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Funny you should mention ninja. This is the film I went to see. Fricking hilarious.
Premiered my black suit today. Wore it to work and later to a MIFF film. BTW, this is an op shop fit, other than the shoes and links. Suit: Helmut Lang Shirt: Brooks Brothers Tie: Zegna Couture Square: Palo Albizzati Not shown: black Testoni whole cuts, black Dunhill belt, silver and amethyst Georg Jensen cufflinks.
I have some vintage Must de Cartier that came in a Cartier leather sleeve. I think it pre-dated yours. Another one I need to dig out.Today is Lalique Pour Homme. So far, this is a pretty nice citrus-and-cedar blend. Going out tonight, so I hope it has legs and a decent base.
JMT today. O'Driu are notoriously vague about what's in their scents, but this one seem to be pretty much a jasmine soliflore. Normally I'd see "white floral" and run a mile, but this isn't too bad. I still don't think I want to smell like my mum's back yard though.
To Rach’s point, I have some vintage Moustache that I wore a while ago. I really must dig that out and wear it again. Today I am wearing Passion Boisee.
Bonzer blue. Banking on bringing it to the beer fest If I get a bit of a break with the alterations bloke.
Bit the bullet and bought the blue Boglioli.
Trying a sample of Piguet Alameda today. A mild amber scent, pretty good longevity. I’ll give it a refresh before heading out this evening.
Any thoughts on Boglioli suits? I saw one at the Bucks sale that I’m mulling over. Good fit, but there’s something about the roping on the shoulders that’s making me pause.
Given they now have 25% off sale price, you should return it with somebody who wants to buy it. You get your money back, and they might get it for $195.
New Posts  All Forums: