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He did indeed.Vincent Musetto
[[SPOILER]] 33. I RefuseI Refuse by Per PettersonMy rating: 3 of 5 starsSimilar to Out Stealing Horses, Per Persson’s latest novel I Refuse features a lonely man looking back on a childhood marred by a life-changing incident. It’s a very different novel after that, with a much more urban feel compared to the beautiful countryside evoked in Out Stealing Horses.Persson shifts the narrative between the down-and-out Jim and the financially successful Tommy, as well as through...
L.D.D.M. N.I.C.E.
Guerlain Heritage EDT today.
I can certainly see why. I definitely agree with you about Irene being more dark and violent than the books that inspired it. I’ve read at least three of them, and in a couple of those cases I found the crime scene descriptions much more disturbing in Lemaitre’s hands.
Penhaligon’s Elixir today; my first try of this sample. Not a strong incense like some Amouage or CdG scents, but quite civilised. All-day longevity makes this one a good office scent. I think I will look out for this one in FB at SN or somewhere.
Sorry to shill, but I have a lovely overcoat in EU56 if anyone’s feeling cold. It’s a navy Belvest wool/cashmere long coat. Pictures here. PM me if interested.
I don’t see why. Italian background, and all that.
Bond No 9 Chinatown today. I actually liked this a lot, although it didn’t really come across as a floral to me. I got plenty of the cardamom and patchouli, and some of the sandalwood. Very good longevity for a Bond. These guys are far too expensive here to even consider a FB, but I’ll certainly go back to this decant.
Just my thoughts on the members’ tie: 1. I don’t see the point in another run of the same design, given that a lot of us already have that one. 2. There is no chance that I personally would wear an Aussie flag on the front of my tie. I’d feel like those DH politicians that wear a flag badge everywhere to show how patriotic they are. Can’t speak for anybody else. 3. Solid navy or sold black would be appealing, especially with some texture in the fabric.
New Posts  All Forums: