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May I just say, go Dees? (I don’t get to say it very often).
Coze today. Doesn’t seem to have lasted very long. I’m still making up my mind on this one.
I was kicked out of the house today so my wife could work; what else would I do but shop? Not too bad a day. The Hermes shirt bothers me. The label looks wrong, with no grave accent. It is also poly/cotton, and made in British Hong Kong (so clearly vintage). I picked it up because of the store tag; Raoul of Brighton is a high-end menswear store that’s been around here for decades and is just the place I would expect to have stocked Hermes.
He did indeed.Vincent Musetto
[[SPOILER]] 33. I RefuseI Refuse by Per PettersonMy rating: 3 of 5 starsSimilar to Out Stealing Horses, Per Persson’s latest novel I Refuse features a lonely man looking back on a childhood marred by a life-changing incident. It’s a very different novel after that, with a much more urban feel compared to the beautiful countryside evoked in Out Stealing Horses.Persson shifts the narrative between the down-and-out Jim and the financially successful Tommy, as well as through...
L.D.D.M. N.I.C.E.
Guerlain Heritage EDT today.
I can certainly see why. I definitely agree with you about Irene being more dark and violent than the books that inspired it. I’ve read at least three of them, and in a couple of those cases I found the crime scene descriptions much more disturbing in Lemaitre’s hands.
Penhaligon’s Elixir today; my first try of this sample. Not a strong incense like some Amouage or CdG scents, but quite civilised. All-day longevity makes this one a good office scent. I think I will look out for this one in FB at SN or somewhere.
Sorry to shill, but I have a lovely overcoat in EU56 if anyone’s feeling cold. It’s a navy Belvest wool/cashmere long coat. Pictures here. PM me if interested.
New Posts  All Forums: