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Today I am wearing the entire Tauer range, just about. I went to the launch of the Tauer line in Australia. I intended to buy LDDM, but smelled Incense Extreme, Phi and Tuberose and couldn't decide what I wanted. I ran my vintage Jicky past the cognoScenti there, and they all agreed that it is in great shape.
Both of my Henleys were acetate. I found them very toughBoth of them were acetate. I found them very strong - I've stood on them and not broken the frame.Good luck with the op shops; that sort of thing would be a great find.
I've bought two Henley frames now, and they are both excellent.
Why not ask her? She replied to my email the next day.
Costume National Homme today.
Thanks. I found her: Alicia Mora-Hyde. I'll see what she can do.
Bit of an out of the way question, but hopefully somebody can help. We just cleared out my mother-in-law's house, prior to sale. In the process I found an antique umbrella. It looks to be made of a wood shaft and handle, and metal struts. I think the tips of the struts are possibly ivory. Surprisingly, the structure and mechanism are completely sound, but there are some rips and holes in the canopy. So does anybody know a place in Melbourne where I could get this...
Very close to me; I will head down there. Thanks.
Been travelling lately, so I've been trying samples. Friday: Ortigia Sandalo. This has to be one of the best sandalwood fragrances I've tried, in the sort of soapy/barbershop tradition. Great longevity and projection. I have grabbed a near FB already. Saturday: nothing .Spent the whole day hauling rubbish and clearing out a house instead. Sunday: Naomi Goodsir Bois d'Ascese. A huge, smoky monster of an opening that I couldn't really get past. Later on it is more of dry,...
Is it just coincidence that we started the Arne Dahl books around the same time, or are you stalking me?
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