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That photo of Tom Riley reminds me that I find having his dog running around their rooms majorly off-putting. I am not a dog person at all, just personally, and I cannot think of a single other menswear shop that inflicts a dog on the customers. Tom may love it to bits, but he is at work, not at home.
That would work if they played one another at netball.
[[SPOILER]] 60. The Blazing WorldThe Blazing World by Siri HustvedtMy rating: 3 of 5 starsAs I started this book I was gearing myself up to hate it; it really did not seem to appeal initially, a novel set in the New York art world about a feminist contemporary artist. I have to acknowledge, though, that Siri Hustvedt's story got me in.The book is about Harriet Burden a middle-aged woman sick of being sidelinedand ignored by a patriarchal art world. Her art has been...
Patchouli Imperial. I don't know about patchouli, other than that my wife hates it, but this one is not as hippieish and earthy as some others.
The most recent film I saw was The Martian. I liked it a lot, but I'm worried about Matt Damon; is he starting to become typecast as "bloke left behind in outer space"?
Bit the bullet and bought a pair of MJ Bale chinos - the Douglas in tobacco. I was quite surprised to find that I was a 36 in these; I expected they'd be slimmer fit. No discount or anything, but the Brooks and Lewins I tried were ill-fitting. The TMLs were close; I might give them another look.
Nasomatto Silver Musk today. This is pretty linear; a fresh, sweetish musk scent that's good for the warmer weather we're getting. For an extrait though, it is pretty surprising how average this is in terms of sillage and longevity.
Orange Sanguine today. This is another competent cologne from Atelier's large range. It's not going to blow anyone away, but it has a nice orangey opening and lasts better than most colognes.
Yerbamate today; I haven't worn this one for a long time. I can't recall my original reaction, but I'm liking it quite a lot. Unlike the Malle the mint note sticks around for hours, a plus for me. BTW, saw Luca Turin's book in a remainder shop today, so I grabbed it of course. He hates it: "air freshener ... perfumery equivalent of a ringing in your ears".
I hadn't noticed you hit 50 GF, because I didn't open your spoiler. Congrats!
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