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[[SPOILER]] 46. The Association of Small BombsThe Association of Small Bombs by Karan MahajanMy rating: 4 of 5 starsThree boys visit a Delhi market. A bomb planted by Muslim activists goes off, and two of the boys - Hindus - are killed. The third boy Mansoor, a Muslim, survives.Mahajan explores the aftermath of the bombing, knitting together a plot that spans the subsequent decades by looking at the impact on the victims' family, the survivor and his family and the...
Congrats to Matt and GF on getting to 50. I need to work harder at it; not far away now.
Matt, I noticed that Harari has just published a kind of follow-up to Sapiens called Homo Deus, which looks at the future of humankind. I've read Carey's Kelly book. I think he did pretty well to take the only surviving example of how Kelly expressed himself - the Jerilderie letter - and extend that to a book written in the voice of an historical figure. The proof is that when he gets to the writing the letter, it blends in seamlessly with the novel's voice. The story,...
I know it's not good for the blood pressure to read these articles, but anyway. Quite apart from Brioni's spectacular fail in trying to link their brand and logo to heavy metal, what do people think of this assessment of the decline of the suit?
Cuir Plein Fleurs today. This is one of my safe options, when I don't want to think too much about it. Mildly leather, mildly floral, lasts well. Not brilliant, but does the job as an office scent.
[[SPOILER]] 45. The Rules of Backyard CricketThe Rules of Backyard Cricket by Jock SerongMy rating: 4 of 5 starsThe Rules of Backyard Cricket is the story of two cricketing prodigies from the wrong side of the tracks. Darren, the narrator, is a gifted tearaway with scant regard for the rules, whereas his older brother Wally is a gimlet-eyed disciplinarian dedicated to his career.The novel starts with Darren bound and gagged in the boot of a car, heading up the Geelong Road...
Floris Cefiro today. Pretty undistinguished cologne, with only fleeting longevity. Still, we are getting gale force winds; maybe it got blown away.
More spring, more veitver. Couer de Vetiver Sacre today.
Hugh Parsons Hyde Park. I started wearing this last Spring. Its greenness just says cricket, sunshine, parks and gardens to me. I don't like a lot of this barbershop line, but I really like this one.
I wore the discontinued Lacroix Tumulte today. This one is almost a perfect office scent: nice woodsy smell, not too obtrusive, lasts all day. Just what I look for in a frag. I guess I will run out of it one day and then struggle to find it again, but hopefully not too soon. Vintage find on the weekend was a half-full bottle of Evyan Great Lady in a goldtone presentation case. I also saw a 1930s era gold plated Gillette Aristocrat, but balked at the price.
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