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Parliament House (BYO gunpowder).
Thanks for the heads-up on STC L'Inc. Today I'm wearing my final Hermessence sample: Santal Massoia. Yet another skin-clinger. Can't understand why anybody would part with big money for these things. Not when you can buy Frapin, Lubin, SL and other far more potent niche fragrances for less.
I've come to much the same conclusion. I'm having a spring clean and am going to sell a bunch of stuff this weekend. I've already gone through my decants, minis, vintage and market finds. Tonight is the hard part - culling the FB purchases. I wil have to price them to move, and then some of them will go to charity if I can't sell.(Sadly I can't send them to you guys - Australian law bans sending perfume by air).
Welcome guys; we're glad to have you on-board. I'm still lusting after the green overcoat I saw at the Suitably Dressed night.
No, I am pissed off that the RU OK display at work was removed before I could get some free jelly beans.
Love Lyric Man, although I tend to wear it a s a night-time scent. Today is Poivre Samarcande. Still not feeling the Hermessences; close to the skin and short-lived, not what I'm looking for in a fragrance.
Sorry, I haven’t tried any of the Le Labos.
It’s ages since I read it, but that was part of it, yes. Since then I’ve noted Peter Hoeg and KJ Fowler both re-working Goldsworthy’s ideas, and garnering great plaudits as a result.
That brings back memories. I read that when it first came out, and found it very moving. Others have adopted this idea - most recently Karen Joy Fowler - but I'm pretty sure that Goldsworthy had the idea first. (I could stand corrected there).
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