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[[SPOILER]] 19. Piano LessonsPiano Lessons by Anna GoldsworthyMy rating: 4 of 5 starsAnna Goldsworthy's memoir is an account of her progress from awkward primary schooler attending her first music lesson, to her debut as a concert pianist.At the heart of this book is an affectionate and endearing portrait of Anna's teacher, Russian musician Mrs Eleanora Sivan. The formidable Mrs Sivan is indefatigable in pushing Anna to go beyond mere reproduction and teaches her to try to...
Dries van Noten today, for a country drive in the rain. Creamy sandalwood, vanilla and tonka bean; was working very well, I thought, until the wife reached for her Ventolin.
That would be the one.
Book Suppository has it.
[[SPOILER]] 18. The Natural Way of ThingsThe Natural Way of Things by Charlotte WoodThis novel won the Stella Prize for the best Australian novel by a woman, and it thoroughly deserved it. To me it reads like a cross between Lord of the Flies and The Handmaid's Tale. It is gripping in the telling with a pair of unforgettable female characters in the feral Yolande and the aloof Verla, along with a dark-hearted villain in Boncer.The novel starts with Verla and Yolande...
That would be Hanif Kureishi
Jo Malone 154 Cologne today. This is ore a spicy cologne than a fresh citrusy scent. Worked quite well on a sunny autumn day.
Hi folks. The label on these linen pants has been clipped, so I have no real idea what this is. The writing on the reverse suggests they were maybe MTO? Thank
SHILLING ALERT Small people who whinge about never finding cool stuff in op shops, desist and rejoice. I have found something to swell your shrivelled hearts and fill you with great joy. This measures to a size 38. The pants are about 34 with the side tabs undone, and can go smaller. It has flaws that can be concealed when wearing. If you can live with those, this is a beauty. PM me if you would like it.
Did that myself once. Zegna Su Misura tux for $15. Shortened the sleeves and pants for another $40. Sorted. Only worn once, but still there for emergencies.
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