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Congrats Matt. Your effort to get there by reading more Alexis Wright deserves bonus points.
Today I'm wearing Armani Code. I'm pretty sure this is the first designer scent that I ever bought, and I still wheel it out occasionally for old times' sake.
What about Skagen? They seem to be pretty freely available in that price range. Might be a little edgy for the purpose, but supposedly decent quality.
That's on my bookshelf somewhere. I should dig it out.
Musc Nomade today.
38. River of Shadows River of Shadows by Valerio Varesi My rating: 3 of 5 stars River of Shadows is the first in a series of detective novels set in Italy’s Po Valley. The novel begins with the Po River in flood and a barge floating down the torrent out of control. When the barge is finally brought to rest, its owner has disappeared. That same day, his brother falls from a window in a local hospital.Commissario Soneri pushes to have these two seemingly unrelated cases...
Wearing Lubin Idole EDT today. Yesterday was Tabac Rouge during the day and M7 as SOTE.
37. Caravaggio: A Passionate Life Caravaggio: A Passionate Life by Desmond Seward My rating: 3 of 5 stars Seward has written a fairly pedestrian biography of the great artist. In part this is because of the paucity of source material on major aspects of Caravaggio’s life, including his origins, the major conflicts that blighted his career, his travels during exile and his death. So there is not a lot for the author to work with. He still manages to present an intriguing...
36. The Swan Book, by Alexis Wright Matt has already reviewed this at length, so I won’t say much. I will say the writing is incredibly sloppy in parts: “etching out a living”, “stuck in a grove”, “a slitter of bone” and “Ghandi” are among the pearlers I found in this. Unless it’s done intentionally - and it clearly isn’t - I find this unacceptable in a major work from an award-winning novelist. Apart from that, bugger-all happens in almost 400 pp apart from a great deal...
What venue?At Dylan's age, my bet is that the half-hour interval involves an oxygen tank and a preventative check-up. Act 2 could be the bit "subject to change".
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