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Don't know about the ad so much, but wasn't somebody here looking for a suit in Melbourne for under $700? Plain charcoal suit with extra pants for $460 would have to be worth checking out, surely.
Duc de Berry today.
From a blog post in the Guardian today: "We are but the hired help, entering via the backdoor so as to not offend the 1%ers by our non-bespoke shirts." Quite right too, varlet.
Fougere Bengale.
28. The Promise The Promise by Tony Birch My rating: 4 of 5 stars Tony Birch’s new collection of short stories, The Promise, sees him stretching himself a bit beyond the milieu of Melbourne’s inner suburbs that typified Shadowboxing. His old stamping grounds are well represented in stories like The Toecutters but he also sets some of these stories in the outer suburbs and in the countryside. Distance captures the dry heat of a tiny Victorian railway siding so well, you...
I loved Strange Shores. A big return to form.
I get the orange/rose scent from noir spices as well. I’d consider FB, but there are so many other Malles I’d get ahead of it, I probably never will. Today is Seattle Chocolate.
I’m pretty much a suit and tie man when it comes to work, so my wardrobe is pretty much suit and tie outfits, plus jeans and polos, with little in between. So my division at work has decided to embrace Casual Fridays now but, being the ban, have made it difficult by saying jeans are frowned upon. (I don’t really own any that are good for work anyway so NBD). I’ve been trawling through my stuff to try to come up with suitable biz-cas, which Melbourne’s weather is making...
Noir Epices. It means black spices, but it isn't black and it smells of citrus and roses.
Yeah, I remember, I was just quoting it as a particularly enjoyable spat from the past. It is a bit zombie-like and still seems to crop up occasionally when somebody wants to give Conne a rev.
New Posts  All Forums: