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Friday I wore Eloge du Traitre. I seem to have gone off ELdO lately, not wearing them nearly as much as i used to. This one comes across a bit odd to me: pine and cloves. I'm not sure that it works, and it's just OK on me.
Getting away from niche offerings, my cheap-and-cheerful summer recommendations: Monsieur Balmain Guerlain Cologne du 68 Eau de Rochas YSL Pour Homme Today I'm wearing Gaultier 2 (or Gaultier squared, whatever). Very odd bottle design. Do you empty one half and then go to work on the other, or work through the two halves at the same rate? My left brained thinking demands an answer. Oh, by the way, it's nice.
Buying a pony, are you?
Today I am a global citizen, living in Melbourne and wearing London.
There's a couple of sequels to that one, isn't there? Like you, I need to read more of her. Last I read was The Heart Goes Last, when it came out in instalments. I still don't know if I've read the whole thing.
Nice M-C. The two Guccis are good scores - Envy in particular.
Losing 17kg is a big effort - well done. My bet is you've probably gone down two sizes, which is getting into the danger zone in respect to what an alterations tailor can do for you. Korderas is a good option, and maybe Carbone, but the first thing I would do is ask them their frank opinion of whether the extent of the alterations is too much, and be guided by what they say.
Looking forward to your vintage finds M-C. Today was a coldish day as the weather turns southerly. The indian summer is proving resilient, with tops in the high teens and low 20s well into May, but winter is a-coming in. I find I'm reaching for ambers now; today's was HdP Ambre 114.
Habit Rouge EDT. Vintage, from the late 90s. Another courtesy of M-C. Just think, when Guerlain bottled this, everyone was dancing to Macarena.
[[SPOILER]] 20. PedigreePedigree: A Memoir by Patrick ModianoMy rating: 3 of 5 starsPatrick Modiano's brief memoir is more a rat-a-tat collection of brief memories rather than the detailed life story of a famous novelist. The book reveals the very hard childhood that Modiano endured, despatched to various institutions by a father who clearly did not want him around and a mother who was too unreliable to look after him. The prose is written in a staccato style where Modiano...
New Posts  All Forums: