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Very close to me; I will head down there. Thanks.
Been travelling lately, so I've been trying samples. Friday: Ortigia Sandalo. This has to be one of the best sandalwood fragrances I've tried, in the sort of soapy/barbershop tradition. Great longevity and projection. I have grabbed a near FB already. Saturday: nothing .Spent the whole day hauling rubbish and clearing out a house instead. Sunday: Naomi Goodsir Bois d'Ascese. A huge, smoky monster of an opening that I couldn't really get past. Later on it is more of dry,...
Is it just coincidence that we started the Arne Dahl books around the same time, or are you stalking me?
Sported a decant of Parfums d'Empire Ambre Russe today. I get heavy leather and smoked tea from this and with quite a kick at the outset. The drydown is mild incense and musk on my wrist. Two sprays lasted 13 hours.
Thanks.Have you tried using the National Library's Gateway service to track down library books you can't get hold of?The South Australians really have this sussed. One library card covers every library in the state, even for visitors. You can borrow a book anywhere, and return it anywhere else in SA. Fantastic system.
Liam is offering 10% off the entire line on the night as well. That brings Tauer down to below the best price I've found online (Essenza Nobile).
SOTD Nicolai Cologne Sologne (overly-cute name I think) is something that I wouldn't expect to like: a white floral cologne. I think this is a cologne in style rather than in strength, at least it's 11 hour longevity suggests that. I am leery of white florals as they seem girly and make me smell like my wife - I prefer it when people can tell us apart. This one, however, is very pleasing and had me sniffing my wrist regularly through the day, and the neroli is still quite...
And in news that actually matters, Melbourne handed Collingwood a 6 goal hiding today.
Today I'm wearing a mysterious free sample that was sent with my bottle of Pardon. It just has the letter "E" on it. I suspect that it's Eight & Bob.
Pardon today. Finally went FB on this as a local seller was remaindering their stock. A discount of 15% is not huge, but it's better than nothing. This packs a punch, I could even smell it on the wrist that I didn't spray it on (presumably some residue from the bottle). Since it's an extract I sprayed less than usual, but it still stuck around all day and half the night. Nasomatto is expensive, but you could convince yourself it's worth it.
New Posts  All Forums: