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Ongoing. I have a room full of such stuff. I have gone a little quiet now due to pressures of work, but will pick it up again soon. PM me your size(s) if you’re after something.Apologies for shilling Back to frags.
[[SPOILER]] 31. HausfrauHausfrau by Jill Alexander EssbaumMy rating: 3 of 5 starsHausfrau is the story of Anna, an expatriate American married to a Swiss banker and living in a Zurich suburb. Anna, who has always tended towards melancholy, is lonely and feels isolated by the stiff and diffident manners of her husband and the people around her, a feeling that is exacerbated by her inability to speak the local dialect.Anna sublimates her loneliness in a series of adulterous...
Whenever someone says that, I ask them would they buy a second-hand car? Or antique furniture? Or borrow a library book? Or use a public toilet?Fact is, the second you’ve worn something once, you are wearing used clothing every single day of your life. For the vast majority of stuff, it’s nothing that a good wash won’t fix. The rest, you leave in the shop. I’ve been wearing op shop clothing for years now, and am yet to catch anything communicable.
Been away for a long weekend to celebrate the birthday of the Queen of Australia, even though it isn’t her birthday. (Don’t ask). I took my cant of Original Santal with me and wore it the last couple of days. Saturday I wore New Haarlem. Both of these are ideal cold weather scents, and hit the spot nicely.
Dior Homme Intense today. At least I think I was wearing it; can’t say I noticed. Maybe the molecules froze on application.
Helps if I read tiny widdle books wif big writing.
Some of the stuff I find, you’d swear somebody had been there, done that.
[[SPOILER]] 30. Old GoldOld Gold by Jay StringerMy rating: 3 of 5 starsOld Gold is the first of a series of thrillers sent in the Midlands near Birmingham. Eoin Miller is a part-Gypsy ex-cop who now works for a local drug lord Gav Mann, tracking down people and handing them over to Mann for punishment.After one such transaction, Miller picks up a girl in a bar and takes her home. In the morning, he finds her dead in his bed. His Gypsy instincts kick in, and he chooses to...
That’s an interesting idea. I don’t go in for layering. It would be interesting to try it with some of my samples, but I have very little idea of how to approach it.Today I wore Tabac Rouge. I guess the question with this one is whether anybody needs both this and TV in their collection. I’d argue yes, there is room for both. The Phaedon goes on honey-sweet from the outset and pretty much stays that way. Very good longevity and projection makes it a good office scent for...
Not sure about this. The example they gave of a guy having alterations done after losing 13kgs - that seems like a bit too much to handle through alterations. If they’re not willing to give him good advice, might be best avoided.Mind you, if Sam wants to come around to my place, I won’t complain.
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