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Pardon today. Dark chocolate to go with the Easter eggs.
It is pronounced with a hard "g" isn't it? That's how the Indonesian airline is pronounced. It's named after the mythical man-bird from Hindu legend; presumably Jul et Mad are using the same name.
Fans of the unbreakable over the unloseable might be interested in this Massdrop offer. Being an "unloseable" fan, I don't really know if this is a good deal once our exchange rate kicks in.
Antaeus. I feel a bit cheated because I washed most of it off doing housework. Might give it another run tomorrow.
That was a frightening day for me. I'd arranged for the wife to pick me up in Russell Street after work, before we headed to Hall's Gap for a holiday. The entire city was blocked off, and nobody was saying what was going on. In the days before either of us had a mobile, we couldn't find one another and had no way of tracking one another down. After a couple of hours wandering around, she happened to drive past me on Victoria St, and we finally hooked up, to great relief.
Today I wore Richard James Savile Row. This is a very good office scent, discreet, elegant, soft florals and soft leather. I have a few tuberose fragrances that are brash screamers, but this one is refined.
[[SPOILER]] 13. Balancing ActQuarterly Essay 61 Balancing Act: Australia Between Recession and Renewal by George MegalogenisMy rating: 4 of 5 starsIn Balancing Act, George Megalogenis argues that Australian governments of all stripes have lost sight of their proper role in the economy and are pursuing policies that are likely to lead the country into deep recession.Megalogenis is one of the less rabidly-insane commentators to have emerged from the Murdoch stables in recent...
Jaipur Homme today.. Like this one as a creamy oriental, very good for office wear.
Me neither, but I bought it anyway.
[[SPOILER]] 12. Red LightRed Light by Graham MastertonMy rating: 2 of 5 starsA grisly murder occurs in Cork. A man has been found dead in a room, with his hands cut off and his face blown away. A terrified young woman is in there with him, but she is in no condition to talk. DS Katie Maguire is called upon to investigate.Katie is also investigating the activities of vice king Michael Gerrety, and is determined to bring him down. As the murder investigation proceeds, it...
New Posts  All Forums: