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Looking forward to your vintage finds M-C. Today was a coldish day as the weather turns southerly. The indian summer is proving resilient, with tops in the high teens and low 20s well into May, but winter is a-coming in. I find I'm reaching for ambers now; today's was HdP Ambre 114.
Habit Rouge EDT. Vintage, from the late 90s. Another courtesy of M-C. Just think, when Guerlain bottled this, everyone was dancing to Macarena.
[[SPOILER]] 20. PedigreePedigree: A Memoir by Patrick ModianoMy rating: 3 of 5 starsPatrick Modiano's brief memoir is more a rat-a-tat collection of brief memories rather than the detailed life story of a famous novelist. The book reveals the very hard childhood that Modiano endured, despatched to various institutions by a father who clearly did not want him around and a mother who was too unreliable to look after him. The prose is written in a staccato style where Modiano...
Bit of an ordinary day today, just a few BB items and a rather nice Pal Zileri wool/linen suit for summer.I did find this, which I picked up on the off-chance. Is this the good stuff? [[SPOILER]]
Been digging into the goodies that M-C sent me. Couple of Ex Nihilo samples The last couple of days: Musc Infini and Oud Vendome. Today is Chanel No 19 EDT.
06130 Cedre today. (Thanks M-C!). When I first sprayed this, I got the tart grapefruit opening, but it soon turned into powdery woods. Not bad, but not exceptional. I'll definitely be wearing this in future.
Sneakerboy. City store would be best; Chaddy is just a pop-uo.
Today I'm wearing Opus 1870, by Penhaligon's. Some of the scents from this house are pretty fleeting on me, such as Juniper Sling, but this one sticks around as a pleasant peppery scent.
[[SPOILER]] 19. Piano LessonsPiano Lessons by Anna GoldsworthyMy rating: 4 of 5 starsAnna Goldsworthy's memoir is an account of her progress from awkward primary schooler attending her first music lesson, to her debut as a concert pianist.At the heart of this book is an affectionate and endearing portrait of Anna's teacher, Russian musician Mrs Eleanora Sivan. The formidable Mrs Sivan is indefatigable in pushing Anna to go beyond mere reproduction and teaches her to try to...
Dries van Noten today, for a country drive in the rain. Creamy sandalwood, vanilla and tonka bean; was working very well, I thought, until the wife reached for her Ventolin.
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