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Weeeell, comparatively speaking …
Caron Pour Un Homme.
Well, I got there. Finally. I’m not going to make my target of 70, but will plough on anyway and see where I end up. 49. Two More Pints Two More Pints by Roddy Doyle My rating: 1 of 5 stars Two Irish guys get together regularly in the pub and indulge in craic over a pint. Doyle has them chatting about who’s died, the Royals, football, celebrities and politics. Zero insights. Not funny. Even at this brief length, not even remotely worth your time. View all my...
Noir Epices for me too. Bitter opening, but it is very nice in the dry down. Fading pretty quick; only lasted about 5 hours.
Mark is an active member of a FB group I am in. I haven’t tried his stuff yet, but a few of the other members have, with consistently positive reviews. He’s also got positive reviews (albeit from a mate) on Australian Perfume Junkies. The review may be a bit biased, but it does give more information about the fragrances.Judging from his website, Mark does ship overseas.
Can’t really say, as this is the first of his I’ve read. Winter’s Bone was made into a high-profile film that did well at Sundance and other film festivals, so it is probably his best-known. I believe that Tomato Red figured in the literary prizes when it came out, but I haven’t read it.
Seem to recall the boot was on the other foot not so long ago. Call it a draw.
Tabac Rouge today. Thunderstorms and driving rain, seems right.
48. Winter’s Bone Winter's Bone by Daniel Woodrell My rating: 4 of 5 stars Winter's Bone is a taut, pacy drama set in the remote backwoods villages of the Missouri Ozarks. Where 16 year old Ree Dolly comes from, you don't ask questions. Since her father Jessup left them, Ree is stuck raising her two little brothers and caring for her mentally disturbed mother. When the local sheriff tells Ree that her father has jumped bail and they are all about to be evicted, Ree...
NM. Sold out now.
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