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Whereas you prefer Osh Kosh B'gosh, I guess.
I broke the shoulder in a dog sled accident. Oddly, the basketball breakages did not involve contact. I broke a finger trying to slap the ball out of a guy's hand, and I broke my ribs jumping into a wall trying to block a shot. White line fever - as ernesto suggested, I was a pretty hard-nosed guard.
One finger will have arthritis, but I'm much more worried about my shoulder, which I broke in2012.
How could I forget I bought a new Macbook Pro? :
[[SPOILER]] 56. Ghost RiverGhost River by Tony BirchMy rating: 3 of 5 starsIn Ghost River, Tony Birch returns to his childhood stamping ground of Collingwood in the early '60s, around the time that the developers were moving in and changing his world irrevocably.Sonny and Ren are tearaway teenagers who like nothing better than heading down to the river for an illicit swim. There they encounter the river men, a group of elderly indigenous men fallen on hard times, who have...
Nothing greatly exciting for Black Friday. Some staples from Mens Biz, ridiculously cheap Blenheim Bouquet form StrawberryNet, and some Uniqlo shirts.
I hear you. I played A grade basketball ( one step below state league) and was forever rolling ankles and limping all week recovering for the next game. When I started breaking bits (finger and ribs) I gave it up. Closest I got to fame was playing alongside an Olympian. He could do things in his sleep that I never even contemplated; they truly are a class above we mortals.
Does anyone here have Kindle Unlimited membership? Is it worth it?
Will do. I usually keep up with the Quarterly Essay. Have you read Talking To My Country?
[[SPOILER]] 55. Hunger Makes Me a Modern GirlHunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie BrownsteinMy rating: 4 of 5 starsThis memoir by musician and actor Carrie Brownstein describes her childhood and musical career. Coming through the riot grrrl movement in the Washington capital Olympia, Brownstein co-founded Sleater-Kinney, one of the most successful bands to emerge from that movement, and one of the biggest indie bands in the world for a time.Brownstein takes us behind...
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