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I think I have a pair of 7 for all mankind flared jeans somewhere. What size are you?
Sam isn't in Docklands any more. He's moved to somewhere on William St now, I believe.
[[SPOILER]] 34. Fever of AnimalsFever of Animals by Miles AllinsonMy rating: 2 of 5 starsThe innate smart-arse in me wondered, as I read Fever of Animals, did a prize for best unpublished manuscript maybe mean a manuscript best left unpublished? By the time I finished the book, I'd almost concluded that was the case.A failed artist becomes obsessed with an obscure Romanian surrealist after his father's death. While he seeks to find out more of the Romanian painter, he also...
[[SPOILER]] 33. We Are All Completely Beside OurselvesWe Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy FowlerThis book starts off as a somewhat unremarkable account of Rosemary Cooke, a shy and put-open young college student. She talks about mundane stuff about her family and her life. About a quarter of the way through, Fowler executes a big twist that casts all that has gone before in a completely different light. Rosemary's background is so totally remarkable she...
Late to the party, but Azzaro stocks Gran Sasso knitwear.
[[SPOILER]] 32. Firing Line: Australia's Path to WarFiring Line: Australia's Path to War by James BrownMy rating: 3 of 5 starsWhile the title suggests some kind of historical subject, Brown's essay is more about the process by which Australia chooses to go to war and discussing what we should consider fighting for. In an era when our staunch ally is squaring off against our greatest trading partner militarily, what path should Australia choose?Brown's point is that...
Sums Wasp Factory up in one sentence.
Took some clients to see Juventus at Etihad in 2008. We had the table next to Mick Gatto, his mates and their mistresses. I told my clients to resist ogling any women, under any circumstances.
That would be McCloud's. They do stock Loake, also Barker, Church and Cheaney, amongst others.
Saw some savage reviews of that when it came out, so I passed. So much ignorant crap gets talked about debt in Australia that I can't stand reading more of it.
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