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[[SPOILER]] 59. The Ladies of Grace AdieuThe Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories by Susanna ClarkeMy rating: 4 of 5 starsThe Ladies of Grace Adieu is a collection of short stories that Susanna Clarke has set in the England that she imagined in Jonathon Strange and Mr Norell, where magic has never gone away and the influences of faerie and the Raven King are everywhere.Some of the stories read like out-takes from her novel, others are clever twists on fairy stories such...
Thanks for the warning.Anyone noticed that there's a new Rebus book out?
Wearing New York today myself. I don't mind your description, being well past 50 myself, and wouldn't mind being 50 again, or being CEO. Neither is going to happen.
I haven't changed my mind in the interim.
So I went down to Italian Imports to look at their Luciano Barbera suits. They have just one style, a 2b sb solid mid grey, not from the Sartoriale line. Its 875, marked down to 700 until next weekend. I tried on the 52 and the jacket was a perfect fit. The pants are a drop 6 straight cut flat front and they were not going to work on me. The pants were fine on the 54 and the jacket still fit pretty well but there was excess material around my right shoulder that I didn't...
33 Knows the difference between a rook and a crowA rook is a chess piece and a crow is what I indulge in when I take my opponent's rook.
Another Vetiver today: Vetiver Fatal. Not a patch on the Malle, and I don't really get a lot of vetiver off it, but it still has a nice balanced composition and manages to last a while for a cologne. It has a vague, sweetish drydown that is all a bit meh, really.
Vetiver Extraordinaire today. Love this; it's yet another of the long list of FMs I lust after.
Where should fat middle-aged blokes go to buy summer weight chinos? I can only dream about fitting into Uniqlo sizes.
Hyde Park by Hugh Parsons today. This is rapidly becoming a Spring favourite for me, with a big blast of green to kick-start a sunny morning. I think it's easily the best of the HP line that I've tried.
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