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I also wore a brown jacket today, although I actually am an old man. Still, I submit that this Canali would not look too fusty on the tyros. ($10 at Salvos).
Arabian Wood. Or wouldn’t, in my case. The opening of this was a lot more civilised than that of Tobacco Oud, but I can’t say that there was anything particularly arresting about this for me. Throughout the day I don’t recall a single occasion when it intruded into the foreground and caught my attention. It lasts pretty well, but it’s not doing much while it lasts. I really thought that I would like this one more than I do.
Tomas Transtromer.+1 on Philip Larkin and Les MurrayBeowulf - Heaney’s version is excellent.
Well, when you consider the average paperback price is about $32, $43 is not so much nowadays. I don’t spend that kind of money either, unless it is on very high-quality stuff that e-books can’t do justice to, and I can’t get through the library. This might be one such book.
Well today was Tobacco Oud. This opened with a quite acrid and pungent tobacco leaf smell; not something I’m a huge fan of, but it doesn’t stay long. Within an hour the loud has come through, a very good one. It’s not the band-aid smell you sometimes get, but more the rich woody aspect. I think that that happens because it’s leavened by the booze. This is a nice composition overall, fine for the office once the tobacco quietness down. I would have liked it to last longer,...
Russian Tea again today. The cold weather is here (at least by our standards) and I am now hankering for leather, booze, amber, spice, gourmands etc. I’m about to start a Tom Ford binge, thanks to master-classter.
Book Depository has it for $43 shipped. They are ultra-reliable in my experience
Chaps, I have some Tom Ford samples that I don’t need. If anyone’s keen, PM me. There are 1ml samples each of: Tobacco Vanille Tuscan Leather Oud Wood Noir de Noir Cafe Rose Amber Absolute. Prefer not to split.
Attica would be among the priciest and it’s degustation menu is about $200 with matched wines, but that’s only 5 courses, not 8. Menu choices look wrong too - too mundane for them.Vue de Monde has relocated, and I don’t think the “heritage, stone walls” description fits them. Maybe Bistro Vue, at their old site. State of Grace is in a heritage-listed building, but hardly the #1 degustation menu in Melbourne.
Sounds great Matt.
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