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Bit the bullet and bought the blue Boglioli.
Trying a sample of Piguet Alameda today. A mild amber scent, pretty good longevity. I’ll give it a refresh before heading out this evening.
Any thoughts on Boglioli suits? I saw one at the Bucks sale that I’m mulling over. Good fit, but there’s something about the roping on the shoulders that’s making me pause.
Given they now have 25% off sale price, you should return it with somebody who wants to buy it. You get your money back, and they might get it for $195.
Rochas Macassar today. I'm not sure if the mini I have is the originanal formulation or the 2004 reform. There is something unusual about this scent, which I guess is the artemesia figuring prominently; there's leather in there too. I like this one a lot.
I think the Bourbons smelled like Imperial Millesime. The Moghuls smelt like Fougere Bengal. Queen Victoria smelt like Crown Imperial. The Japanese Emporers smelt like Sushi Imperiale. Iron Age conquerors smelled like Boudicaa the Victorious. The Romanovs smelt like Faberge Imperiale. Actually I do know that the Tsarina Alexandra smelt like Atkinson's White Rose, of which I have a full bottle.
Sorry. Despite being the coolest 50-year-old alive, I simply cannot bring myself to like this outfit in any way, shape or form. It makes the wearer look deformed, frankly.Not to say people younger and cooler than I will ever be can't get right into it, but personally I find it mildly amusing that people would want to be seen dressing like that. It reminds me of how I used to dress in the 70s and 80s, and how relieved I am that there is so little extant photographic...
Patchouli Imperial today. Don't smell like a hippy, nor do I smell like an emporer.
Just so.
Stalker.I might go down to HB's tonight and see if their 25% off the sale price brollies has brought them down to a price where I could bear seeing it lost or damaged, as it surely will be.
New Posts  All Forums: