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That first photo of the oxford brogues with jeans looks great IMO. I have a pair of tan oxfords that I occasionally wear with jeans; seems to work.
Bummer. I hate thieves. Hope your insurance has you covered.
Yep, it’s the EDT that they discontinued.I love this too. I swear I smell like a freshly-brewed pot of lapsang souchong when I wear it, which makes me wonder how office-friendly it might be.
Lubin Idole EDT. This is just your perfect autumn/winter warmer; all rum, leather spice and wood. On top of that, the bottle design is just fantastic. So of course Lubin discontinued it.
Costume National Homme. Another cooler weather favourite getting some air time again. For Easter I had in mind something a bit more gourmand or boozy, and almost went with 1697, but settled on this one as a nice blend of spices, word and citrus suited to a coolish yet sunny day.
Still on my reading list. Some books should be read, even if not a barrel of laughs.
Pretty sure that used to be the BMT outlet store.
Russian Tea today, which must be good luck as my team opened the football season with a win. Sadly, my wife hates this stuff, and it makes her sneeze.
1740 today. I’m glad the weather is turning cooler now, as I can bring some of my bigger hitters out to play.
Definitely try calling eBay first. Responding to his neg is just a fall-back if that doesn’t work
New Posts  All Forums: