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That would be Hanif Kureishi
Jo Malone 154 Cologne today. This is ore a spicy cologne than a fresh citrusy scent. Worked quite well on a sunny autumn day.
Hi folks. The label on these linen pants has been clipped, so I have no real idea what this is. The writing on the reverse suggests they were maybe MTO? Thank
SHILLING ALERT Small people who whinge about never finding cool stuff in op shops, desist and rejoice. I have found something to swell your shrivelled hearts and fill you with great joy. This measures to a size 38. The pants are about 34 with the side tabs undone, and can go smaller. It has flaws that can be concealed when wearing. If you can live with those, this is a beauty. PM me if you would like it.
Did that myself once. Zegna Su Misura tux for $15. Shortened the sleeves and pants for another $40. Sorted. Only worn once, but still there for emergencies.
How does this law affect digital purchases? We already pay enough of an Australia Tax on those - even Turnbull has critiqued that.
Vintage Fahrenheit today, from the Dior coffret a bought a while ago on eBay. I got a nice blast of nutmeg and woods on first spray, and found this very pleasant.
Onde Sensuelle. A pretty inoffensive office scent. Given the notes, I expected a bigger kick of spice.
I'm working my way through the discovery set. Liked cuir. Looking forward to the Musc.
I think he's running out of stock, although he has just offered up a couple on the Scent thread: Lavender Palm was one.
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