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Hot day today, and a birthday party. Geranium Pour Monsieur.
[[SPOILER]] 4. Lost and FoundLost and Found by Brooke DavisMy rating: 3 of 5 starsLost and Found is a quirky first novel from Australian writer Brooke Davis. It’s a essentially a “road movie” plot, peopled by some pretty bizarre characters: Millie - an abandoned child obsessed with death, Agatha - a widow raging at the world, Karl the touch typist - a compulsive widower bemused by life, and Manny - a department store mannequin.Davis spins her story by shifting the focus...
Glad you liked it. Read Shane as well.
Today was Oolong Infini. Looking at the notes of tea and bergamot, I might have guessed that this would smell like Earl Grey, my least favourite tea blend. Pass.
Like others, I like the B picture the best, but isn’t the main eBay photo a 1:1 aspect ratio? Would that make a difference? With the square format, I’d incline to a close-up of the collar and maker’s label.
Speaking of streetwear, are dicks in or out this year? http://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2015/jan/22/-sp-penis-flashing-at-rick-owens-menswear-show#comment-46512104
Are Zilli ties a thing? I found this in an op shop today. I don’t know anything about them, but the silk feels nice and thick, and the construction looks to be very good.
Sorry to keep digging this up. Much against my personal inclinations, I agreed to cancel a transaction for a non-paying buyer instead of reporting him. The next step in the process is that eBay waits for me to refund him the money that I never received. It is up to the buyer requesting the cancellation to confirm that he has received his “refund” before I see my FVF returned and can relist the item. Three days have now passed and the buyer still has not responded. The...
It’s not that big a deal. When you enter Specifics in GS, you can create your own categories. You could create a category for your own use, calling it something like Seller Reference Number (or whatever you choose), and store the number there. Specifics are searchable on eBay, which might cause your ad to pop up where it’s not wanted. That could be a drawback. This is just a work-around, not a feature of the product.
New Posts  All Forums: