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Unemployed, so I can wear what I like indoors. I won a couple of Costume National roll-ons in a prize draw last week. Today I am wearing Pop. (No Pete, not that PoP). It’s not as fruity as I feared, but I still don’t think it’s my kind of fragrance.
Today’s finds. Bespoke vintage SC from Joce & Co, Savile Row. Guess about a 40, with short sleeves. Shirts, Faconnable (16) & Valentino (16.5) Pretty much Mint Lanvin key holder Couple of pairs of cufflinks for me Double-sided belt in nice condition. Does anybody recognise the “B” logo on the buckle?
I just bought a pair of burgundy suede Converse sneakers at General Pants for $50. At that price, I couldn’t really pass. Don’t have to shop online to find bargains, as you say.
Funny, it’s a darn good match for the one on my Caruso suit, and doesn’t match my (older) Corneliani tag. Mine match those in the ID thread.
Didn’t wear anything today, but I wore Noir de Noir when I went out to a bar in the evening. I smelled good and the beer was good too.
I think that’s a Caruso tag, ins’t it?http://www.styleforum.net/t/24109/hof-labels-heels-and-nail-patterns-secrets-to-id-the-maker
I was in Chaddy, but I assume it’s the same with all.
Just been browsing at DJ's sale. They have Pantherella and Marcoliani socks marked down to about $10-$12, with the extra 25% off.
Few more things found over the last couple of days. Ralph Lauren Black Label wool/angora SC by Caruso, 44R (fits smaller) ETRO grey stripe wool/mohair suit, 52L Canali wool/cashmere SC, US46R On the art front, this is not worth anything, but it’s an original oil painting of a lake near where my wife grew up. (The pink colour is real, due to a chemical in the water). She was quite chuffed to see it on the wall when she got home. Major brownie points for me....
New Posts  All Forums: