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Bloody Sydneysiders get all the good sales ....
Spiral (French series also called Engrenages) The Eagle Unit One Line of Duty Accused Luther Martin Beck Red Riding Blue Murder (should be able to get that in NSW now).
[[SPOILER]] 27. The Cruel Stars of the NightThe Cruel Stars of the Night by Kjell ErikssonMy rating: 3 of 5 starsKjell Eriksson's police procedural is set in Uppsala, Sweden, where Inspector Ann Lindell's team are investigating the brutal murder of two old men. Meanwhile the local police have been informed of the disappearance of a local history professor.Lindell's investigation plods along for about half the book, developing twin plot lines about the dead farmers and how...
Terror of Sarmant today.
Election day today. I am wearing La Fin Du Monde in anticipation of the likely result.
Size 8 Melbourne members might do well to get down to Vinnies Malvern tomorrow. These are not dirt cheap, between $35-$55 but still pretty good value for what they are. L-R: Prada driving shoes, Artolini Star black suede monkstrap, Tod's navy suede chukka, Louis Vuitton driving shoe.
Same for me today.
Couldn't agree more. Mexican silver, loads of Art Deco MOP, Versace, Cartier, plenty of double-sided links, snap links. Huge range of nice stuff, nearly all under $20.
Trying out my sample of Boy today. It's all bit meh for me, I'm afraid. There's a fleeting citrus at the start, but it shifts to a pretty average lavender quite quickly. I don't get a huge almond note from the heliotrope, although there is a faint nuttiness and vanilla, I guess. A bit of powdery musk at the end. Fragrantica reviewers suggest that this is close to Caron Pour Un Homme, which is about a quarter of the price. I have a sample of that too; I might do a...
Baldessarini Amber today. Compteently-executed Amber fragrance, but it's never going to dislodge Amber Absolute, Ambre 114 or Ambre Sultan.
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