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35. Belomor Belomor by Nicolas Rothwell My rating: 1 of 5 stars Belomor is a series of four tentatively linked stories through which Nicolas Rothwell examines the interactions of widely different lives. The settings shift between Europe, South America and outback Australia. There is little in the way of plot; the novel is mostly poorly-defined characters philosophising to one another, mostly about - as one character puts it - “What’s your part in all this? Who are you?”The...
Today I'm wearing some vintage Versace L'Homme that I found in an op shop. First time I tried this I thought my skin reacted a bit, so I've left it alone. Trying it again, it seems to be behaving itelf, which is good. It's a pretty good scent: a stong leather with just a bit of lemon cutting through it. Big tick for the office in winter.
Oud Wood today, from a decant. The wife hated it. I had an amazing day at the market yesterday: NIB Eau de Gentiane Blanch, full boxed Rochas Femme and a near full large bottle of Bleecker St. (Bond is not sold in Australia, BTW). Also a bunch of designer minis, including two vintage Gucci Homme.
Similar to my wife, who is teaching year 7 and 10 English. Amusingly, my son's GF teaches Grade 6 at one of the feeder primary schools; makes for some "interesting" discussions re NAPLAN literacy results at times.
Just picked up a partial bottle of Black Afghano. I think I'll wear it to the football tomorrow and see how alert the cops are. Seller threw in a small decant of Chergui too, which was nice of him.
I lost count of the number of times somebody told me the mainframes were dead; such predictions don't often bear out. FB has crossed the Rubicon and are now an established corporate, rather than a coming start-up. That makes them a whole lot harder to knock off, as long as they are able to be at least fast followers onto new trends like big data. Worst comes to worst they can adopt the Oracle strategy of buying every bugger that even looks like a threat.
Vintage Quorum today. I read reviews of this and they all said apply very lightly, so I did. Now I wish I'd put more on, as I'm not getting much off it at all.
On it.Out of curiosity, what year do you teach Matt? What age do you think Birch will appeal to?
+1. NdeN is one of my favourites too. It’s the one that convinced me that rose is for guys too.
After the Suitably Dressed fundraiser, I am seriously lusting after the emerald green overcoat they had there. Trouble is, by the time I get an appointment and they make it up, it’ll be summer.
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