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You’re going to put me off both music and fragrances for life with that kind of imagery. Peanut butter and jelly is a uniquely American obsession that does not travel at all well. I can think of few things more disgusting, myself.
That’ll be my SOTE, because I’m going to a concert.Today it’s Philosykos. Doesn’t see to have the longevity that I expected from past use.
Sickening. Such a great guy, gone way too soon.
I go for swaps and decants a lot, but I also buy used bottles and so on from eBay and markets. I have far more than I need, and should do a cull.
Glad to hear ATAL is good; I’m looking forward to that. Surprised to see it in the library. Have you read the first book - Between Summer’s Longing and Winter’s End?I really like the Martin Beck novels as well.
Well the boss wears them, so you’re pretty safe.
Guys, please forgive the self-promotion; cross-post from the eBay thread. This would probably suit a 44 or 46. It was formerly owned by Richard Pratt and would have been worn to the opera, Brownlow, etc. A really nice dinner suit, and you get his Bijan formal shirt thrown in. 10% off for Aussie SF members, and happy to do COD for Melbourne members. Holland Sherry Savile Row MTM Dinner Suit. Free shirt.
MTM Dinner suit made from Holland and Sherry fabric. This was formerly owned by an Australian billionaire, a major patron of opera and the arts. I’m also including the formal shirt that he wore with it, made by Bijan. BIN at $499. Holland Sherry Savile Row MTM Dinner Suit. Free shirt.
Went for Ambre 114 today. I trawled the shops today angling for carded samples. Didn’t do too badly: 3 Amouage samples, 2 Hermessence, 2 Guerlain and 1 Bottega Veneta.
Very true.
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