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Thought you’d like it.
I usually get given books or chocolate/biscuits/alcohol. I prefer books, because there rest is not ideal for a diabetic. I’m reading The Siege at the moment, as well as the Amazon Book of the Year, Everything I Never Told You. On my wish list would be:The Bush, Don WatsonThe Paying Guests, Sarah WatersReykjavik Nights, Arnaldur IndridasonAnother Time, Another Life, Leif PerssonThe Lives of Others, Neil MukerjeeThe incorrigible Optimist’s Club, Jean-Michel GuenassiaPlenty...
53. Euphoria Euphoria by Lily King My rating: 4 of 5 stars The Euphoria in this book's title refers to the thrill an anthropoligist feels after being immersed in a foreign culture for a while, when you start to feel that you understand it - often mistakenly. In this book, that delusion is also applicable at a more personal level. Lily King's novel, loosely based on Margaret Mead, is about three anthopologists who meet up in New Guinea. Nell Stone and Schuyler Fenwick...
Not been buying clothes much as I’ve been splashing out on fragrances. Apart from getting on board the AA bandwagon, here’s a list of some of the stuff I got lately. Histoires de Parfums 1725, 1740 and Ambre 114 Creed Tabarome Nicolai Sologne Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling and Sartorial Atelier Grand Neroli Prada Amber Slumberhouse Zahd and sample set Knize Ten Gold Edition Hermes Rocabar Cartier Essence d’Orange Arquiste box set CB Where We Are There Is No Here L’Artisan Fou...
And a wallet.
Penhaligon’s Elixir.
Did anyone get onto the StrawberryNet Jubilation XXV special? $138 for 100ml, minus 10% discount. Went fast, as you’d expect.Yesterday I was sampling Dali Pour Homme. Today I broke out another blind buy - MPeG Centaure. I like the opening of this, but I don’’t seem to get the mint and blackcurrant. Disappeared after 4 hours or so. Pretty nice though; I’m happy with it.
Guys I have got some nice shirts in an unusual size. Two shirts in size 14.5. I've attached photos. The first is a Seize sur Vingt business shirt in a deep blue, maybe French or Cobalt blue. Real colour is a bit darker than the photo. The second is a Michael Bastian green plaid sports shirt. PM me if interested.
1740 today. Sort of appropriate to wear Marquis de Sade to a JPG exhibition - lots of bondage-inspired costumes on display.
CB I Hate Perfume Where We Are There Is No Here. I think the scent lasted less time than it took to type its name.
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