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I’m actually in the middle of doing it right now to get some stubborn spots (ink?) out of a white Brioni shirt. Looks like it might work, too.
This is a repeat of a post made here years ago by Vman. I’ve used it repeatedly using Napisan, to remove old stains from op shop shirts, freshen up old looking shirts, etc. It works.
Governments too. Politicians love a good laptops-for-schools project, even if they have no idea what they will be used for, how they will remain charged for the whole day, how the teachers will monitor use, etc.
I guess people continue to majorly miss the point. I’m not seeking solutions, I am saying that ties don’t need to be shipped in a box. I was just later responding to somebody who claimed there was no difference in price, that’s all.Spoo seems to be saying that he’s shipped thousands of ties without using a box, so I am pleased to hear that I am not taking undue risks.
I’m not arguing, I’m just trying to get people to understand that their ideas about postage services are not universally true. My original point was that ties don’t need to be shipped in a box, that’s all.
If you live in the USA ...
Sorry, I don’t know what a PMFRE is, so I’m not clear what you’re saying.
The box is not free and shipping in a box is more expensive than in a pre-paid satchel. Because you are comparing US and Australian postage regimes, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. My point was that sending ties in a box is not mandatory; they are not the kind of item that demands that level of protection, IMO.
I roll ties up, wrap in tissue, wrap in bubble wrap and ship in a padded bag. I truly can’t imagine why boxing them would be that much better, given the additional cost to the buyer.
It certainly changed my views about the value of the internet as a research tool, and highlighted a lot of negative impacts. I’m already a curmudgeon on a lot of technology; I despise smartphones and in no way do I think Steve Jobs made a net positive contribution to society, when you consider the impact of all the misery, insularity and rudeness that his devices have spawned.That said, I can’t say that I’ve changed my online habits that much; I’m just more aware of what I...
New Posts  All Forums: