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Splash Forte today. OK fragrance, lacks longevity.
I could only think of Queens Park Rangers.
Idole EDP. Went to the football and Melbourne kicked arse for a change, so I think I’d better make Idole my sig from now on.
Yeah, I really prefer LIDGE, although L’Instant is pretty good as well.
Yeah I saw that. I figure it was worth trying to remove it.How do you go about waxing a jacket like that? Might it not get damaged?
Was having a very ordinary day today until I made one final stop. Found all this in one place. Suede, lined with leather ... Double-sided ... A first for me. Selvage too ... Another first ... Not sure what to make of this one. It fits, but I don’t have any big game to shoot at around here ...
Invasion Barbare. I am retesting this to check if my skin really does react to it. (Given that it used to react to IC but now doesn’t).
That wasn’t because of your SOTD, surely?
You mean DAAS? They played the Melbourne Comedy Festival, but I didn’t get there. I saw Tim last year, but it was not really a comedy show at all; it was him talking about his MS, very affectingly.
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