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Yesterday I decided to spray myself with something called Bentley for Men. I figure I can’t afford the car, but I can rock the perfume. Today I am wearing the discontinued Richard James Savile Row. I got hold of a pretty full bottle of this on a local version of Craig’s List called Gumtree, which was a stroke of luck. I like this one for the autumn, with the leather and tobacco discreet rather than dominant, and some florals and bergamot to make it feel a little sunnier....
The waist also corresponds to a 45R. This is why I mentioned alterations. There are men who are broad-chested and slim-waisted, and tailors can adjust the waist of a jacket. What is the difference really between a 44R having to take the jacket in and a 46 R having to let it out?
Strictly speaking it measures up to a 45, so I would include both 44 and 46 in the ad, assuming that there is scope for alterations.
[[SPOILER]] 21. The Corpse ReaderThe Corpse Reader by Antonio GarridoMy rating: 3 of 5 starsIt is perhaps unusual to find a detective novel by a contemporary Spanish author set in 12th century China, during the Song Dynasty. Song Ci, the Corpse Reader of the title, was a historical figure, one of the founders of forensic science. Garrido came across Song Ci while researching forensics, and thus got the idea for this unusual character and setting.While Ci is investigating...
My team won last night, it’s pissing rain, it’s a holiday, so screw going to op shops.
ANZAC Day is observed in Turkey as well, and we are all good buddies now that we have stopped shooting at one another. Much as the Japanese are one of our biggest trading partners now.
Same thing.
You and I are definitely working off the same reading list, although you are much further down it.
My father wanted nothing more than to forget all about it. He never spoke a word about his military service and he never introduced any of his war buddies to us, not even to my mother. She met them at his funeral.Truly a lot of tosh gets talked about ANZAC Day and the one lesson we ALWAYS seem to forget is never to do it again.
Wearing Cuir Ottoman today. Perhaps an insensitive choice, given that today is ANZAC Day, the day that we commemorate Australian war dead in an attack on the Ottoman Empire. Oh well.
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