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One might, if one believed that the law is a product and the courtroom is a market. Not all change is innovation.
Tumulte Pour Homme today.
This is the distinction between inventing and innovating - the latter is all about bringing new products into the market successfully. The way Jobs did that wuth iTunes enabled him to lock in a huge new business model that is very difficult for even his biggest competitors to chip away at. Of itseld, Sound Jam couldn't do that, it was all of the deals, negotiations, marketing and process that Jobs built around it that made it what it is now.As for your current attitude, I...
I've always felt that the iTunes store was the real game-changing innovation that Apple came up with. It allowed them to blow away rival distribution networks, lock upo a wide range of content and business partners, and establish the concept of the Apple ecosystem in a manner that is almost impossible for their comptitors to copy. iTunes is at the heart of all of the devices that they produce which, as Samsung has demonstrated, can be still subjected to pretty hefty...
Anyone fancy a Brioni suit for $900 or a Zegna suit for $800? Azzaro is knocking them out on Saturday. Stock is likely to be limited in style and size, but it could be worth a look if you're in the market.
Jo Malone Vetyver today. I reckon this line is pretty over-priced, but was happy to grab this one on eBay on heavy discount.
Bel Ami today.
I guess we just differ. I thought that story was sh*t, and the fact that the anachronisms were present from the start doesn't make it any better. The whole book was pretty ordinary overall; I'd much rather read short stories from Raymond Carver, Junot Diaz or Tony Birch, as they show a lot more empathy and humour in their writing. I accept I'm in the minority with my reaction to Tower, but that doesn't invalidate my opinion or make it a mistake.
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