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That and that of the little old ladies who are inevitably spying on me while I do it.
I gather you mean buying? Not sure what sort of tips you’re after but there is a thread dedicated to that specifically. Members who spot nice items on eBay post them there. Might also be worth looking at B&S and at the thrift thread too, as a lot of posters there are looking to sell what they find. Some US thrifters find insane stuff, so it’s worth a look.Another thing to consider is that Northern hemisphere sellers are coming out of winter now and possibly looking to...
Job interview = Mark Birley for Men. Just as well, as the interviewer was an absolute stunner. "Sorry, what was that job you were talking about?"
Popped a cherry in a little op shop today; a pair of Trafalgar braces. Considering how rarely I see anybody in Melbourne wearing braces, I was greatly surprised to see these.
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