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I love McPherson Men undies. It's the only way I'm ever going to get into Elle's pants. Probably should buy some HK's too, for the same reason.
Costa Azzurra today. Too close to the skin, and too short-lived. At least for th eprice. Thanks to m-c for the sample, but I don't think I'd be going FB on this.
Frapin 1697. For the last gasp of the cooler weather. In a week or so, I think it will be time to brea out the warm weather stuff exclusively.
WTF Adelaide? That's as boring a semi-final as I ever want to see - I left at half-time. The Crows should have saved on air fares and not bothered.
Tumulte by Lacroix. The one for blokes, not the girly one. It smells of wood and incense, until it doesn't.
Philosykos today, mainly to compare it to Hyde Park. I would say that the Hugh Parsons is fresher and greener, and more rounded than this, but doesn't last as long. I reckon this one more for the hot weather, Hyde Park better for early spring.
"Less is more" applies to shirts? Is he going topless?Sort of agree on the squares. I can take them or leave them these days. I'm finding my current workplace even less dressy than where I was before, and I stick out even more when I wear one.
Bamboo Harmony today.
Because people wearing them should be fired?
Centaure. I went on an MPG binge a while ago, picking up Racine, Habit and this one. I think this is the pick of them,
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