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[[SPOILER]] 44.The ThiefThe Thief by Fuminori NakamuraMy rating: 4 of 5 starsThe Thief is about, er, a thief. To be precise, it's a story told by a Japanese pickpocket about how he got caught up in an armed robbery staged by a Tokyo gangster, years ago. Now he is back in Tokyo picking pockets again, and the gangster comes calling once more. His already dangerous life is complicated by his unwilling involvement with a child shoplifter and his prostitute mother.This book...
I'm sorry, but Francis Kirkdjian is not the boss of me. If I want to wear his Cologne Pour Le Soir in the day-time, then that's my business. I prefer Absolue over this solely because it lasts longer; this one is still very good.
Absolue Pour le Soir today. Being a rebel at heart, I wore it in le matin as well. This has a bit more oomph than the cologne, I think, and lasted very well on me.
Cuirelle today. This is a honeyed gem for winter; a wonder how it would go in the warmer months? My tiny sample is almost gone; I may have to think hard about buying some.
Can anyone identify the maker of this Breuer sports coat? I've only ever seen Breuer ties before, so I assume that it was made for them. Thanks.
[[SPOILER]] 43.The Girl Who Wasn't ThereThe Girl Who Wasn't There by Ferdinand von SchirachMy rating: 3 of 5 starsGerman lawyer Ferdinand von Schirach gives us a rather gentle mystery story in The Girl Who Wasn't There. Indeed, the book is more than half over before the crime gets a mention, so it reads more like a character study of its central character, photographer Sebastian von Eschburg. Sebastian is the scion of a wealthy but loveless family, and his father committed...
Slumberhouse Sova today. I kinda like this in winter; it smells of macerated dried fruits. My wife has ordered me to get rid of it, so who cares what I think.
One last desperate trip to Henry Bucks for a squiz at their 25% of everything left in the sale. I picked up a navy Breuer cotton SC for $180.
Italian Cypress today, after wearing London yesterday. Master-Classter can guess why. Thanks mate.
I read Cloudstreet when it first came out, so I'm stretching my memory a bit. I think I was a little put off by the very Aussie tone of it, but I think that's probably true to how such families would have been at the time it's set. I liked it's juxtaposition of a straight-laced family with a happy-go-lucky group of chancers in the same house, and the dynamic that Winton sets off as a result. For a long time I was a Winton completist and loved books like That Eye The Sky,...
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