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Funny, I had never heard of Yosh until I won a decant yesterday, and they crop up again here straight away. The rumour mill here is going on about the Lauder takeover of Malle and what it means for the FM line. Consensus seems to be that Une Fleur de Cassie will be discontinued, so perhaps fans should stock up.
What are they expecting?
Here’s the current lot; more coming.Highlights right now are Richard Pratt’s tux, a 44 Brioni suit and a full bottle of Amouage Gold Homme.
Go for the Noir de Noir.
I think the detective writer Robert B. Parker tried his hand at some westerns as well. The film Appaloosa was based on one of his. Shane and The Ox-Bow Incident are both excellent. I haven’t read Max Brand, but he’s supposed to be good.
Sadly, it isn’t going to work. I guess MJB do MTM, because this one has the shortest sleeves I’ve encountered. The suit fits like about a 42R, the shoulders are a bit wider than my 18”, but the sleeves are only about 22” long, at a guess. Since it has functioning buttonholes I can never get it to fit, so it’s off to eBay.
Fou d'Absinthe
Tick. Onto my wish list. Sounds great.Has anyone read Angelmaker? How does that one stack up?
I’m amazed that you’ve never got around to reading that one before Steve.
YSL Pour Homme today.
New Posts  All Forums: