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Stunned to see this in an op shop today. Will fit me very nicely with the sleeves shortened. Sent from my GT-I9507 using Tapatalk
I saw that one. Good colour, but it’s wool, not silk.
Alameda today. This is earthy and sweet, patchouli and amber, and has good legs. Pretty good fragrance from Piguet, but not something I’m going to go FB on.
Wearing Montale’s Intense Cafe today. This is an unusual Montale in that it’s not an oudh. I like it a lot, but it should be called Intense Rose instead.
Wrecked one of my favourite ties yesterday, putting a big pull into it in the front of the blade. It’s now unwearable. It’s a TM Lewin solid purple woven tie that I found in an op shop for $1. Doesn’t sound very mainstream, but I wore it all the time with grey and navy suits, pinstripes and solids. I’ve been having a look around for a similar tie. Nothing at Bucks. Lewin still stock a very similar one for about $80, but I think at that price point I’d be shooting for...
Does anyone have much experience of the Santa Maria Novella line? A parfumerie nearby has started stocking them, and I’m wondering it there’s anything particular I should check out.
Anything that has been worn, for whatever period of time, is NOT NWOT.
Jubilation for Men today. I’m not sold on this one. It lacks a bit of oomph and doesn’t last too well either.
I hope you're not implying that fxh and I have exchanged PBFs. :-0
Not communicable. At least Blahman doesn’t seem to have caught it. Only fxh, I think, and I suspect he already had it.
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