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Thanks to Foxy for calling out the Tellason “lucky dip” sale a while ago. My parcel arrived this week - a sand-coloured bomber jacket. For a blind buy, it’s a perfect fit, shoulders, sleeve and chest are all spot-on. I wore it to work today, and a SA in Henry Bucks asked me where I got it.
I remember reading that one when it first came out, and liking it. It’s about the last Hornby book I read. Nothing of his has interested me since.
Next fitting is in mid-June and the final fitting in late June
I’ve been after Anubis for a while now, but nobody sells it here. If I can get hold of a decant someday, I’ll almost certainly go on to buy a full bottle (unless the immortelle is too much). At $160, it looks to be pretty good value compared to Ford and so on. Today is Tom Ford London. Cold and rainy day, and this really hit the spot. I love the spice in this an edit lasts pretty well. When I eventually drain my decant I’m definitely getting more.
Got measured up for my overcoat today at @Oscar Hunt. If ever there was a week to get keen about an overcoat, this miserable week has been the one. On top of the rain and cold, I almost came a cropper in Hardware Lane heading over there, as there had been some kind of spill and it was highly treacherous to walk on. I’ve gone for the emerald green herringbone fabric shown on the right in this pic. It’s a 17oz fabric. I’ve chosen a DB design, 9.5” peak lapels, knee length,...
I still wear an op shop Hermes suit that was MTM by Cifonelli in 1997. It looks great and is in terrific shape. I see no reason why I couldn’t get another five years out of it.The Richard Pratt suits I got were all pristine. I suspect billionaires only wear their Brioni suits once before buying another one.
The very same. Sunday TV in those days was unbeatable; World of Sport, Wrestling and then Epic Theatre. A veritable feast for the eyes, stimulation for both sides of the brain (sports AND sex) and surely laid the foundations of our multi-cultural society today.
Oud Fleur today. Don’t know about this; the oud is of the band-aid variety, and I don’t get much Rose. Dry-down is a pretty basic sandalwood, and it barely lasted 10 hours. Meh.
Well I wouldn’t have cared at all, except they made a big deal out of it in the film. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but the statement is made in the context of Colin Firth telling a young man the rules for dressing properly, and getting it completely wrong in the process. It is indeed a major gaffe, up there with Spartacus wearing a watch in Epic Theatre.
Oh dear, what have I started? Today was Patchouli Absolu. I can’t say I’m a huge patchouli fan; it’s a bit too much Mama Cass for my taste usually. I do like the Dior, and I like this one too. It has a green note to start with, rather than earthiness. When the patch kicks in, it’s relatively civilised; very good for the cold weather we’re having. It’s lasted very well; I’m writing this 16 hours after applying with a dauber and I can still smell it on my wrist easily. The...
New Posts  All Forums: