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Knize 10 Golden Edition today. One of the most monster leathers I have; makes the Heeley Cuir look like a quivering child.
New Order without Peter Hook just seems wrong, somehow.
There's probably a time when dressing like you don't have much cash is a good idea. I think when you're charged with stealing a shedload of money, breaking out the K-Mart suit and Target shoes might be a better idea.
You have the right to bare arms, so your polo tops are Constitutionally guaranteed as well.
A lady friend of mine described this as "essence of man". That's a big call, but I think it has something that modern fragrances lack. This one is a pioneer in the realm of big, masculine scents. I do like the leather and civet in this.
Check this out
50 already! Nice one Steve.
Vintage Givenchy Gentleman. I'm not actually a huge fan of patchouli usually, but this is certainly one that I liked. I thought it was come on a bit strong in the morning, but I didn't really notice that as the day wore on. Fourteen hours on, it's still there on my wrist.
Today I just could not be arsed, so I wore my could-not-be-arsed staple: Floyd Vigoroso (because it's in the bathroom cupboard).
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