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That’s an interesting idea. I don’t go in for layering. It would be interesting to try it with some of my samples, but I have very little idea of how to approach it.Today I wore Tabac Rouge. I guess the question with this one is whether anybody needs both this and TV in their collection. I’d argue yes, there is room for both. The Phaedon goes on honey-sweet from the outset and pretty much stays that way. Very good longevity and projection makes it a good office scent for...
Not sure about this. The example they gave of a guy having alterations done after losing 13kgs - that seems like a bit too much to handle through alterations. If they’re not willing to give him good advice, might be best avoided.Mind you, if Sam wants to come around to my place, I won’t complain.
PSA. Azzaro sale now on. Brioni, Zegna and Cantarelli suits for $500. No idea what they have, but might be worth a visit.
Byredo 1996 today. This is a nice amber scent but in the end the patchouli takes over and it goes quite earthy and smoky. I get a little iris, bit not a lot.
On my list as well.
I did like that one. There seemed to be a rash of automata/clockmaking books going around then: Hugo, The Chemistry of Tears, and quite a few others. Must have been in the zeitgeist.
I almost forgot to mention that I am wearing Memoir Man today.
Honour Man today. I’m impressed by its longevity. Even after emptying out the fish tank, plunging my arm into water repeatedly, I could still smell its peppery scent. Quite like the dry-down on this too.
Today I am wearing Cuir de Russie.
Today I wore Amber Absolute, and a girl at work called Amber liked it. Yesterday I wore French Lover, but no French girl liked it.
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