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NM. Sold out now.
I’ve read a few of hers and when I saw this I was wondering if it was as good. Tipping the Velvet, Fingersmith, Affinity and The Night Watch are all very good. I thought The Little Stranger was not at the same level as her best work.
Made of the very highest quality stuff. The smell is animalic and musky. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but lots of people like it.
PSA - today only Anyone after Amouage Gold Homme perfume can find it at 50% off on StrawberryNet. This stuff retails at DJs for $387. SN have it for $176. There is a voucher code around that you can try to knock another 10% off: 10HDOFF7S8. If you buy a non-fragrance item in the same order, they all ship for free too.
Will do Pete. I didn’t inquire enough as it turns out - he had a Tauer Zeta, which has been on my list for a while. Damn.Still plenty left apparently. He’ll tell us what he still has for sale, and I’ll clue you in when I know.
Folks StrawberryNet have Amouage Gold 100ml at 50% off - $AU176
Opus 1870 today. A very faint scent, close to the skin. Not very impressed.
Thought Drop 7 was bad, I saw a Corneliani Sartorial jacket in an op shop today that was a drop 8. Dream on Gregory.
Nice, but even if I could sneak into a 40, a drop 7 is out of the question. Good luck with the sale.
Popped on a polo myself today for the first time in a while - a Brunello Cucinelli one I found in an op shop. What I like about this one is that it is slim cut and fits me in the shoulders. The only other polo I’ve ever bought that fit in the shoulders is the PJ one. For some reason, people who design polos think we are all linebackers.
New Posts  All Forums: