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Not clothing, but this is super-exciting for a collector like me. I found it in a flea market this morning. I'm getting it verified by an expert, but I think this is 19th Century. Jicky has been around since 1889, and this looks a heck of a lot like the original bottle. The juice still smells good too.
I agree.
Well I can only recommend ones I've tried, but I reckon Antaeus is an excellent fragrance for the cooler weather. I'd wear it to work without hesitation. I like the VC&A too. Yatagan I find too animalic and rough; haven't tried the others.Most of the online sites doing splits are the genuine article; what makes you think you've bought a fake somewhere?And as for you guys quavering over whether 1 or 2 sprays is too much, well you might as well save your money and buy a...
Lonestar Memories. Great outdoorsy scent, this one. Now that football season is on, I'm on the hunt for the perfect football frag. I'm thinking leather (of course), green for the MCG grass, and maybe some kind of sweaty note. LM went close, but maybe a bit too outback and BBQ in feel for the Members' Stand.
Not advocating green and gold, but black, yellow and red.The kiwis royally screwed up their approach to their flag change (maybe intentionally?). The first step should surely have been a plebiscite on whether people wanted to change it. Only then would you look at spending $20 million on choosing a new design. People got pissed off at the waste and voted it down even if they are not enamoured of the current design. Much like republicans here voted against republicanism,...
Trouble is, everybody else has that as well. I've always thought the colours of the Aboriginal flag capture this country very well, and we should have something based on that.
Sounds like the Block Arcade. Mens Biz is the shaving shop, and Evans is the shoe repair place.
I read that and thought it was bollocks. When I look at all the fragrances I have, wearing just one all the time would be a boring waste. Just as we wouldn't wear the same outfit to work every day, I reckon we should think about wearing different fragrances to round off our outfit and mood.
Tuscan Leather today. We are hitting cooler weather and I had an undershirt on. Undershirt smells fantastic.
Citrus scents tend to be for the warmer weather, and often don't last long. Like you, I like a good citrus. For the colder weather, I look for some combination of citrus and spice, amber, honey etc. L'Artisan's Sevile a l'Aube work well for me, amongst a few others.
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