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You'd have to be a bit unlucky. This is all just Morrisonian hot air right now, with no legislation and far from universal support from the States. It's months from ever looking like a reality, if ever.
[[SPOILER]] I won't count this due to length, but I thought it worth reviewing one of the major publishing events of 2015. 0. Asterix and the Missing ScrollAsterix and the Missing Scroll by Jean-Yves FerriMy rating: 3 of 5 starsThe only real questions with this book are "is it a travesty" and "is it amusing". No to the first and yes to the second.Ferri and Conrad have now entrenched themselves as successors to Goscinny and Uderzo in chronicling the exploits of Asterix and...
What's it like? Would you wear it today?I had another find yesterday. I was rooting around one of those baskets they have with all the shampoo and soap mini-bottles from hotels and so on, and I unearthed two little bottles of Le Labo Bergamote 22 shower gel.
Yes, they are. A few years back, we concluded that even on dual professional incomes we couldn't afford a house in Melbourne that we'd want to live in, but that we could afford one that somebody else would live in, so we bought an investment property with money that we'd earmarked for a house.This time around we are buying a property we can retire into, hence Bendigo. Still, we are buying a 25 square house on 1/4 acre, 4 beds plus study plus 3 room home office, in a...
Did anybody get onto the 50% off Memoir Man at Strawberrynet today? Sold out in 40 minutes. Anyway, I wore Tumulte yesterday because the weather was quite cool and I felt like a bit of wood and spice. This one is what I want in a fragrance: it's a very pleasant scent, lasts well, doesn't inflict itself on my fellow-workers and the bottle design and packaging are great. Today, the sun is back so I have gone for Hugh Parsons Hyde Park. I've sampled a few of this range,...
Agree with all of that. I'd add that Bowie's latest, including the videos, had been getting pretty receptive reviews even before he died. As the last work of a major artist, done while he was dying, it is doubtless going to end up ranked as one of his most important works. A comparable example was Warren Zevon's last album, which won Grammys and is now rated as one of his best.
It's a nice place. Every time we visit we find something new we like. Looks like the racists there have been beaten down as well, which is a plus.
How do you submit?
I've tried on the Uniqlo jackets and find them way too short. They only come down to about my hips, and I'm not a tall man.On an unrelated note, I just bought a house in Bendigo. So I can look forward to the nightmare of contracts, loans and conveyancing for the next 3 months, as well as no buying clothes, shoes etc. After that, penury.
1725 today. I bought this blind at a sale because reviews I read compared it to IB and Sartoriale, two of my favourites. It is very good, although maybe not as long-lived as IB.
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