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My experience with eBay approved shipping has been uniformly disastrous. Goods arrive in Australia and then faff around forever. Last time it took something like a week and a half to truck a package from Sydney to Melbourne, which was the difference between my wife getting her Christmas present, and not. I've given two sellers neutral feedback telling them not to use it.
I wore my Mitsouko today. Mine's a modern formulation EDT. I quite like this one, but I can't say that I gave it a fair shake. I spent the day cleaning out the fish tank and then going for a swim, so there's very little trace of it left.
I have both of those. The Shalimar is my wife's, and I suspect it may have turned. My bottle of Mitsouko is still around somewhere; I will need to dig it out.
[[SPOILER]] 36. Thermopylae: The Battle for the WestThermopylae: The Battle for the West by Ernle Dusgate Selby BradfordMy rating: 3 of 5 starsThis is a really interesting read that tells the story of Xerxes' crossing of the Hellespont and the invasion of Greece by the Persian empire. The battles of Thermopylae, Salamis and Plataea are described with great immediacy.Bradford probably over-eggs the pudding by claiming that the 300 Spartans under Leonidas saved Western...
Got excited in an op shop today. 50% off everything in the shop. Not expecting much, go to the tie rack. Zegna Couture, 2 x Stefano Ricci, Andrews, Borrelli and a Takeo Kikuchi. On closer examination, holes and/or stains in all of them except the last two, so at least it wasn't a total disappointment.
Was just nerWas just near there on the weekend. Wish I'd known.
Can't get Anubis here at all. I only have a tiny sample, which I'm reluctant to use up. This is my SOTD. An ELDO stockist on another site pointed out that this bottle is quite old. Does anybody know when this flat bottle design dates from?
I heard an interview with Wilson on ABC a while ago, which included some audio of Whiteley talking about his heroin addiction. I added the book tom y wish list then; need to get around to it soon.
I have Christobal Pour Homme on today. We are inching our way towards spring, so i guess it's tie to get as many of these winter warmers in, before I have to pack them away agein.
It appears that LVMH is stomping on all the decant sites and stopping them from selling Guerlain, so look for more bargains in that space.STC is offering Jicky at a mere $30 for 1 ml at that sale price. Add in shipping, and I'm afraid I can't kid myself that that's a bargain. I paid $40 for a two-thirds full bottle of 100 year old Jicky, in box.
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