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Yesterday I wore Floid Vigoroso fter shave instead of a fragrance. After the menthol dissipates, it's a mild sweet powdery scent with a bit of sandalwood. Doesn't last long at all, so I think in future I'll wear a frag as well when I use it. Today will be Guerlain Cologne du 68. I haven't worn this for a long time and had forgotten I even had it until I spotted the box hidden at the bottom of the drawer.
What's wrong with brown shoes and a navy suit? They work fine. His lack of a tie is worse, but that was not the criticism being made.
[[SPOILER]] 10. Comfort ZoneComfort Zone by Lindsay TannerMy rating: 2 of 5 starsJack van Duyn is a single, middle-aged white taxi driver working Melbourne's inner suburbs. One day he picks up an investment banker, Matt, who notices some Somali boys being beaten up. Jack and Matt go to the rescue, but get more than they bargained for before the fight is finally broken up.Despite his casual racism, Jack is immediately smitten by the boys' mother, Fahria. He finds a book...
I heard that this morning. Who would take Red Symons' fashion advice?
Chevalier d'Orsay.Very much like this from it's bright floral opening to its sweet musk dry-down. Very versatile seasonally too; handy for those Melbourne days when we get all seasons in the one day.
Mandarino di Amalfi. I've posted about this before and it continues to unexcite me.
That is not a positive.
Cyber Garden today. Bergamot and vinyl. Eh? I've no idea what that means, all I know is that you can barely smell the stuff.
Could you shoe advertisers please get your sh*t together and advertise shoes in the correct size - 10.5UK? Thank you. PS. Anybody getting in on the Epaulet Massdrop offer? I figure they are about $AU250 shipped; not so bad. I like the white alabaster, but two things are holding me back. First is they look like a b*tch to keep clean. Second is that my Epaulet trainers are very tight on me. Their 11US/44.5 should fit my 105UK/45 feet pretty well, but their standard width...
Jil Sander Man today. Aromatic cedar, good projection, lasted about 11 hours. Big plus from me.
New Posts  All Forums: