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Opus III today. This one is good for times like now when the transition between seasons is on. right now we are not quite out of summer, not quite into autumn, and this is a nice balance of flowers, spices and resins that straddles that divide nicely. I also went mad at my local perfumery today, which was having its annual sale. I had a nice old chat to the owner at a quiet time, and she kept opening cupboards and bringing out stuff, as well as the bargains already on the...
Coat was about $1300 IIRC, but that was with a pretty high-end cloth and some optional extras.
Steve, just cut it out, OK? You're making us all look bad.
I also had a shirt made there a while ago. My only quibble is that I ordered dark MOP buttons and the shirt came back with a mix of dark MOP buttons and white MOP buttons on the shirt collar and sleeve gauntlets. It looked plain weird and they had to order some smaller buttons in that sort of match the originals. That took a while but I'm now very happy. I will be wearing it to the cricket tomorrow in fact, with my Henry Carter wombat tie.My bigger purchase from OH was an...
Allure Homme Sport. Another FB that is getting close to the bottom; I should definitely wear this more often in the heat. I don't go hugely for marine scents, but I find this one quite OK, with it's citrus notes. With Lanvin Sport, this is about the only "Sport" flanker that I wear on any regular basis.
YSL Jazz. Of all my FBs, this is the closest to empty. I'm determined to finish it before I die, so I can claim to have finished at least one bottle in my collection.
[[SPOILER]] 4. From the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy CombatantFrom the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy Combatant by Alex GilvarryMy rating: 3 of 5 starsBoy Hernandez is a starry-eyed young fashion designer from Manila who heads to New York determined to make it big in the fashion world. During his early struggles he is befriended by his neighbour Ahmed Qureshi. Ahmed loves Boy's suits and agrees to invest in his nascent label. He introduces him to publicist Ben Laden, and Boy is off and...
[[SPOILER]] 3. Quarterly Essay: Political AmnesiaQuarterly Essay 60 Political Amnesia: How We Forgot How To Govern by Laura TingleMy rating: 3 of 5 starsLaura Tingle writes a trenchant essay critiquing modern politics and decries the loss of institutional memory which has created a situation where failed solutions to policy problems continue to be tried because our politicians do not learn from the past.Tingle identifies the Public Service as the body that fulfilled this...
Sorry Lawrence, the sale is closed. It only ran for the month of November, as a fund raiser.
We mean it man.
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