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[[SPOILER]] 55. Last RitualsLast Rituals by Yrsa SigurðardóttirMy rating: 2 of 5 starsLast Rituals is the first of a series of mysteries featuring Icelandic lawyer Thora Gudmundsdottir. As you'd expect from a Scandinavian crime novel, the novel is built around a gruesome crime: the murder of Harald, a German history student whose mutilated body is found at the Reykjavik University. The police soon identify a suspect and arrest himThora is engaged by the victim's wealthy...
Terre d'Hermes EDT today. No need to describe this to you guys other than to note that I like it a lot and my wife absolutely hates it. Every now and again I forget that and pay the price of spousal disapprobation for the day.
Reflection Man today. This is pretty good for a spring day, and lasts well, but I cannot justify its outrageous price under any circumstances. @rach2jlc, on the subject of old Diors, you might be interested in something I found in an antique shop. Never opened.
The best suggestion I saw on OBO was to set the auto-accept and auto-reject price both at your minimum price. Then you never have to deal with anybody, and you get the benefit of attracting bargain hunters.
Today I wore Racine, one that M-C is a fan on, I believe. This one has quite an unusual opening, a sort of bitter citrus, which I quite like. It's a light citrusy vetiver, with a mossy drydown.
[[SPOILER]] 54. The WakeThe Wake by Paul KingsnorthMy rating: 4 of 5 starsAs I read the first few pages of The Wake I had the feeling that picking it up was a huge mistake. Paul Kingsnorth has written this novel of England at the time of the Norman Conquest in an invented language that approximates Old English. I battled with his style initially, but once the reader gets attuned to the novel's patois the narrative fairly rattles along, with only an occasional need to...
I have a FB of that one, bought at a garage sale. You somehow don't make me want to rush out and try it.
By Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad. This is the last sort of thing I'd exepct to like; a feminine white floral. Despite that, I find myself liking it a lot. It's not too invasive nor girly, and it lasts for many hours. 9 hours so far and it still hasn't reached the dry-down.
Seville a l'Aube today. This is one of my favourites, and one of the first niche fragances that I went FB on. It's orangey and mildly sweet, which means it can be worn year-round. On me it has really good project; I'm still able to smell it easily 13 hours later without having to sniff at my wrists.
This one.
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