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Depends on the pocket square, and the fold used. Have you seen Don Draper’s outfits in Mad Men? You could not dress more conservatively, but he always had a white PS on.
Yesterday I fooled with Fou d’Absinthe. Today I reek of Rocabar.
I’d be up for 30ml of AA if it’s still going. Right now I’m luxuriating in the stack of stuff I got at a collector’s garage sale. I reek of Rocabar today.
Interesting. Guess who listed “Glow” as one of his best books of 2014.
Today the image of a bunch of blokes punching cows is not so simple either.
Stick a link to your fundraising page in your sig, and I’ll sling you a donation. My son has been too scarred by the comparison photos of you that I showed him last year. I doubt he’ll ever go in it again. I might, but I’m job-hunting and it’s probably not the best look.
Timely article: Whatever happend to cyberpunk?
TBM are you committing your usual Movember onslaught on your fellow males’ sense of adequacy this year?
Juniper Sling. Great opening, but it fades fast. I applied some more mid-morning to keep it rolling. That seems to have done the trick, is it’s still (just) there on my wrist at 8pm.
It’s these guys. Their Sydney outlet is in Rosebery. The local perfumistas are onto them now, so you need to get down there. The 1740 has been hot, so I doubt there’s much left.Today I had an event on, where we met Carlos Huber from Arquiste. He was showcasing Etrog Acqua and The Architects' Club, so those two are my SOTD. Etrog Acqua has this huge lemony kick that sticks around for a long time. Architects is more complex than that, but doesn’t have the same projection or...
New Posts  All Forums: