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Today is DHI. Dior Hommme is one of the few scents I have an FB of that my wife likes, so I thought I'd get a decant of this and try it out as well. I don't find it has much similarity to Homme, lacking the cacao note that I like in the latter. It's also not "intense" in the sense of being more concentrated or powerful; it's quite a refined scent. People reckon that this is an evening scent, but I rate it as quite appropriate for office, daytime etc.
Your avatar certainly looks like you would. Today I'm wearing Dior Imperial Patchouli, for the first time. It's not really what I expected; not a 1960s hippy smell at all, much more refined and balanced with woods and amber. I like it a lot, but am surprised that it doesn't pack a little more punch given the line and its cost.
Brecourt Esprit Mondain today. Unspectacular. Just like every other-run-of-the-mill lemon and lavender cologne out there.
Who says I work? Work is for losers and minions - I just get paid.
First of all, welcome, and congrats on your upcoming wedding.From what you mention, it seems that your budget is around $600-700. If it's more, let us know, as that would open up your options quite a bit. You also don't mention if you will have others in the wedding party that oyu want dressed the same/different, which might also influence where you shop (more than one of the same suit probably means going to a bigger shop, like DJs).I think your choice of solid charcoal...
Today I'm trying Benneton Tribu, from a mini I found in the market. A girly thing that some reviewers reckoned was unisex, so I gave it a spin. It has a kind of light fruity smell; not objectionable like Pulp, but not something I can really get into.
Part of that would depend on the cut, but also on the fabric design and on the age of the garment. While normally there are no issues I've occasionally had bad experiences in both directions. I'd be reluctant to let out the seat of trousers that are a bit old, because the newly-vidible fabric may be slightly different in colour to the rest. I had another experience where I had some (newish) trousers taken in quite a bit, and the fabric just ended up looking odd, so I...
Today I'm channeling my inner bad boy wearing Brecourt's Mauvais Garcon. Noithing dreadfully bad about this, it's an inoffensive, warm scent good for the office in winter.
Always a good idea, although the MF has lost its appeal for me since they started giving it to foreign writers and writing about overseas.
I happen to be reading that right now Matt. Only about 10% into it; can’t say I’m particularly enjoying it.
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