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Good idea! Hard cases would probably suit for shipping some other fragile items too.
Somehow I expected more from photos of chicks in their PJs.
No, no, I swear that Mauvais Garcon is sweet and mildly spicy.
I don’t like it. I don’t like immortelle. When I wear it, I smell like the faun is dreaming of a curry.Today I have Mauvais Garcon on. Not real a bad boy fragrance; sweet to open with and some mild spice. Ok, but nothing more.
Maybe a bit, but my issue was that my feet actually got smaller. Puffiness due to diabetes went away over about a year, causing me to go down a half size. The advice given to diabetics is not to wear loose shoes.
Yes, but my loafers are now too loose, so I stopped wearing them.
Because God sold all he had and gave it to the poor?
Black Afgano today. I’m not game to wear this to work, so now is a good time.
Similar for me too. I went down a half-size a couple of years ago, and my podiatrist’s advice is to not wear loose shoes at all, so I wear loafers less and less these days.
My new one is the 13” retina, 2.8GHz, 8GB RAM 500GB flash drive. About $AU2100. Like you, I chose to go with an external drive, but I chose a 2TB portable drive and partitioned it.
New Posts  All Forums: