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Not any time soon. Gerry is making huge profits over the past year in the back of the housing boom. Maybe he’ll at least stop whinging about GST for a while.
[[SPOILER]] 13. Reykjavik NightsReykjavik Nights by Arnaldur IndriðasonMy rating: 3 of 5 starsI am a fan of the gloomy, haunted Icelandic detective Erlendur, so Reykjavik Nights went straight onto my reading list when it was published.In this prequel we meet Erlendur as a young uniformed patrolman, working the night shift. As the story starts, he is called to the scene of an accident where a tramp has drowned. When Erlendur pulls out the body, he recognises Hannibal, a...
So less Bjork and more KUKL?
I’m aware of that, but in terms of how quickly it arrives, your deadline is to get it into the mail in the promised three days. The carriers themselves don’t warrant their estimated shipping times, so how can you?
After the chat with Horns above, I’ve decided to wear Lonestar Memories today and give Anubis another spin tomorrow.
Isn’t he out here for the Festival circuit? Maybe he couldn’t fir in another Melbourne gig.
Isn’t there a distinction between your delivery time frame and that of the carrier? I thought that the 3-day ship time related just to how long you take to mail the package and, as long as you use the agreed service, the carrier’s performance is out of your hands.
One guy shoving two guys’ heads up three guys’ arses? What’s not to like?
[[SPOILER]] 12. The Agile Project Management HandbookI spent an entire week battling my way through this eye-glazing 200 page melange of methodology, product definition and myth, so I figure I ought to get to count it. Agile is a “recent” approach to project management that has got everybody excited but is in reality just a slightly different emphasis on the classic triple constraints. The Agile approach dictates that the schedule and cost constraints are sacrosanct and...
I was thinking at first glance that this would be about ties and cufflinks.
New Posts  All Forums: