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Maybe I shoudl snag a free sample of Vetiver Tonka and leave it at that.
Paprika Brasil today. I've been trying a few from the Hermessence line, and I really can't see why you would pay a premium price for these over something like Terre, Orange Verte, or Jardin Med.
Iris Ukiyoé today. Tried this on card on Friday and asked for a sample. TBH I think it was better on the card; seems a bit weak on skin. Has anybody heard of a line called Roads? These are starting to appear here lately, and I know nothing about them.
Opus III today; the sunny weather perfect for a yellow floral. Trialling a perfume called “In,”, from Miller et Bertaux. It has an unusual note in it; kumbaru, a Chilean fruit (I gather). A bit more woody than I am looking for; still leaning toward Geranium Pour Monsieur for spring.
I did indeed eat the fishes for lunch. Roast blue eye with harissa, sugo and juniper berries. Washed down with a French chardonnay and followed with a sinful lemon posset and a glass of lemon cello. Coffee and a nip of 1985 Benriach whisky to conclude.No need to complain about the food JM; all agreed it was first-class.
Yes, happy Fathers’ Day to all, fathers and sons. I’m heading out with the family to have lunch at a Fitzroy wine bar. I found out from a local a few days ago that it’s owned by the Mafia and was the scene of a shooting not so long ago. Should be interesting ...
Thanks, but what “original post” are you referring to?
Does anyone know who makes PRL sports coats? I thought it was Corneliani, but the tag on one I found today looks nothing like my Corneliani suit’s tag. I think it’s possibly a Caruso tag, but doesn’t seem quite right either.
Bigarade Concentree today. Should be called Littlerade Weakeree; it has bugger-all longevity and projection. I’ve been sniffing around FM counters lately and have come to the conclusion that if I bought one of theirs, it would probably be Geranium Pour Monsieur. Love that mint note. I got chatting with an SA today, and she said I should come work for them, as I knew so much about fragrance.
Variable. My favourite is probably Illywhacker, but there have been a few other good ones. If you are into the Kelly Gang, True History of the Kelly Gang is very good. I have a soft spot for Bliss and The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith, too.
New Posts  All Forums: