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Mona di Orio Amber today. I can't say that I really noticed this all day, which I guess means its projection is low. It's not going to replace TF AA as my favourite amber any time soon.
I'll be there. This reminds me; I went to Hermen's pop-up last weekend. Mitch told me that they support Suitably Connected, and offer a 15% discount if you bring in some clothing to donate to the cause when you place an order. Nice initiative.I deal with M-C often. He's a great guy with quite a few TF decants going. He usually has some of the discontinued stuff too. Unlike a lot of USA members, he's fine with shipping to Australia. Mind you, the $A is starting to hurt on...
Last 3 days, I've worn Phi and LDDM. Bit of a Tauer zeigeist happening?
Interesting article here about Zegna buying into a NSW sheep station .
[[SPOILER]] 17. Black RunBlack Run by Antonio ManziniMy rating: 3 of 5 starsRocco Schiavone is a Roman cop who has been exiled to the snowbound North after landing in some serious trouble. He hates the place and yearns to return home. He is unprepared for what he encounters when called to attend a gruesome death on the mountain ski run.The degree of damage to the corpse makes identification very difficult, but forensics helps Rocco to eventually identify the dead man as a...
[[SPOILER]] 16. The Lost SailorsThe Lost Sailors by Jean-Claude IzzoMy rating: 3 of 5 starsA freighter is stuck in the port of Marseilles due to the bankruptcy of the owner. All of the crew have left except for the Lebanese captain Abdul, the Greek first mate Diamantis and a Turkish seaman, Nedim.Each of these men is staying for his own reasons, that became clear after a while. They are taciturn and insular men, unable to share their concerns with one another, and unsure...
Can't remember his name, but there was a member here a while ago whose idea of design was to cut holes in shirts, ties, etc. Has he made a comeback?
Couldn't say; it's years since I bought them, and can't recall what I paid.
Phi today. I went to the Tauer launch last night and enjoyed many free G&Ts along with the frags. I couldn't decide on anything on the night, so I decided to head back to my samples and re-acquaint myself with some of my favourites. This one didn't do it for me in the end; overwhelmingly floral and somewhat sneezy. I will probably end up being boring and buying LDDM, if only because my sample is almost done.
I can definitely agree with that. In previous sales, I have picked up; Kiton, Brioni, Ferragamo, Borrelli, Stefano Ricci, Marinella, Tallbott, Zegna, T&A, etc.
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