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Now we are definitely into the cold weather. I don't think we'll be seeing a high-20s day for months. So now is my chance to get back into the cool weather fragrances, the olfactory equivalent of comfort food. Yesterday was Frapin 1697, which I find a warm, enveloping and boozy. today was YSL Jazz. Not so warm, but a nice woodsy scent for a cool, sunny day. If I keep using Jazz regularly, it may just end up being the first full bottle I ever empty.
Alameda? You must be near where I used to live, in Lafayette, CA.
At the risk of stirring up more PunGent perfume humour, Men's Biz has the whole Nasomatto range on deep discount. Still expensive, but I doubt you'll ever get better prices on this line here.
I went through an SF period in the 80s, and read a few of the Culture novels, maybe the first 4. I think I enjoyed The Player of Games the most.I also enjoyed The Wasp Factory (creepy), The Crow Road and Complicity. I reckon Wasp Factory anticipated stuff like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by decades, and was much more disturbing.
It probably was, in 1974.
Both of those places are fine. I buy from Strawberrynet all the time, and FrangranceNet has a very solid rep in fraghead circles (although you might want to watch the shipping costs).To check the expiry date of your perfume (if you have a bottle) look up tthe batch code at checkcosmetics.com Bear in mind that well-kept fragrances last a heck of a lot longer than the 3 years they recommend.
My SOTD is Dioressence, from a vintage mini I bought on eBay. Is anybody able to roughly date this for me? Speaking of vintage, check what I found in a flea market this morning.
Not clothing, but this is super-exciting for a collector like me. I found it in a flea market this morning. I'm getting it verified by an expert, but I think this is 19th Century. Jicky has been around since 1889, and this looks a heck of a lot like the original bottle. The juice still smells good too.
New Posts  All Forums: