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Today is Mandarino di Amalfi. I've WTFed before at how TF can call this "mandarino" when it has no mandarin notes. It has a nice fresh citrus opening, but it's now a pretty close to the skin amber and musk. I wouldn't pay TF prices for this.
Bugger - sleeve is too short.
Try Uniqlo and MJ Bale for chinos. I like my tobacco MJB chinos. I think Brooks Brothers may also stock a tan chino.
Les Couvents des Minimes Lavender and Acacia cologne today. This has lasted quite well for an EdC, and is rather a pleasant if straightforward floral. That siad, I'm getting rid of my FB because the effing sprayer has jammed. I can't sell it, so I may just donate it.
Spraying on your neck and wrists is more noticeable than on your chest, which really is only going to be smelled by you in an office situation.For me it depends on the weather and the fragrance. When wearing an EdC in the hot weather, I'll go one spray to each wrist, the chest and the neck. In the colder weather, when I wear "heavier" scents, I might only go with the wrists, and maybe the chest. Anything that is really full-on, like Noir de Noir or Lyric Man, I eschew for...
Me too.
James Heeley Figuier, or however you spell it. It's not bad, this one, but every time I wear it I think I should have worn Philosykos instead.
I didn't know L'Amour wrote the Cassidy novels. Or is he just one of many?
Sam's in Docklands. Bottom of Bourke St in the Myer building.
Fraid not. CdG is Mecca. Mark Buxton used to be CdG's perfumer; maybe you should try his stuff if you're a fan.Not sure. Best thing would eb to call and ask, and have them send it to you if they have it. Love Tabarome, BTW.
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