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No great reason. TBH it didn't really come up, because we were talking about copying a coat in the shop that I liked the look of.
MP&G Parfum d'Habit. Learned opinion from the wife: "God, that's strong!".
I'd describe it as a blue-gray wool, with a diamond pattern. Here's a better photo of it, in daylight.
Quite happy with today. Shirts: Alfred Dunhill, Zegna Couture, Charvet: Huntsman navy shadow stripe suit. The name on the "made for" label is intriguing: Christian Kimber suede loafers. (Kimber is/was an SF member, and his shoes are rocked by lots of the Aussie Members cadre). Tiffany cut crystal perfume bottle, along with a bunch of other perfume and toiletries. Notably Le Labo toiletries - tres niche.
L'Artisan's Tea For Two today - the old one. This is one of my favourite tea fragrances, but it does go a bit too sweet on me after a few hours. Probably leans a little towards the feminine.
Last night I received a nice big parcel in the mail - my new MTM peacoat from Hermen. I wore it when out and about today in cold, drizzly Melbourne, and i was warm as toast the whole time. Here's some pictures.
My theory is that you know you've really made it as a designer when your product starts turning up in the op shops. That means you have penetrated the entire supply chain. These are size 7. Happy to let them go, if anybody wants them. Speaking of op shops, today I also found a Huntsman suit. I picked it up because I think it could be made to work for me, but I have a little doubt. The label says Huntsman, not H. Hunstman. Is there a difference? I also think the inside...
Can't help there - I've never tried the vintage.
Knize 10 Golden Edition today. One of the most monster leathers I have; makes the Heeley Cuir look like a quivering child.
New Order without Peter Hook just seems wrong, somehow.
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