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Agree with M-C's post above. This is what we do in the book thread, and I think it would help others here learn from you more experienced guys. al-Rehab Saat Safa today. This is a cheapie that I found in an op shop, so it was no skin off my nose if it's no good. So far it's a medicinal oudh, with very little to show by way of the rose that's supposed to be there. I'm thinking that rose/oudh scents are just right for the cold snap we are in right now. (Yes, I know...
32. The Orphan Master’s Son The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson My rating: 4 of 5 stars I cannot recall having read any other novel about contemporary North Korea, and this one both captures the reality of life in a repressive dictatorship whilst also humanising the character of the dictator. Johnson avoids the temptation to portray Kim Jong Il as a monster; his Dear Leader is all the more threatening and chilling for the thin veneer of calculated benevolence that...
M7 today. Winter has arrived for real, so goodbye to all of you prissy citrus and oceanic pretenders..
I got given a couple of Malle samples today: Bigarade Concentree - which I’ll keep - and Lipstick Rose. Should I just forget the latter; it sounds very feminine?
TDC Bergamote today.
Embarrasing story. i found a NWT Charles Tyrwhitt grenadine tie today. I popped it in my bag and headed off. It was only when I was in the next op shop down the road that I realised I hadn’t paid for it. I had to find another Vinnies and drop $2 in the donation tin to assuage my conscience.
I thought it was more of a citrus scent, than green. A typical EdC with citrus and a bit of herbs and spices. Longevity was alright; it lasted the while day. Given the price I paid. I’m quite happy.Today I’m wearing Brecourt Ambre Noir
I’m related to Sonya Hartnett in some fashion, so I approve.
Nice choice. Welcome.
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