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I find their prices just downright scary.
Second this recommendation. We rent, and are not allowed to put hooks on the wall; we have these everywhere.
Mugler Cologne today. This is full-on soap, but a very refreshing one. Along with Monsieur Balmain and Eau de Rochas, I reckon this is one of the best-value summer scents around.
A new one! That's gone straight onto my wish list.
Today is Creed MI. I quite like this one for a sunny day; it's pretty unobtrusive but lasts well enough.
SOTD today was Etrog from Arquiste. This is a citrus/wood formulation, which is not bad for a spring day. The citrus dominates at the outset but it is more about the woods in the drydown, which hangs about quite well. Tonight was a really special occasion for me; my eldest boy turned 30. (Christ I feel old typing that). So for something really special, SOTE was Envy for Men.
Camilla's hat matches her dress quite well, but I think ithe brim is a bit large
Sorry, that's a complicated question that I really can't answer. The sizing is UK8.5E. Best I can do is the length and width measures that have been provided, which you can compare to a pair of your own.
*** To raise money for MOVEMBER I am selling a number of my best thrift store finds, with the aim of raising $1,000 for this great cause. The Movember Foundation seeks to raise funds to help fight majir men's health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and depression. Buyers will be asked to make a donation of the purchase price to my Movember page, and separately pay me for shipping, if required. Buyers from Melbourne are welcome to pick up. PLEASE NOTE....
Today is Malle L'eau d'Hiver. On me this is a powdery floral. Not my favourite Malle, but I don't regret the decant that I got of it.
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