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On a cheerier note, my Christmas present to myself, snagged at an online Boxing Day sale. Rose gold case, ceramic face and two leather straps, one navy and one dark brown.
SL Fleurs d'Oranger today, as we tick back up into very hot weather. Like all SL, this one has great projection and longevity. It's one of the best orange blossom scents that I have, I think.
These have lasted 3 or 4 years at most - I can't actually find the original email relating to the purchase. Ironically, I just cleaned them and got them back to looking like new, and then look what happens. I have a pair of cheap Converse, but they bleed red dye all over my socks and pants, so I tend to avoid wearing them like the plague. I am now sneakerless just as I hit peak sneaker-wearing weather.
Guys how long would you expect a pair of suede Common Projects sneakers to last? I just noticed a 2 cm rip in the side of mine, about where the ball of my foot is.
Are you buying it to look stylish or to keep you dry?
Hugh Parsons Hyde Park today, again for the cricket. Another slow day, but at least we won, which is something.
Been published again ...
Green Irish Tweed today, for a day at the cricket. Pretty humdrum day, froze my arse off watching some very ordinary goings-on.
It must be at least a year since I bought a watch, and I was bored, so when temptation got emailed today, I bit.
Any Kindle readers? Kindle store right now has one of the best Australian books of 2015, The Eye of the Sheep, on sale for $1.45 ($2.02 in the AU store).
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