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[[SPOILER]] 46. Dark RoadDark Road by Ian RankinMy rating: 3 of 5 starsDark Road is Ian Rankin’s first attempt at writing a play, although he mostly seems to have come up with the story while theatre director Mark Thompson came up with the dialogue, stage instructions etc. So who is actually the playwright? Chief Super Isobel McArthur is on the verge of retirement and is considering writing a book raking over the coals of her most famous case, that of Alfred Chalmers, a...
Yesterday, on my birthday, I wore Journey Man. Today is Cuir Ottoman. This would have to be one of my favourite leathers, although I do have quite a few favourites in that space.
Also on the Dior bandwagon today, wearing Jules. We were going out to a Chinese restaurant and I was tempted to wear Bond Chinatown, but I thought that might be getting a tad too cute. Since it's a special occasion, I pulled out one of my special bottles instead.
Yatagan today - getting to the bottom of my sample box now, so it must be a long time since I've worn this. It seems a bit more civilised than I recall from last time. This afternoon I tested some Acc Kappa Black Pepper and Sandalwood on my wrist. My god, this has punch; it puts Piper Negrum to shame. It's still a full pepper blast from a single spray, 6 hours later.
[[SPOILER]] 45. Someone Else's ConflictSomeone Else's Conflict by Alison LaylandMy rating: 1 of 5 starsAs a young man, Jay Spinney travelled to Croatia and got caught up in the war there, fighting with a Croatian unit attacking Serbian villagers. Years later, he is back in England living rough, working as a busking story-teller. In a small market village he meets Marilyn, a potter who needs his help rebuilding her house. While he is there, Jay's past starts to catch up...
Black Orchid today. This one projects! I think it was probably a bit much for the workplace.
I wore my Breuer sports coat for the first time today. It’s a cotton flannel, and it’s a heck of a lot warmer than I expected for an unlined jacket. I almost expired from heat, wearing it as one of four layers. Looks like I might not get quite as much year-round wear out of it that I thought, but it will keep me toasty in the cold months.
When Napoleon invaded Russia, his soldiers flayed and tanned the hides of captives, and the Little Corporal sent them to Coco Chanel as a love token. Hence the name. True story. Well, perhaps not, but it is true that I wore Cuir de Russie today.
All I’ve been able to ascertain is that it looks like the same firm that does suits for Saks. Nobody seems to know who that is, however.
I dug out something unusual from my sample box today - a little vial of vintage Remy Latour Cigar. The tobacco notes in this one came to the fore pretty quickly, but they are not acrid at all. There's a nice leavening to the tobacco from some fruity notes. I find that I never get decent sillage when I apply with a dauber, so I'm not worried about that, but I am pretty impressed that I can still easily smell it on my wrist 14 hours later. Given its RRP, this has to be one...
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