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BTW, tried Malle’s new Eau Magnolia. Not too bad on the card, but they wouldn’t give me a sample, and I had so much else on I thought I’d put it off for another time.
SOTE is Interlude. And Reflection. And Fate. And Journey. Yes, i went to an Amouage function. The Australian launch of Journey, as part of Fashion Week. With a few other people we went through the entire line. Ended up going FB on Journey. Pricey, but they threw in decants of Reflection and Idole EDP, a well as a bottle of Amouage room fragrance, which made the damage easier to wear.
Thanks - I think.Lots of women of the feminine persuasion liked the tie. Some of them may even be straight. Good challenge, well done.
Here is my attempt at a loud tie outfit. I’m a bit reluctant to post it in the free-for-all of WAYWRN, but I know that this thread is a haven of sensible people who would never stoop to crack jokes or criticise other members.
Un Rose de Kandahar today. When I got home last night, my wife arced up again about PoaL. She says that she can't stand it and it reminds her of deodorant soap. So no full bottle, I guess.
Mine don't. They glare at me sulkily demanding to know when they are scheduled to be read. The ones that I have started but put aside pout at me and snidely ask if they have done anything to upset me. The unread professional books on my desk look at me with supercilious condescension each night when I walk past and nod to each other saying "told you he wasn't up to it".Any BS like that from my eBooks and, whoosh, Remove From Device.
Actually my decant is the one I got from you. Any idea whether it is the current formulation?
Portrait of a Lady today. I'm trying this again to see if I should go for a full (very expensive) bottle. My wife hated it the second she smelt it, which reduces the attractions of a FB a bit.
We need a thread FAQ with L’Inc’s answer to this question; he seems to get asked it every second week.Got an invite to the Amouage Journey launch here on Thursday. Anybody tried this yet? Thoughts?
Thereby depriving the poor and under-privileged of $15. Mrs GF does not understand your spirit of generosity.
New Posts  All Forums: