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Forgot to mention a surprise I got in an op shop a week or so ago. Pretty sure this is a P Johnson label.
Costume National 21 today. This is a sweetish amber, but not cloying. Good for this weather, but probably not when it gets warmer.
Black Afgano today. I'm feeling a bit subversive, so I've chosen to wear this in the Members' Stand at the football. That, and it smells fantastic.
Better than listening to new Cold Chisel records, or Barnesy's saccharine covers albums.
Last weekend proved to be a false promise of Spring and Melbourne's capricious weather gods plunged us straight back into winter this week. By today, fed up with ribcage rattling winds and pelting rain, I really needed the fragrance equivalent of comfort food, which I found in Arquiste's chilli chocolate concoction, Anima Dulcis. It must have worked, because the sun came out on my way home tonight. The weekend promises rain, hail and no shine though, so the vetivers and...
Well done Matt; got there before me again. What a great writer to bring up your 50 with, too.
[[SPOILER]] 47. The Paying GuestsThe Paying Guests by Sarah WatersMy rating: 3 of 5 starsSet in London just after World War 1, The Paying Guests is about Frances, a dowdy spinster who has fallen on hard times. She and her mother are reduced to taking in lodgers: the fun-loving Lillian and Leonard.(At the start of this book I suspected we were in for something similar to Cloudstreet and I still sort of wish that had been the case).Frances is the despair of her...
I think there are only 4 that have been translated; I've only ever seen the three of them. The Minotaur's Head is pretty widely available now.
Is that Tam Dao?SOTD is Aoud Lime. I haven't worn hardly any oud this winter, compared to last year; maybe I'm going off it. This one is a bit of a puzzle. Despite the name, it doesn't smell of citrus and doesn't have lime in the notes. It's just another entry in Montale's endless list of oud/rose combos. Nothing wrong with it, good longevity, just not that exciting.
New Posts  All Forums: