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[[SPOILER]] 24. The Bricks That Built the HousesThe Bricks That Built the Houses by Kate TempestMy rating: 4 of 5 starsAward-winning rapper, award-winning poet, collaborator with the Royal Shakespeare Company, all before turning 30. Whatever Kate Tempest produced by way of a first novel, it was bound to attract attention.Derived in part from songs on her album Everybody Down, The Bricks That Built The Houses is a rattling yarn centred on Harry, a petite gay drug-dealer,...
Vintage Macassar today. This lasted very well, at least 11 hours. I don't know that I experienced it as a huge leather, and the drydown has more of piney scent with maybe some powdery musk.
Aunty Jane's wooden brolly. (Actually my wife's great-great-aunt, who was born in the19th century). Made in Britain maybe up to 100 years ago, restored by a Chilean artisan called Alicia Mora. Alicia is the only person still making umbrellas in Australia. The top pictures are the brolly as we found it when cleaning out our Nyah house. The bottom row shows Alicia's restoration.
Cheap way to get an Equus belt, despite the $A. Went to their clearance page and bought a replacement leather strap in my size, black Sedgwick leather, 1.25", using the SF discount code. Took it down to the belt guy at the Camberwell market and got him to fit a nickel buckle. $80 the lot.
Today I'm wearing vintage Van Cleef and Arpels pour homme. At least I think that's what it is; it doesn't have "pour homme" on the bottle. It's a (big) splash bottle, so I had to go for just a few dabs for my first wear. It's a quite lovely floral leather and right now(after 5 hours) it's more like floral musk.
Got Tobacco Oud on today. Another acquisition from M-C. This has monster longevity, at least 12 hours. Perfect choice for a strange day today where it was warm, cold, sunny, gloomy, rainy, windy and haily.
Sure. I'm in Melbourne so I'd need to mail it to you in Sydney.
You're in Australia aren't you? If you are, I'm happy to send you a decant. I won't live long enough to use up all the fragrances I own.
Got out the Richard James Savile Row today. This is one of the best office scents that I own, I reckon. The bottle is plug-ugly, but I can live with that. I just won an eBay auction for a FB of Beautiful Mind. I was a bit dismayed to find them somebody had just given him feedback that a similar product he sold was a fake. Product is in Russia, so doubly concerning. I'm surprised to learn that Escentual Molecules frags are being faked; seems unlikely. Has anybody heard of...
Thanks. In store as well, or just online?
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