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Don't know about Flinders Lane, but they did occupy a cranny at 90 Collins Street, where Jan Logan is now. You're right that they did MTM: I had about 4 MTM suits made up by them in the 90s, including a dinner suit from Dormeuil fabric. They were my first MTM venture.
[[SPOILER]] 39. CrimeCrime by Ferdinand von SchirachMy rating: 4 of 5 starsFerdinand von Schirach is a defence attorney working in Germany. His book Crime is a series of stories about some of the more unusual cases and defendants that he has represented.Every one of these stories grabbed my interest and held it to the end. The author has a no-nonsense, matter-of-fact style, and there is none of the melodrama you often find in such books. von Schirach doesn't shy away from...
Inspector Mock series
@Henry Carter Jason is there any prospect of you re-stocking the cashmere iPad gloves that you had a while back? Mine are getting a bit ratty, and I would love another pair. Everyone I’ve shown them to thinks they’re great.
That brings back memories. I had some suits made by The Suit Box in South Yarra back in the 90s. I think they’re long gone now. IIRC they had a good range of fabrics, including Scabal and Dormeuil. Can’t comment on fit and quality, as I didn’t know much about that back then.
Have you read any of the Breslau novels? Kind of the polar opposite; a Nazi-era cop who is totally corrupt.
Immortelle is just yuck. I don’t know how you guys can stand it. After my encounter with 5th Avenue yesterday, I give my respiratory system the day off. Didn’t help; I had massive coughing attacks at work and got sent home anyway.
SOTD: Dries van Noten. I reviewed this a while back; this is from my subsequent eBay buy. Still a fan. SOTE: 5th Avenue. I was writing an eBay ad to sell a bottle I found, and sprayed some on my hand to test that the spray mechanism works. I've been coughing my lungs out ever since. Do not recommend.
Always carry your Medicare card and your private health card (if you have one). You never know when you will need them should something go wrong.Not a big fan of the money clip idea, especially if you're carrying a Myki. It will no doubt give Other Card Detected errors and drive you mad taking it in and out of the clip. The clip probably won't do much for the condition of your cards either. I third Blah and Ernesto on the leather card holder idea.
[[SPOILER]] 38. The MiniaturistThe Miniaturist by Jessie BurtonMy rating: 3 of 5 starsThe Miniaturist is set in Reformation-era Amsterdam, a city dominated by the East India Company and by oppressive religion. It tells the story of Nella, a teenager who comes from the country to marry Johannes, a wealthy merchant. The household she moves into is dominated by her flinty sister-in-law Marin.Johannes gives his bride an unusual present: a scale model of the house so that she...
New Posts  All Forums: