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NP. Go for a run, and you’ll look completely natural.
51. Dark Secrets Dark Secrets by Michael Hjorth My rating: 3 of 5 stars As with all of the best Nordic Noir heroes, Sebastian Bergman is a complex character carrying a truckload of emotional baggage into his work life. In Sebastian’s case, he is a criminal psychologist who lost his wife and daughter, and seems only able to subsume his pain by indulging in compulsive sexual behaviour. Even prior to his personal loss, he seems to have been a pretty unlikeable colleague...
James Corden seems quite young to be doing an autobiography. Still, I guess he has packed a fair bit into his career to date. One Man, Two Guvnors must be one of the best modern adaptations of a classic farce going around, and he did a lot to make that the case.
Who by? I see plenty of people wearing pocket squares in the CBD these days. Mine attract comments occasionally, but always positive. I’ve been called dapper and a smart dresser, but never a dandy.
Got a friend visiting Pasadena, CA. Does anybody know a good place to try or buy fragrances there?
Depends on the pocket square, and the fold used. Have you seen Don Draper’s outfits in Mad Men? You could not dress more conservatively, but he always had a white PS on.
Yesterday I fooled with Fou d’Absinthe. Today I reek of Rocabar.
I’d be up for 30ml of AA if it’s still going. Right now I’m luxuriating in the stack of stuff I got at a collector’s garage sale. I reek of Rocabar today.
Interesting. Guess who listed “Glow” as one of his best books of 2014.
Today the image of a bunch of blokes punching cows is not so simple either.
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