Where did the summer go? It’s effing February - supposed to be the hottest month of our year. On the bright side, the Socceroos just won the Asian Cup!
Cuir Ottoman today. This is one of my favourite leathers. Speaking of leather, have any of you guys tried Crabtree and Evelyn’s Sienna? I found a FB of the after shave balm in an op shop yesterday for $3. I gather it’s discontinued, so that was quite a nice find. If I ever shave again, i’ll give it a spin. (Been very slack on the whiskers front since unemployment set in).
Sorry for the shill. Is anyone interested in a Caruso cotton/cashmere corduroy SC, size 40 drop 7? Pretty good condition and going cheap.
Pete may be able to put you in touch with some SA fragheads who could be interested, if nobody here is.
Nothing huge to report lately. Caruso cotton/cashmere corduroy SC, Massimo Dutti cable knit sweater, Zegna Couture shirt, Zegna pants by Incotex, Canali wool slacks, and anon wool/silk slacks (identified as Caruso on the label thread). Got excited when I saw an Etro Milano suit in a half-price sale bin, until I saw that the crotch was shredded to bits.
New Posts  All Forums: