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1828. An OK frag; I wouldn't have bought this had it no been on sale. 30 degrees right now, hoing out to a Lebanese restaurant tonight. For a hot summer night, I'm thinking Colonia Essenza. Any other suggestions?
Is taking the sleeves up on a jacket with functioning sleeve buttons a lost cause? I found a gorgeous Borrelli SC today but the sleeves are 26" and I'm a 25". Is it possible to take the sleeve up from the shoulder maybe?
You and I part ways on this one; I hated it.
Nasomatto Silver Musk. This is one of my favourite office scents: unassuming, civilised, with great longevity. The Extrait means that a couple of sprays last 15 hours.
Got a T&A shirt in my size at the same place, as well. Good day.
Seriously, op shops. Here is my most recent haul:Clockwise from top: Harvie & Hudson grenadine, T&A, T&A, T&A, Herringbone Made in Italy. All $2 each.
Voyage d'Hermes today (not the parfum). I didn't like the opening of this; maybe I'm not a huge cardamom fan, I don't know. It lasted longer than I thought it would and is now giving off a nice powdery musk.
Start as you mean to go on, with Coxy or Gezza posting an awesome fit pic that makes us all feel ashamed, and then we tear strips off them in our resentment.
Olfactive Studios Panorama. I just-OK green fragrance that doesn't stick around. Underwhelmed by this lie so far.
Eau de Gentiane Blanche today. This is one I don't wear much, but it's a nice alternative to Orange Verte. Much more floral than citrus, with a bit of pepper and a powdery iris dry-down. Lasts pretty well compared to the usual Hermes EdCs.
New Posts  All Forums: