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Slumberhouse Baque. My wife hates this, and I’m not a fan either.
The next time I use up 10 of my $20 umbrellas, I’m sure I will regret not having bought a used Fox.
L’Etrog Acqua today. The lemon notes in this persist for a very long time indeed. Depending on whether you like them, this would be a love it or hate it proposition. I incline to the former.
55. The Devotion of Suspect X Japanese thriller that is not so much a whodunit as a will-they-get-away-with-it?. It’s an intriguing setup, where a shy mathematician decides to help his neighbours cover up a crime. The cops happen to enlist the services of a physicist who is a former colleague of the mathematician. A tripartite dance of logic and deduction ensues. For most of its length. I though this book was pretty ordinary, but then Higashino pulls off a plot twist that...
The problem here is thst Australia Post doesn't offer International tracking unlees you go Express or Courier, which is hugely expensive. I can't offer.my buyers services that don't exist and they need to acknowledge that. I explain it very clearly in my ads and ask them to contact me for a quote if they want it. I can't do more.
This annoys me. I have only ever had three neutrals, and it was always form people who did not even try to resolve the issues, one of whom was totally unreasonable. She gave me a neutral after I gave her a full refund and ate the shipping on a lost item, because I didn’t use tracking. She gave me the wrong address, and didn’t pay for tracking. Superman could not have done more for her. I guess eBay is always going to have a quota of people with totally unrealistic...
I ended up wearing Carnal Flower for my anniversary outing. Great scent, love it, but it gives me a headache, for sure. My wife finds it too strong as well. So I guess I won’t be going FB on that one.Today I wore (takes deep breath) CB I Hate Perfume Where We Are There Is No Here. This is mostly an ISO-E and synthetic musk concoction. I know people who like this one, but I wouldn’t count myself in that camp.
Racine today. I was really enjoying this until I washed the dishes, and now I can smell nothing but detergent. Oh well. Today is my anniversary and I need to pick something special for this evening. We are going to a flash French restaurant, so I am thinking something French, niche, suitable for evening wear in spring/summer weather.
That would be a change of pace for Nick.
Evocative Olibanum today. This is produced by an Adelaide-based friend of mine. This is a smoky incense fragrance, but not heavy ilke Avignon. It starts with a sharp, green opening like pine, and the dry down is a softish incense with just a bit of iris. Lasts well. Mark’s prices are very reasonable for the quality; worth checking...
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