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I now include standard text in all my ads saying that shipping fees cover packaging, postage, tracking, signature on delivery and the fees that eBay now levies on shipping.Anybody asking you to rebate the difference is asking you to take a loss on shipping by eating the eBay fees.That said, if my actual cost turns out to be dramatically lower than I estimated (on one case it was less than half) I do rebate.
Mark Birley today. A slightly different take on cologne, with white flowers and a bit woody. I like it, but I’m wary of using it too often as I’ll probably never be able to buy a replacement.
DJs, Peony, Myer pretty much everywhere if you are OK with RRP. Libertine and I think Mens Biz online. I’m going to a warehouse sale tomorrow, if they have it on sale, shall I snag you a bottle?PS. Just the straight Colonia, or do you want Assoluta, Intenza etc?
You should layer it with Avignon, for that full altar boy experience.Thierry Muglier cologne today.
Here’s the repsonse I have now received from the member concerned:So I follow proper eBay policy to contact the buyer directly and try to resolve matters, and that is deplorable. Service he describes as “outstanding” is not a positive experience, even though he recommends me to others. What the hell are you supposed to do if “outstanding” and “buy with confidence” are not good enough to rate positive?This guy is going straight onto my block list. I suggest that anybody...
I’m having a bit of an issue with feedback, which I’m hoping someone can help me with.A buyer recently left me this feedback:.Very gratifying, except he classified this feedback as Neutral rather than Positive. So, despite all my best efforts, I now have a defect in my overall seller ratings that will persist for a very long time, for no reason.I messaged him thanking him for the endorsement, pointing out his mistake and asking if he’d meant it to be neutral. He hasn’t...
True. I hate vegemite too. Like spreading axle grease on your toast.Stinking hot today: Concentre d’Orange Verte.Did any of you guys manage to get onto the Slumberhouse 33% off sale? They sold out of everything except Norne and Jeke. I wanted to get some Jeke, but only found out about it after it finished.
You’re going to put me off both music and fragrances for life with that kind of imagery. Peanut butter and jelly is a uniquely American obsession that does not travel at all well. I can think of few things more disgusting, myself.
That’ll be my SOTE, because I’m going to a concert.Today it’s Philosykos. Doesn’t see to have the longevity that I expected from past use.
Sickening. Such a great guy, gone way too soon.
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