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Je Suis un homme
13. Gotland Gotland by Fiona Capp My rating: 4 of 5 stars Gotland, an island off Sweden, is the place that heroine Esther Chatwin escapes to, mentally and physically, in order to deal with her high-pressure life. Prone to panic attacks in her youth, Esther finds herself catapulted into the limelight after the death of a colleague results in her politician husband David becoming Leader of the Opposition weeks away from an election. This is a disruption in their lives that...
12. Raising Steam Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett My rating: 3 of 5 stars After dozens of Discworld novels, Terry Pratchett only needs to crank out another in the series to be sure of an instant best-seller. These days, Discworld novels tend to provoke wry smiles of recognition rather than uproarious laughter. Earlier books in the series such as Eric and Guards, Guards took the franchise in unexpected new directions, but these days the books tend to follow well-worn...
Had a nice weekend in Canberra catching up with family & friends (missed Michelle G this time, sadly). I found time to duck into one op shop. Not bad: BB Makers tie, Valentino tie, 2 pairs of Church's Consuls in 7.5G, 3 pairs of cufflinks and a 1/4 oz 9998 fine silver pendant and chain. Canberra guys should not complain about op shopping.
Wearing Ricci Club today, from a vintage bottle I snagged on eBay.
Ask Akula, if you have any questions.
Got an ELdO discovery set in the mail last night, so I will be going on an ELdO spree for a while. Today is Fils de Dieu du blahdeblah. No wonder they shortened it to Philipino Houseboy.
Actually I've met Ms Grattan. A good friend of mine is a Gallery journalist. I refrained from sharing my performance reviews with her. :-)
Yep, it is the Kilian.As an incense scent, Incense Rose and a few others kick its arse. It's really quite mild, not at all churchy. (I'm a former altar boy, so I have a strong memory of the scent of church incense burning in the censer). The oud is present, but there's a stack of other ouds I'd pick ahead of it. Not exciting for me.
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