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It’s 4 fluid ounces, which I think is 100ml or thereabouts. I don’t think I’ll open it, but keep it as a vintage piece. I might sell it if I think it’s worth it, but it makes a nice companion to the vintage L’heure Attendue that I found a while back. Do you know when that design dates from? I was told 1949 and that the bottle is by Baccarat, but I thought the 1949 version was in the amphora-shaped bottle.
39. The Girl With A Clock For A Heart The Girl With A Clock For A Heart by Peter Swanson My rating: 3 of 5 stars Peter Swanson’s intriguing novel has at its core a femme fatale reminiscent of some Hollywood classic such as Double Indemnity or Body Heat. George Foss has for many years carried a torch for a young lady he met in college, whom he encounters once again as a middle-aged man. She asks a favour of him which he agrees to do, dragging him into an escalating series...
Another op shop scent today: Bulgari Eau The Rouge. Being National Op Shop Week, of course I went to the op shop, and found more fragrances! L-R: Sisley Soir de Lune, Prada Infusion d’Iris (2), Lentheric Finesse (discontinued), Nocturnes de Caron, Carthusia Io Capri (BNIB, shrink-wrapped), Polo, Vera Wang for men, Lolita Lempicka, Chopard Wish. The Io Capri is still shrink-wrapped. Later on I had an even better find at an antiques market. NIB.
Op shop week kicks off this weekend, so I went to the op shops. Very good haul, which I’ve posted in the thrift thread. I left two Brioni suits and a vintage Burberry’s overcoat on the racks; I must be getting super-picky. :-)
This weekend is the start of National Op Shop Week here, so what I else would I be doing? I had some pretty good finds: Suits: Caruso navy stripe, super 180s , EU50R. Valentino Uomo, grey. EU52R (I passed on two Brioni suits, BTW, both were a bit too dirty for mine. I must be getting picky in my old age). Knit: John Smedley sea island cotton Shirts: Ascot Chang is Thomas Mason superfine cotton, if you can’t make that out. Some unusual finds: Small Kent shoe...
Sorry Foxy. I was getting ticked off by earlier misrepresentations of what I said, and maybe over-reacted.
It is a shame how young people these days struggle to understand simple written English. What I advised wasCan you spot the difference? It’s quite significant in the context of this discussion and I’d prefer that people did not attribute silly generalisations to me.
WIWT was op shop top-to-toe. Corneliani sports coat, brown with blue windowpane, ticket pocket, 2.5B Lanvin Tradition oxford shirt (their top line) Paul Smith jeans Sportscraft fabric and leather belt C&J Chepstow boots (since recrafted) Tootal scarf Vintage Yves Saint Laurent silk square, made in Italy, hand-rolled and hand-sewn. Vintage Chanel Pour Monsieur after shave
Can anyone suggest a good place in the Sydney CBD for food and craft beers? Will be hopping into a few with my son on Wed night.
Forgot to mention the coffee at Brother Baba Budan, also very close to Uniqlo and Up There.
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