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Thanks for the tips rach. I already have a FB of vintage Gentleman, plus another mini, but will keep an eye out for those others. Today's op shop scent is Prada Infusion d'Iris. I only just found out that this comes as a pure perfume. I assumed that I had just found two samples at the op shop; I need to check those bottles more closely.
In honour of National Op Shop Week, here is today’s op shop outfit. Everything is op shop except for my shoes (black Testoni oxfords). Suit: Hermes navy DB by Cifonelli. (This suit is dated 1994, yet is clean as a whistle). Shirt: Bijan (New York) Tie: Brioni Square: Dunno - label illegible Belt: Lanvin The op shop scent I wore with it is Dior Jules, a long-discontinued classic.
buns-heads Because we're hot and cross?
Thanks for the advice Rach. It's starting to sound like I could do better selling decants and keeping the bottle. Even at $3/ml I would recover my costs, and I would have thought people would be prepared to pay that. I'm wearing another op shop scent today - Dior Jules.
Welcome Craig. Being a renter, renovation is at least one thing I don’t have to worry about.
Opening it will be a tough decision; there’ll be no going back. I find it very hard to open a pristine vintage frag, although it’s a lot easier when I know there’s little chance of resale. I did spend a fair bit on this, so I will have to think about it and do some research on resale value before I take the plunge. The vintage market is thinner here than in the USA, so it may be a bit harder to find for locals, adding to the resale. If it’s not worth it, I might open it...
It’s coming up on Spring here.
Another op shop fragrance today. I wore the Vera Wang for Men. A bit of an unusual citrus - apparently it’s a Japanese citrus called yuzu, which I’m not acquainted with. I cleaned out my fish tank today, so it didn’t last too long. Went shopping later and am now wearing a test spray of Bel Respiro. I also managed to snag a sample of L’Ideal so I’ll give that a whirl this week. The SA also gave me some samples of Guerlain Homme which she says is being withdrawn from sale....
At the risk of sounding like a pedant, TTSS is the first of what is known as the Karla trilogy. There are books about Smiley going back as far as 1960’s The Call For the Dead. Those early books are interesting for a bit of character background if you’re keen, but they are not in the class of the Karla books. Definitely agree that you should start with The Spy Who Came in From the Cold. Interestingly, le Carre mucks about with the ages of Smiley and Guillam between that...
40. The Dinner The Dinner by Herman Koch My rating: 2 of 5 stars In The Dinner, Herman Koch invites us to an excruciating dinner at an insufferable restaurant with four pretty repellent people discussing what they are going to do about a horrible crime that they are aware of.There are some surprises along the way but, without giving away too much, Koch’s ending casts so much doubt on what went on before that you don’t know what to make of the book at all really....
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