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We didn't; I auto-rejected it. I adopted some advice given here a while back to determine my minimum offer and then set both auto-reject and auto-accept to that amount. I sold the tie in a few days for $45, well over my minimum. All good.
What do you mean by DM "need e-commerce"? They have a website and you can buy shoe trees from it. Can't comment on the price or anything, but it is there.
Found him. G. James Robinson
15. The Gospel of Loki The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M. Harris My rating: 2 of 5 stars The Gospel of Loki starts well, with an account of the Norse foundation myth and of Odin's summoning of Loki from Chaos. The two then return to Asgard, and the whole book goes to pot.Harris's prose is overly glib and, for some unaccountable reason, infested with anachronisms and modern usage that can only have been put there intentionally, there is so much of it. Harris includes in...
I was in this position once with a UK buyer. It turned out that I had written his address wrong, so you should make sure there is no error on your side. As we all know, Australians are thoroughly honest, nice and incorruptible people who would never take advantage.
Any fans of lairy socks might find this interesting: Soxhibition.
Can anyone recommend somewhere to get my Speedmaster Pro serviced in Melbourne? I can take it to Omega, but I suspect that they will charge like wounded bulls.
Did you send him a counter-offer? Maybe $498?
14. The Grade Cricketer The Grade Cricketer by Dave Edwards My rating: 3 of 5 stars As somebody whose cricket career finished after one season when an arsonist burned down the clubhouse, I could definitely empathise with the tales told by The Grade Cricketer.This book perfectly captures the contradictions inherent in the game of club cricket: a team sport where success is a sequence of individual battles, team-mates competing against one another for advancement and so not...
My contract wound up about three months early, and I'm not sure that I can be arsed looking for another one. Getting to that age where I can make a choice.
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