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Guys, you have been warned. Pat Roberton Warns on Thrift Finds
Sartorial today. I wanted something discreet for a job interview, and cooler weather. This one is an excellent office sent, pretty versatile and not shouty. I didn’t used to be a fan, but I think I will keep this bottle, and use it more when I get back to work.
I read that one. I thought it was a more worthy Man Booker winner than The Luminaries.
After divesting myself of my Santoni monks last year, I’m now mulling over a pair of C&J Lowndes. I think some of you guys have them. Do you find that the black or dark brown works better as a dress shoe? I’m also wondering if one could get away with the espresso suede with a suit.
I just sold a $2 Hermes tie for $60. I’m starting to warm to BINOBO.
Eau d’Hadrien. Kind of appropriate when England are playing Scotland in the World Cup.
I went years without wearing sneakers until I talked myself into a pair of suede CP Tournament Lows last year. No regrets at all; I wear them all the time, and am seriously considering another pair in a different colour, or perhaps a pair with the leather uppers.
I’ve read a fair bit of Moorcock. Years ago I tackled the Eternal Champion series, but only got about halfway through. I couldn’t find them anywhere. I might look for that one.Have you read Pullman’s book The Scoundrel Christ? That’s on the remainder tables these days, and might be worth a look.
[[SPOILER]] 9. Levels of LifeLevels of Life by Julian BarnesMy rating: 4 of 5 starsLevels of Life is a series of three connected essays that Julian Barnes wrote in memory of his wife. He first looks at life above the ground, writing about the dawn of the aeronautical age and its impact on human technology and philosophy. Then he segues to life on the ground and discusses love and its potential disappointments, using an Englishman’s courtship of Sarah Bernhardt as his...
Withdraw your bid. Are the shoes that important?
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