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Variable. My favourite is probably Illywhacker, but there have been a few other good ones. If you are into the Kelly Gang, True History of the Kelly Gang is very good. I have a soft spot for Bliss and The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith, too.
I'd better get down there. Regarding Collins Place, I've worked in so many floors of those building I really know it better on the inside. When you see a building like that every day, it becomes banal and you cease to really notice it. One thing it used to be noted for was having the best view of any men's urinal in Melbourne, from the restaurant in the Sofitel. I still haven't encountered a better one.I agree the CBD has goen to crap, apart form where we have managed to...
The only book of Carey's I've not read, actually. I'd forgotten all about it.
Didn't recognise it from the photo. Your post identified it as 568 Collins.
55 Collins St is also an IM Pei building - hence the Pei Modern restaurant in that complex.
The suit is navy. The pin is not something I ususally wear, it's a Legacy pin for this week's fund-raiser. I lean towards white PS with this outfit myself, but decided to try something just a bit different this time.
From an op shop.
They didn't have any. This retailer rarely does for some reason. Shame, because they stock some very good lines - Malle, MFK, Le Labo, CdG, Diptyque, SL etc.Today I'm wearing Journey Man. Big peppery opening that made me question the wisdom of buying this for the warmer weather. As it develops the pepper is toned down by a cleaner scent, maybe a faint neroli. I need to give this a lot longer on my skin to see how it evolves.
Nearest op shop will have all the loud ties you can handle, for $1 each.
Yeah I suck at selfies. My hands shake, so it’s not a strength of mine.
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