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[[SPOILER]] 35. The Dalai Lama’s CatThe Dalai Lama's Cat by David MichieMy rating: 2 of 5 starsThe Dalai Lama’s Cat is a series of vignettes recounted by the titular feline. The cat is rescued from the Indian slums and raised by the Dalai Lama and his entourage in the Tibetan Buddhist monastery of McLeod Ganj.In each chapter, the cat tells a story where she observes a human absorbing Buddhist wisdom from the Dalai Lama or one of his followers, which changes their lives....
Memoir Man today. This one has a nasty sour opening; I wonder if it is the wormwood. I really don’t like it, anyway. After the opening it’s quite a reasonable scent, with the typical Amouage incense notes prominent. Still, at the price Amouage fetches, even minor dislike is a deal-killer when it comes to a purchase.
I think I figured it out - it may have something to do with eBay’s two-factor authentication. I created an ad through eBay and went through their SMS PIN routine. After that GarageSale works. on both accounts.
Has anyone tired opening a second eBay account on GrageSale. I am trying to do this, but I keep getting this error when I refresh the access token:The eBay account is already set up, so I’m not sure what is going on here.
Bel Ami. I haven’t worn this for about a year now. Smells great, but I wish it projected better.
I think most people here will guess my answer.The vast majority of my high-end clothing was acquired at op shops, with the exception of shoes, although even there I have a couple of found pairs.The rest is stuff that I bought at Azzarro or other sales/clearance outlets. I finance this by selling op shop stuff on eBay and by saving up my “pocket money”.When I do buy new, I go for MTM from the likes of P. Johnson or Oscar Hunt.I’m under no illusions; I’m a senior...
Balenciaga Pour Homme today.
Ugh.Taste of Heaven today. Another mild vanilla that I quite like, but wouldn’t go to town on. I used my patented scent selection system today, which is at its best during the school holidays. It consists of groping around my sample box in the dark and pulling one out. Mustn’t wake the wife.
Forgot to mention, I wouldn’t just visit Trumper, I’d book in for a shave and a haircut.
Lewin you can get anywhere really, and they’re not that exceptional. If it was for me, I’d be visiting Turnbull and Asser, Hilditch & Key, Harvie and Hudson, and Budd. Might as well check out Hackett, Lobb, TOBS and Geo S Trumper while you’re in the area.
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