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Me too - and I’m not a left-winger. I’ve worked in the banking industry for decades, hardly a red-ragging socialist, but those guys are something else.
Orange Sanguine today, a late Christmas present. Nice enough, bit I think I prefer Hermes, Perfumes d’Empire and L’Artisan in this space.
My FB of Russian Tea arrived yesterday, so of course it is my SOTD today. This stuff is really good. The opening is unexpected; sort of a very cool, firm, minty scent, but the tea soon takes over. Projection is very good - the wife could smell it from across the room, and I kept getting whiffs of it all day. Longevity is also good - still quite detectable after 8 hours or more. I don’t get the incense and immortelle notes that others get from this - in the latter case...
That seems about right.Did you see what I was getting at with the Wes Anderson vibe? I was referring to whacky grotesque characters running around in an improbable plot, but I meant that she was aping Anderson, not living up to him. I hope I didn’t lead you astray.
Rossy de Palma. I feel protected, but everyone within 6 feet of me better look out.
No department store would have an issue selling you something as new that people have put on in the store.
You see, point 2 makes no sense to me. Why wait a week to see if it comes down? Just make your offer. The seller has invited offers, and you’ll now if yours is not enough sooner.
Chemistry of Tears was OK, but I thought it suffered from being part of a bit of a bandwagon going on then with stories about automata; it came across as less original as a result. My Life As a Fake goes back about 10 years now, so I don’t include that when I talk of his recent work.
I dunno. I’ve started playing with BINOBO and am pretty underwhelmed so far. People just do not seem to want to make an offer and, when they do, they are just low-ballers usually. I think it may be because I publish on the eBay.com.au site, where BINOBO is less common, so people may be just looking at the BIN price and moving on rather than making an offer.Put it another way, why would people just watch a BINOBO auction rather than putting in what they think it is worth?...
I used to be a Carey completist, but I’ve gone off him recently. Parrot and Olivier aside, none of his recent stuff impressed me much, and His Illegal Self was just awful. I’ve been avoiding Amnesia, as a result.
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