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Well, he never claimed it was perfect. He only gave it 9/10.
[[SPOILER]] 16. Being MortalBeing Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End by Atul GawandeMy rating: 4 of 5 starsFor those of us with elderly relatives Being Mortal can make for a bit of a sobering read at times.Atul Gawande’s thesis in this book is that Western medicine, when treating the terminally ill, works only to extend life and address symptoms, rather than consider the quality of life. Yet this is a fruitless pursuit, because mortality is the one medical...
I’m not, I’m Youngian.
Caravelle Epicee. Sort of sweet and sort of spicy; I think it lacks longevity and the sort of personality that might set it apart from countless others in this genre.
Why do I get the feeling that this thread has just turned into an oroboros?
Today I’m wearing vintage Monsieur Lanvin. Unfortunately I smell more of Vanish, because today has been wash day.
Arquiste Aleksandr today. This is a pretty mild leather, with a strange aquatic/neroli opening. I don’t like its opening much, but it disappears on me pretty fast and turns into a solid, if unspectacular, leather concoction. I think Arquiste have done better than this one.
Are you hearing reformulation rumours about the FM line? Any others you believe are in the gun?
Helmut Lang EdC
Guys, what would you say is a reasonable time for a buyer to wait before opening an Item Not Received case? I have a situation where I mailed something to the UK via Registered Post on the 4th of March. Australia Post guidelines are 3-10 business days. That period was up on Thursday 19th March. On Saturday the 21st of March, an INR case was opened against, without even a prior message from the buyer to let me know he had a problem. In other words, I got given just one...
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