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Somthing a bit different today: Les Nereides Imperial Oppoponax. I bought a decant of this at a fund-raiser last weekend. It's a warm, resinous scent, with a bit of vanilla and a slight powdery quality. Longevity is supposed to be pretty good, so it will be interesting to see how this one develps durin gthe day.
Savile Row tux formerly owned by a billionaire available if you're a 44L.
Lyric Man is my favourite Amouage, although I just got my hands on a sample of Interlude, so that may be up for review. Today is HdP Ambre 114. I'm starting to enjoy the amber scents at this time of year, perhaps more than gourmands, and this one has a little bit of pepper cutting the amber that works pretty well.
Vintage Givenchy Gentleman today. A lady friend described this to me as "essence of man", so I had to buy some. It is really a classy scent; perhaps a bit strong on first spray, but with a really nice mix of leather and patchouli developing.
Especially if you've seen the Swedish version of The Bridge.
Yeah, fine. If you can't distinguish between the risk of loss or damage to an umbrella to that of your underwear, then I'm never going to convince you. You must just have a totally different experience of umbrella use than I do.
Today I'm wearing Frapin 1697. It's a warm boozy scent, like you'd expect from a cognac house.
Some people are just never satisfied.Op shop for a quick scarf while you wait for HC to deliver.
I use an Aeropress occasionally. It is fiddly, but my biggest whinge is that you can’t create a crema with it. A long black just looks wrong without a creme.
The point is, learn from your mistake. Buy cheap umbrellas; even the best ones will get damaged or lost eventually.
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