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I have a bunch of vintage Versace and Gucci stuff for sale. How can I tell if the Versace is "pre-death" and the Gucci from the Tom Ford era? I'd like to state that if true, but I don't want to misrepresent. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere; please feel free to redirect me if so.
I have a bunch of billionaire items, but I had to wait for him to die first. Brioni, Bijan, Stefano Ricci, and Isaia mostly.
I'd try selling as-is and note the condition, maybe mentioning that the other sleeve's button can be removed and kept as a spare.Alternatively, put on a set of different buttons and sell the Burberry set as a separate item to recoup the cost. Doing that, I'd note that the buttons are not original in the SC ad.
Must be all the free time I have now as a member of the great unwashed.
I get why people make low-ball offers, but seriously? This auction has free postage. It costs me about $12 to send this, not counting the eBay and Paypal fees. This person actually expects me to sell him a high end tie at a loss. What goes through these people's heads?
Well, my GarageSale images issue got weirder. I had another go this afternoon, and everything went fine. OK, I thought, just some temporary glitch. On the next listing the problem was back. I deleted all of my photos and included only the one unedited photo to be used as the marquee shot. And that worked. I then went into eBay and added in the other photos, and it accepted them, no problem. GarageSale 7 is also doing some other weird shit that I am not happy about. It...
The thot plickens. I went onto eBay and manually created an ad using the same photos (all cropped to 1200 on a side 350 px/in) and eBay had no problem uploading them and posting the ad. Looks like the issue is with GS. I also noticed that uploading via eBay gets the Free P&H sticker on the thumbnail, but I don't think that GS was doing that. I really don't want to list via eBay if I can help it, so I guess I have to talk to iwascoding.
Sadly, that's not it. The dimensions I gave are those of the files on the computer, used in the listing. Is there an issue with the 350 px/in perhaps? Or maybe these files are actually too big?
12. Cold Hearts Cold Hearts by Gunnar Staalesen My rating: 4 of 5 stars As he recovers from a near-fatal injury, Varg Veum is approached by a prostitute with a family connection. She wants Varg to look for a friend of hers who has gone missing.Things get complicated when Varg learns that the missing girl's brother escaped from prison and went missing the same night. He visits their mother to talk to her, and a dead body is discovered in the house while he is there. On top...
Has anybody had eBay reject a listing upload from Garagesale due to the photos being insufficient? The error I am getting is "Buyers love large photos that clearly show the item, so please upload high resolution photos that are at least 500 pixels on the longest side. My photos are a mix of 1920 x 1920 and 2592 x 1944. All are 350 px/in. I successfully uploaded an ad this morning with very similar photos. Any idea what is the problem?
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