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Bought my first pair of Japanese denim selvage jeans. (Photo from ad) These are a bit long for me and I'm mulling over whether to get them shortened. If I turn the cuffs up, what would be the max turnup that would look OK? (I'm a 29 inch inseam if that helps). I seem to recall that Up There in Melbourne can do proper hemming on jeans; is that correct?
Funky Spex in Johnson St Collingwood, right near Smith St.
Thanks for the input guys, very helpful.Ironically, thanks to your election result, the exchange rate has gone ga-ga. Getting a bit pricey now anyway.
[[SPOILER]] 53. His Bloody ProjectHis Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae BurnetMy rating: 4 of 5 starsIn this novel, Burnet captures the life of a downtrodden crofter in northern Scotland by recounting the circumstances leading up to his murder trial.The story is recounted through witness statements, a confession, memoirs and reportage. Roddy Macrae is a very sympathetic figure, much put-upon by his eventual victim, the local Constable Lachlan McKenzie. Barnet reveals the...
Far better to talk about that than what's going on in Perth.
[[SPOILER]] 52. The World Without UsThe World Without Us by Mireille JuchauMy rating: 3 of 5 starsThe Mullers are a family living in a remote community. Parents Evangeline and Stefan met on a nearby commune where the eldest child, Tess, was born. The commune burned to the ground, and the family relocated to a nearby farm where Stefan is an apiarist. The loss of daughter Pip to illness hangs over the family. Tess has become wilfully mute and Evangeline wanders the...
Thanks for the tip. The Google search turned up "The Behavioural Biology of Chickens", amongst some more useful information from AAAC. From the reading, I'm thinking I'm probably an 11.5D but, as you say, best to get checked on a Brannock device and then consider whether to order.
Hi all. This is a cross-post from the Massdrop thread, but I thought it more likely to get an answer here. I'm very keen on a pair of the Massdrop chukkas, but I have no clue what size to buy. There isn't an AE outlet in the entire country, so I can't try some on anywhere to get an idea as to fit. I found this sizing guide online and tried it, but I have very little faith in the results. It measured me up as a 12C, which I find very hard to believe, given that I have a...
I'm very keen on a pair of these, but I have no clue what size to buy. There isn't an AE outlet in the entire country, so I can't try some on anywhere to get an idea as to fit.I take a UK10.5E with Crockett and Jones shoes on their 337, 341 and 348 lasts. Can anyone suggest the right sizing on the A&E 511 last?
As opposed to a mumble, mumble, mumble in Melbourne.
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