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Ormond Jayne Man again today. So far no complaints.
Thanks for that. i’ve done as you recommended, and also added this guy to my block list.
This situation is getting worse, and I need some advice.The buyer is still refusing to pay, but he wants me to cancel the transaction rather then report him as a non-paying bidder. He claims he will pay if I force the issue.I have two concerns about this:1. If I as the seller cancel the cancellation, it looks like my decision and that I have been the one to back out after agreeing to the sale. It is possible that this may be held against me by eBay and could result in a...
Terre d’Hermes. The wife started complaining the moment I walked out of the ensuite.
Do you really think it’s practical to list shipping costs for every country on earth? Come on.I list domestic shipping and shipping to the USA, these being the most common. I quite clearly state that people from other countries should ask me for a quote before bidding.The auto-decline would not have helped at all in this instance, since it doesn’t know the buyer is a deadbeat.Don’t make this about me. I’m a good and careful seller, but I’m fed up with people who jerk me...
Well yesterday was the one and only time I’ve managed to make a sale with OBO. The buyer has just backed out because he reckons shipping is too expensive (he didn’t ask beforehand) so I have now ended the auction early when it had watchers, all for a non-paying bidder. Sorry, I still think it sucks.
Well after playing around with the “Make Offer” facility a bit, my firm conclusion is “never again”. It seems to bring out the extra special nutcases on eBay, and I have a hard enough time with run-of-the-mill eBay buyers.
CdG Energy C Lime. Another of those summery scents that work their way to the back of the drawer over the cooler months and are such a pleasant surprise when I pull them out on a hot day.
TBM, I am so sorry to read about your sister. She sounds like a beautiful lady, and you have written a lovely memorial to her. My thoughts are with you and your family.
New Posts  All Forums: