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Paul Smith T-shirt, Neuw chinos and CP sneakers today. I’ll let you imagine the look rather than ruin it with inferior images.
Whitehall today.
I wouldn’t compare Simsion to Updike; they are not in the same league.I got both of the books from the library. You’d probably have a long wait on your hands though.
One word - Slumberhouse.
By Kilian A Taste of Heaven. Good legs on this one, but the weather may be getting a bit warm for it.
Are any of the Sydneyites into perfume and cologne (or maybe their SOs are)? A major collector that I know is having a garage sale next weekend; should be some great fragrance bargains.
46. The Rosie Effect The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion My rating: 3 of 5 stars After the global success of The Rosie Project nothing was surer than that Graeme Simsion’s sequel would be a runaway best-seller, and so it is.The first book was one my favourite reads in 2013, so I was quick to get hold of The Rosie Effect. In this sequel, Don and Rosie are married and living in the USA; Don works at Columbia University, where Rosie is also studying. The scene is set when...
My feelings exactly. It’s simply not worth the bother. Anyhow, enough of that.
Byredo Green today.
To each his own Gerry. I simply can’t be bothered any more. I’ve been badly burned in the past by SF blowhards having a go at my outfits, and I’m a bit less inclined to be positive about it as a result, I guess. It’s not for me, and I think I’ll just refrain now.
New Posts  All Forums: