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Very sorry to hear your news fxh. My condolences.
Vintage Aramis 900 today. This is monster stuff that lasts forever.
Send him my way. I need a job.
Great haul. Oddly enough, this is what I’m most envious of. I just never find dress belts in any kind of wearable condition. Best I’ve done were a couple of NWT stretch plaited belts in anonymous brand. They’re OK, but I’m yet to score anything decent.
February has been pretty steady for me, although I am still learning the ropes.Here in Australia, everyone is on holidays in January - including me - so activity is naturally lower. Plus people are spending their cash on the department store sales and back-to-school. February is a bit more normal, and people are also starting to look for new stuff again. I made twice as many sales this month as in January.
Coincidentally, I just picked up the latest Gaiman/Riddell collaboration at the library: The Sleeper and the Spindle. Riddell’s work in this is sumptuous. I will refrain from claiming this in my tally; maybe we can consider it my 11(b).Gaiman has yet another book out as well, called Trigger Warning. My backlog is growing fast.
I finally got hold of a (tiny) sample of Anubis and am wearing that today. I don’t think I’m feeling this. It has what I would call a tarry opening, like Lonestar Memories in a way. Smoky and rough, and very blokey. Probably not office-friendly, more of an outdoorsy, weekend scent. About 6 hours later it’s pretty much gone. I’ll give it another shot, but I think this is partially to do with the small amount being applied by the dauber, rather than a full spritz. It’s not...
I checked with my latest eBay sale; Print Shipping Label only works for US carriers. Looks like GoDaddy Bookkeeping is also US-only. I’m not having much luck.Bright side, just found a Hermes tie in an op shop, together with a couple of newish “Boss Selection” ties. I think the latter are worth a bit, so I will give them a try.
Thanks. I'll try the eBay labels, but I have the feeling that it doesn't work with Australian postal services.
Possibly a dumb question, but I thought I’d better clarify. I always post to the address provided by Paypal; is that correct procedure?
New Posts  All Forums: