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[[SPOILER]] 52. GOMORRAHGomorrah: Italy's Other Mafia by Roberto SavianoMy rating: 4 of 5 starsWhen Gomorrah was first pulished, it was risky investigative journalism at its finest; Saviano revealed to Italians and to the wider world the nature and extent of the Comorra's domination of Naples, Campania and beyond.Even the best journalism loses its immediacy over time, but after 10 years and from half a world away, Gomorrah is still a riveting read. Saviano recounts a...
Been traveling lately and took a fistful of decants with me. So I have tried Anubis, MdO Vetiver, Lys Med and today is Bamboo Harmony. Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
Today I wore Opium Homme. The projection on this one is huge. At work I felt surrounded by opiates - the place was full of slow-working dopes.
Not since their sale, but I picked up shoes and a shirt there then. Why do you ask?
You're a braver man than I am. I could never carry that look off.
Allure Homme today. I don't think there's anything I could say about this that you don't already know.
Ormond Jayne Man today. The opening of this is a favourite: a bright, peppery woods. It's not as good in the drydown, being a more standard woodsy fragrance, but it does last quite well. A very good all-round office scent.
Same way I store them - rolled up and crammed together.
Creed Green Valley today. I think I've mentioned this before. It's a discontinued forerunner of GIT, pretty much. I like this better because of its minty opening, and also that it lasts better than almost any Creed that I've tried.
I love McPherson Men undies. It's the only way I'm ever going to get into Elle's pants. Probably should buy some HK's too, for the same reason.
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