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Thereby depriving the poor and under-privileged of $15. Mrs GF does not understand your spirit of generosity.
You can read Kindle books on the iPad if you want to, but each to his own. I read both formats; ebooks so that I always have something handy to read of standing on the train, stuck somewhere for a while, etc.
You can always get these as eBooks, from Amazon et al.
In my case, that's still probably not worth it.
Wearing Iris de Nuit today. Gee, this is disappearing fast on my skin, despite a strong opening. The wife liked it immediately, so I guess it's a keeper despite this.
Acqua di Biella No. 1 todya. Stock-standard cologne, but I quite like it.
Only came to $AU112.50 shipped for me. I suspect this might have something to do with a US shipping address.
Energy C Lime today. Maybe not quite hot enough yet for such a straight citrus, but it was a sunny day and it seemed right.
Depends. Normally I’d agree with Spandexter, especially if the jacket is pin-striped or anything like that.That said. I reckon there are cases where it can work. I have a grey linen Cantarelli orphan jacket that I think looks just fine as a casual jacket. Being linen, it looks casual anyway. I also have a tweed suit (see pic), and I’d wear the jacket from that separately. So generally almost always “no”, but something that looks a bit casual even as a suit, I’d call a...
Just follow APJ. It’s definitely worth you joining as Portia does some excellent give-aways, open to all comers. I won a FB of Penhaligons from her a while ago. Some of my friends are contributors (as am I occasionally) and most articles are worth a read.Details on the Michael Edwards offer are in the list of Recent Posts.
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