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Old stock and the dollar’s decline, probably.
Champaca Absolute. I wore this on a Sunday so that nobody would notice that I had it on. It starts out like lolly-water, an instant ugh, but the florals drown that out pretty quickly. It’s still too sweet for my taste, though. Not a scent that we sun-bronzed Aussie blokes would wear (try to imagine Mad Max sporting it). No wonder it’s hard to find here.
Depends what you’re after, but good sources areStrawberrynet (full bottles, designer and niche, occasional deep discounts)Essenza Nobile (full bottles, great niche range, good prices compared to here, free samples with every order, which you pick)Lucky Scent (samples and full bottles, lots of hard-to-get stuff)FragranceX (full bottles, regular discounts)FragranceNet (full bottles, people like them, I hate them)Surrender to Chance (samples, huge range)Feelingsexy (good...
@Foxhound, here’s a couple of pics of me in my Tellason. Hopefully I don’t look too ridiculous.
I thought about it, but I take shit selfies. I’ll give it a shot.
Today I’m trialling Jasmin Rouge. Hmm. I’m not certain about jasmine; I can’t think of a jasmine scent that I’d consider unisex, let alone masculine. I think this is bit more more girly than I like, although I don’t mind it as a scent.
Cafe Rose today. Fantastic stuff. End of report.
I liked How To Be Good. Very different for Hornby at the time. I also thought Fever Pitch was pretty good as a piece of sports writing, almost.
Thanks to Foxy for calling out the Tellason “lucky dip” sale a while ago. My parcel arrived this week - a sand-coloured bomber jacket. For a blind buy, it’s a perfect fit, shoulders, sleeve and chest are all spot-on. I wore it to work today, and a SA in Henry Bucks asked me where I got it.
I remember reading that one when it first came out, and liking it. It’s about the last Hornby book I read. Nothing of his has interested me since.
New Posts  All Forums: