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Today is Speakeasy. Not sure I'm a huge fan; it doesn't seem to assert itself much in my skin.
That one was originally written in instalments, although I'm not sure how much of it was done that way . (There were four instalments, I believe). Did it feel that way to you?
I've seen those occasionally in the op shops and wondered where they sprang from. I also saw a "Made in Australia" Brioni recently, with what looked like real Brioni lining, which gave me pause.
[[SPOILER]] 22. Mister RobertsMister Roberts by Alexei SayleMy rating: 3 of 5 starsMister Roberts starts out as a tale of British expats in bucolic Spain. Then Sayle pulls a mind-snapping narrative shift, yanking the reader into an extra-terrestrial space battle. To which the only response can be WTF?Soon things become clearer, as a robot escapes from the battle and winds up in bucolic Spain with one of the expat kids. His mother soon cottons on to the benefits of having a...
Tom of Finland.
Costume National 21 today. Amber and vanilla, with a bit of milk; interesting combination. I liked the amber opening on a cold morning, and the drydown was quite pleasant through the day.
Today I overcome my detestation of its bottle design and wore Bagiotti Roma Uomo. To me this is a great example of how design can let down a pretty good product; it's fugly, so I don't wear it nearly as much as I would if it came in a nicer bottle design. The scent itself is pleasant balsamic stuff.
Same here.Went old school today, with Aramis. This packs a degree of projection missing from almost all my modern fragrances. I guess it's not really an office scent, but I enjoyed wearing it for a change.
Sorry, I'm in Melbourne. Don't really know anything about Sydney, but I would start with op shops in affluent suburbs.Nice find. Quick ways to check Hermes authenticity in store:1. does the grain in the silk run 5 o'clock to 11 o'clock?2. Is there a little loop of thread inside the back blade?3. Google image search of the style number to ensure the pattern is right. Background colour can differ.YMMV. Personally, I have a specific tie in mind that I haven't been able to...
New Posts  All Forums: