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You’re in the right city then.
Some of those sound really interesting. I’d love to see the Sharp and Mombassa close up, but I doubt their work would go in my dead-boring decor. My landlord bans us putting hooks in the wall, so we only have some limited few things up, little of it framed (due to the weight).
Mandarino di Amalfi today; this is the last of the samples I got from M-C. OK folks, explain. The notes to this don’t have mandarin! Its citrus is grapefruit and lemon. WTF? Anyway, I really liked the citrus in this but it simply didn’t go the distance. I suppose these types of fragrances are not meant to last that long. So the upshot of all this testing? I won’t list the ones I didn’t like but here’s the rest: Definitely Liked: Italian Cypress Plum...
On-water matters, don’t you know. Do not gaze on the navy.
Costa Azzura today. This one struggled to make itself known in the cold weather and I’ll have to give it another shot. Noir de Noir this evening, which is pure unadulterated bliss. A filthy black rose duking it out with some serious oud to decide which note is going to get noticed most.
What art do you have GF? We have just hung a couple of Janine Daddos and a Perceval LE print.
Geelong, Namibia. Easy to confuse.
Go for it. Great performances by Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill, and the best use of a Nick Cave song as theme tune that I could imagine.
[[SPOILER]] 25. Last Winter We PartedLast Winter We Parted by Fuminori NakamuraMy rating: 4 of 5 starsFor a relatively short novel, Last Winter We Parted certainly put me through a roller-coaster. It has an intriguing opening that sucks you in, but before long it was getting seriously weird and rather irritating. I even got to the point where even the fonts were annoying me; not a good sign.The book starts with a journalist interviewing a man on death row, with a view to...
The panels are why it was on sale I guess. Having that many pockets certainly did come in handy.For CdG fragrances, Mecca is the outlet here. All Mecca Cosmetica stores should have them.
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