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Those Loakes look excellent Coxy. They are the Strands, aren’t they?
Bois Farine today. This is supposed to be a woody fragrance, but to me it comes across more as a gourmand. I get freshly-baked bread and almonds, as much as I get any woodsy smells. Wife is not keen. I don’t know; maybe I’ll sell this one.
That, and the resolutions offered for some of the most baffling parts of the mystery were complete bollocks.
Someone was asking a while back about Tauerville and Rose Flash. I took the opportunity to ask Andy Tauer about it on FB. This is his reply:Tauerville
[[SPOILER]] 14. The SiegeThe Siege by Arturo Pérez-ReverteMy rating: 3 of 5 starsThe Siege is a sprawling historical novel set in the backdrop of the siege of Cadiz by Napoleon’s army. The core of the novel is a series of vicious murders of young girls, being investigated by the brutal Comisario, Rogelio Tizon. Tizon becomes convinced that there is some kind of link between the murders and the French shelling of the city, but is at his wits' end trying to understand it....
Might not help much but, unless you won’t ship international, I don’t worry about seasonality. It’s always spring/summer somewhere. One of my best sales was a Ferragamo shearling/leather jacket that I sold in the height of summer to a guy in Perth. I can only imagine that he had some travel planned.
CB Where We Are There Is No Here. I swear the opening of this smells like celery, but it dries down OK, to a sort of jasmine and amber scent. Good, versatile choice for a day when the temperature range is from 12 to 28 and we are getting sunshine, cold, rain and thunderstorms. I forgot to post yesterday that I wore Nina Ricci Club. This is one of my favourites among my vintage collection; a strong bergamot opening followed by an evolving, smooth fragrance with a lot going...
Very ordinary day today, although I did find this in the 50% off rack.
Good idea! Hard cases would probably suit for shipping some other fragile items too.
Somehow I expected more from photos of chicks in their PJs.
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