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[[SPOILER]] 38. The MiniaturistThe Miniaturist by Jessie BurtonMy rating: 3 of 5 starsThe Miniaturist is set in Reformation-era Amsterdam, a city dominated by the East India Company and by oppressive religion. It tells the story of Nella, a teenager who comes from the country to marry Johannes, a wealthy merchant. The household she moves into is dominated by her flinty sister-in-law Marin.Johannes gives his bride an unusual present: a scale model of the house so that she...
I can agree with these sentiments but the paradox is that that approach will nearly always end up buying from wealthy Western nations instead of from under-developed economies. When they lose business, well you know what happens to their workers then.
Another eBay find.
Ore today. I'm home sick, and this is the olfactory equivalent of comfort food.
Speaking as an op shop hound, functioning cuff buttons are a blight on my existence. I would go so far as to say they are unsporting and inconsiderate. Depriving charities of sales; how uncool!
[[SPOILER]] 37. The Eye of the SheepThe Eye of the Sheep by Sofie LagunaMy rating: 4 of 5 starsIt's no surprise that, at a time when domestic violence is becoming a prominent social and political issue here, a novel set in a Melbourne household dominated by an abusive father wins the Miles Franklin Award. The Eye of the Sheep has a lot more going for it than mere topicality; it's a profoundly original and affecting book.The story unfolds as observed by Jimmy Flick, a...
I'd probably start with a pair of conservative black shoes, which will alternate nicely with the dark brown captoes.If you're unhappy with the charcoal suit, I'd probably go for another charcoal suit that you like better. Charcoal is a staple, and I'd always want a good charcoal suit.Not keen on windowpane shirts in your professional setting; I reckon pale blue, white and maybe ecru, pale pink and pale lavender as nice options. I think 4-5 shirts is a bit to few for a good...
I will probably end up reading out of curiosity, but I'm not in any hurry. I can't forget that this was a rejected manuscript. Not only that, Lee's rewrite of it was also rejected before she came up with her masterpiece. Just think, if Go Set A Watchman had been published in the first place, we may never have seen Mockingbird. If nothing else, this book tells us the value of good, strong editing.In comparing the two books, it needs to be borne in mind which was first....
Today I am smelling Robitussin. It would be a waste of time to put any perfume on.
There's a cluster of outdoor wear shops in Little Bourke St, between Elizabeth and Queen St, and along Hardware Lane. If you can't find what you need there, you can head over to Emporium and check out Uniqlo, Broorks Brothers etc. While in Hardware Lane, you could always drop into Oscar Hunt and get them to make you one.
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