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So that’s what the “B” stands for.
Jason that does look like there’s a fair bit of excess material around the shoulders and back. That could be an expensive alteration and if it’s too wide in the shoulders I would pass. The first thing I do when I try on a coat is poke the shoulder seam to feel where it is sitting. Anything more than about half an inch around from the point of the shoulder is too much for me.Jacket length and sleeve length look OK, but these photos suggest that you should maybe go down a...
Just as a follow-up to my question about low-ball offers, another thing that put me off dealing with this person was that his/her feedback was set to private. I haven’t come across that much, and I was instantly suspicious as to why they would be doing that. What is the point of the whole feedback system if people can choose to hide it? (Not to mention that only one side of a transaction can receive negative feedback).
My two highlights of 2014 were probably Amouage Journey Man and Arquiste The Architects Club. L’Etrog Acqua is pretty nice too, but I think it’s limited to use on hot days; Architects Club is a better all-rounder.
Thanks for the tips. The offer’s expired now anyway, but I’ll keep this in mind in future.
Got my 100ml bottle of RJ for $40 shipped, so I’m pretty happy with that. Today is Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport. I found a partial bottle of this at a flea market so I sprayed it all over myself after I rode home. It’s a pretty nice citrus; I’m surprised I haven’t tried this before.
Amouage Gold Man. Sadly, Australian law prevents me sending it overseas.
What do you do with a Make Offer bid that is plainly risible? I am selling a new and unopened niche perfume worth $387 for $250, and have just received an offer of $80. After I recovered from my laughing fit, I was inclined to just ignore them, but should I formally refuse it via eBy?
Richard James Savile Row today. I was lucky enough to find a FB of this one, which is pretty rare these days. It’s a fougere which they’ve thrown a kitchen sink worth of notes at, yet it remains pretty discreet and elegant throughout. It does seem to have faded on me a bit after just 7 hours, and I’d prefer better longevity than that.
Ormonde Man today, from a new decant. This one is a stunner. Juniper berries, followed by pepper, citrus, cedar and oud. Really enjoying it so far.
New Posts  All Forums: