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Me too! December 1st can't come quick enough!The link to my web page is http://mobro.co/younggregThanks.
Guys, you are running out of time to make your contribution to the "let's force CD to remove that horrible growth from his lip" campaign. If I make my target, I promise not to post any more facial hair photos. If I don't, well, you can't say I didn't warn you. Seriously, this is a good cause that benefits us all, and if you are inclined to contribute, you will be most welcome. TIA.
[[SPOILER]] 65. SnowblindSnowblind by Ragnar J├│nassonMy rating: 3 of 5 starsSnowblind is the first entry in the Dark Iceland series, set in remote Siglufjordur, the northernmost town in Iceland. Young Ari Thor relocates from Reykjavik to Siglufjordur when offered his first job as a police constable there, much to the disgust of his fiancee Kristin.While Ari Thor is told that nothing ever happens in Siglufjordur, he soon gets involved in a death; a local notable, a famous...
Juniper Sling on a day that was a lot cooler. This is one that I enjoy, usually on a hotter day, but I got more longevity out of it than I usually would.
@smeggett They have 9.5 on the web site in black, and 8.5, 9, 9.5 in espresso suede
On a 30+C day today, I was sorely tempted to break out Monsieur Balmain. While digging around in my drawer for it, I stumbled on one I haven't worn for ages and chose it instead: CdG Energy C Lime. I like lime as a scent, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of it about in the form of perfumes. This is a good one, with a strong lime-lemon opening. This evening, the citruses have gone, and there is now gentle florals with a bit of sweetness. It doesn't have huge projection,...
Good segue, indeed.Today is another green, Byredo Green. I did wonder at the opening of this just how green this was, and kept trying to figure out what nature of green it is. As the day wore on, it turned more sweet and a little cloying. Sorry, this is not what I expect when I spray something called "Green" on me.
Good effort, but those are just sidies aren't they? Don't mutton chops go along the jawline?Fully concur, but you started demanding it IIRC.
Pretty much. Sometimes the jail cells in the corner are more secure.
Yep, those are the ones.
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