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Today I'm wearing Frapin 1697. It's a warm boozy scent, like you'd expect from a cognac house.
Some people are just never satisfied.Op shop for a quick scarf while you wait for HC to deliver.
I use an Aeropress occasionally. It is fiddly, but my biggest whinge is that you can’t create a crema with it. A long black just looks wrong without a creme.
The point is, learn from your mistake. Buy cheap umbrellas; even the best ones will get damaged or lost eventually.
OR you could buy a new umbrella.
Today is somethig a bit different: Moschino Couture. This is a femme scent that I found in a flea market. It's discontinued and has pretty high ratings on Fragrantica and BN, so I originally bought it to flip. Looking at the notes, I decided to give it a spin myself first. It's a mild peppery citrus scent, probably in an EdC style, and certainly not girly. It sticks close to the skin; we'll see on longevity. I think I'll still try and flog it, but I won't be disappointed...
Today I'm wearing Jaipur Pour Homme, being reminded by M-C above. I believe this one got reformualted; mine is the recent version. Melbourne has truly hit winter now, and this is the sort of thing I like to wear in this season - a warm scent, mild enough for the office, with just a little bit of spice in the mix. It is not my favourite, but it will get workout over the next few months I'm sure.
It is indeed “a thing” here; it’s considered one of the great Australian films. In a way, Matt has nailed it; Peter Weir’s direction lent an aura of unreality and mystery that you just cannot capture on the printed page. Joan Lindsay’s novel is also considered a classic, but it just does not have that same ethereal moodiness. Mind you, Matt is being a little unfair; the novel is set in 1900, when Macedon really was “the bush”. Still, we can’t expect too much from a...
Agree with M-C's post above. This is what we do in the book thread, and I think it would help others here learn from you more experienced guys. al-Rehab Saat Safa today. This is a cheapie that I found in an op shop, so it was no skin off my nose if it's no good. So far it's a medicinal oudh, with very little to show by way of the rose that's supposed to be there. I'm thinking that rose/oudh scents are just right for the cold snap we are in right now. (Yes, I know...
32. The Orphan Master’s Son The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson My rating: 4 of 5 stars I cannot recall having read any other novel about contemporary North Korea, and this one both captures the reality of life in a repressive dictatorship whilst also humanising the character of the dictator. Johnson avoids the temptation to portray Kim Jong Il as a monster; his Dear Leader is all the more threatening and chilling for the thin veneer of calculated benevolence that...
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