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I'm wondering if anyone can tell me about this vintage YSL. Is it the real thing, or just licensed stuff? I don't care for the tie at all, but I quite like the PS that comes with it. It's silk, made in Italy and looks like it's hand-sewn and hand-rolled, which makes me think this may be more than run-of-the-mill YSL.
Eau Lente
Interlude Man
27. Terms and Conditions Terms & Conditions by Robert Glancy My rating: 3 of 5 stars Terms and Conditions is about a corporate lawyer who is suffering severe amnesia in the wake of a horrific car crash. Frank Shaw has spent his entire career mastering the writing of the fine print, the terms and conditions that bind the signers of the contracts he creates in ways they do not expect. As Frank starts to recover his memories he realises that there are also terms and...
Antaeus today.
Sam will do them quickly; I often get same-day from him for simpler jobs. The 23rd should be no trouble.
Atlas Cedar today; first time trying a blind buy from last year.
I'm famous! The back of my head is in one of those shots!Pink socks looks pretty bored by all that mirror shining, and foxy seems to have found something else to ogle as well.
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