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Pardon today. Finally went FB on this as a local seller was remaindering their stock. A discount of 15% is not huge, but it's better than nothing. This packs a punch, I could even smell it on the wrist that I didn't spray it on (presumably some residue from the bottle). Since it's an extract I sprayed less than usual, but it still stuck around all day and half the night. Nasomatto is expensive, but you could convince yourself it's worth it.
Double Monk in Melbourne carries the Saphir range of suede care products; presumably their Sydney store does as well.
[[SPOILER]] 15. MisteriosoMisterioso by Arne DahlMy rating: 3 of 5 starsPaul Hjelm is a cop who achieves notoriety by gunning down a hostage-taker. Internal Affairs are less than impressed with his actions, but public approval saves him. Still, he gets transferred to join a new team in Stockholm called the A Unit.The A Unit has been asked to investigate the strange murders of some of Sweden's leading industrialists, all despatched with two shots to the head. The method of...
Rocobar today. I fished this out from the back of my drawer, where the cool weather scents have been pushed over the last few months. Very nice woodsy scent; I'm going to scrabble around the back of the drawer a bit more and see what's lurking there.
Histoires de Parfum Veni. I didn't come.
I wore the vintage Jicky today. It's still quite wearable. I thought the opening was quite bitter-smelling, but it soon goes sweet and powdery (I think maybe tonka bean, vanilla and musk). After about 5 hours, I get really pungent civet, which goes quite sour-smelling. The fragrance lasts ages - 10 hours so far. Not a fan of the dry-down, but the sweetness of the mid notes really is nice. I was hoping to find some contemporary juice to compare it to, but it's not for sale...
[[SPOILER]] 14. Crimea: The Last CrusadeCrimea: The Last Crusade by Orlando FigesMy rating: 3 of 5 starsSebastapol, Alma, Inkerman, Balaclava. Raglan, Clarendon, Russell, Cardigan, Canning. The places and people of the Crimean War are imprinted on the map of my home town. Yet I really couldn't say that I knew that much about it, beyond the mythology of Florence Nightingale and the Charge of the Light Brigade.Orlando Figes' book is a comprehensive account of the major...
In the past it's never been an issue because I've never imported an order above the GST limit. Not sure how this will be in future.
Already bought my BA a while ago on eBay. I pulled the trigger on a bottle of Pardon, as my sample is getting low. One of the guys there is going to chuck in some nice samples for me as well, so should end up a good deal with their free shipping.Odd story is why they are on sale. Apparently there is already a Nasomatto seller in the Royal Arcade, so they have to drop the line. Believe it or not, the Nasomatto seller is one of the shoe shops.
That it is.
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