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19. Darkness on the Edge of Town Darkness on the Edge of Town by Jessie Cole My rating: 2 of 5 stars Darkness on the Edge of Town is a pretty good effort for a first novel, but it's little more than that. Cole's central character Vinnie is a 40 year old living in the hills above a small town. One night, Vinnie encounters Rachel, a young woman after an accident in which her baby has died. Vinnie's protective instincts kick in, which leads him into a host of trouble with...
L’Ete en Douce
Voyage d'Hermes Parfum today
Klewless, Simsion is currently working on a sequel to Rosie.Also, the novel actually started as a screenplay, for which he won an award. He couldn't get the film made, so he turned it into a novel. So there's reasons for believing that the film version might be pretty good. I think for this one, the casting will probably make or break it.
Vintage Egoiste today.
I think he looks like Michael Kroger, actually.
Vintage M7. I'm a little disappointed by this; I was hoping for a bit more of a kick. It seems a little close to my skin. Perhaps I need to spray it a bit more.
I have two tuxes at home. I'll check.
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