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Etro Via Velli today.
Snagged at the Herringbone sale - C&J Lowndes in espresso suede. Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
Time and Space, by James Coventry
Any thoughts on short-sleeved linen shorts, or should I just roll my sleeves up? Heading to a party in Swan Hill on the weekend and it'll be about 40 degrees. At the club, so must be long pants and collared shirt.
L'Humaniste for me today too. The house of Frapin has been around long enough to know what the original humanists smelled like, so I'll take their word for it that they smelled of lemon, pepper and booze (I can well believe the latter). I suppose most humanists smelled bad at the end of their life, which this does too, but they probably lived a bit longer than this does.
OK, what am I missing out on here?
Today: Je Suis Un Homme. Was my subconscious needing some reminding after I shaved off my moustache? I find this scent a bit meh, frankly, but it certainly lasts, I'll give it that - 14 hours so far.
I generally think of Amouage as cold-weather scents. Maybe Reflection, Ciel and Silver for the warm weather, but the rest are a bit too much for me in summer.
Not yet; bit early for us. With the kids gone, we don't usually bother, but we are having people around on Christmas Day this year, so we'll probably put something together the week before Christmas. It will come down when we get around to it.
Cracked out Eau de Rochas in th heat today. I never regret this one, but it does disappear on me quickly, like a lot of EdC style fragrances. @Geoffrey Firmin I concur with master-classter about Avignon. Very much reminds me of my altar boy days, shaking the censer around the church. Mecca are the distributors of CdG in Australia but I'm not sure that they carry Avignon anywhere for you to sample; you can get it online from them.
New Posts  All Forums: