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Have you tried on their size 36? I find their jeans quite forgiving.
Between a Wolf and a Dog just won Georgia Blain (posthumously) the richest prize in Australian fiction. Shows what I know, eh?
For@Master-Classter and other fragrance fans. Found these in a market today.
4. Everyone is Watching I seem to be on a NYC kick right now; 3 of my 4 this year have been set there. Everyone Is Watching by Megan Bradbury My rating: 3 of 5 stars Everyone is Watching is purportedly a novel, but it really isn't. It's more like a series of little vignettes from the lives of famous New Yorkers such as Robert Mapplethorpe, Edmund White, Walt Whitman and Robert Moses. The idea seems to be that these little stories add up to telling the story of New York...
3. The Museum of Modern Love The Museum of Modern Love by Heather Rose My rating: 4 of 5 stars The Museum of Modern Love is a tale set against the backdrop of performance artist Marina Abramovic's gruelling 75 day performance at New York's MoMA, The Artist is Present.Countless people came to MoMA to see Abramovic sit quietly at a table and stare quietly at a series of volunteers who sat opposite her. What does she see and think, and what do the volunteers...
This thread is starting to read like The Knowledge.
Let's just say this is going to become a whole lot more contentious when she ages a bit more.
2. Eileen Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh My rating: 3 of 5 stars Eileen is best thought of as a character study. It's not really a crime novel or a thriller, although Moshfegh shoots for that in her final act. The book is much more about the inner life of her narrator, a misfit daughter of an alcoholic former policeman, working at the local boys' prison and dreaming of getting the hell out of her New England small town.This means that the novel stands or falls on whether you...
When did you arrive in Oz? I should put you in touch with the Sydney perfumistas.
Yes, my sister died of it.I went to Tim's Comedy Festival show where he talked about it quite openly. Can you believe some idiot heckler had a go at him for not being funny?
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