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Was having a very ordinary day today until I made one final stop. Found all this in one place. Suede, lined with leather ... Double-sided ... A first for me. Selvage too ... Another first ... Not sure what to make of this one. It fits, but I don’t have any big game to shoot at around here ...
Invasion Barbare. I am retesting this to check if my skin really does react to it. (Given that it used to react to IC but now doesn’t).
That wasn’t because of your SOTD, surely?
You mean DAAS? They played the Melbourne Comedy Festival, but I didn’t get there. I saw Tim last year, but it was not really a comedy show at all; it was him talking about his MS, very affectingly.
For the gentlemen who are built for comfort, not speed.
That was a bit of a strange one. Would you call Ronson’s stuff gonzo journalism?
Weekend plans: Friday: Pizza and red wine. Mad Men finale and telly. Luxuriate in Carlton getting their arse kicked. Saturday: Maintenance. Haircut, cooking, fish tank. Play with my new iPad. Sell some shit on eBay. (Any size 46es needing an overcoat should ping me). Sunday: Take the kids to the women’s game at the MCG. Despair at Melbourne getting their arse kicked. Dinner on my son at a place of his choosing. Beer.
As you know, I’ve already bought Noir de Noir and Cafe Rose, so no issues there. London I’m almost out of; you’ll be hearing from me soon.I don’t think Costa and the other summery scents are getting a fair shake at this cold time of year, so I’m going to re-assess them in the spring.Today’s scent was Piper Negrum. I was so flat-out today I barely noticed that I had it on, but it is one that I really like.
Shoe fit is a challenge for me. I’ve got quite a few that are a bit too long, others that a re a bit firm in the heel. Leaving aside sneakers and runners, probably my most comfotable pair are my AFPOS Spencer wholecuts (by Alfred Sargent). Surprisingly, because I sized down on these on AFPOS’ recommendation. They’re snug to get on, but they really do fit like a glove when worn.
Stunning. I like it, but I’m sure my wife would hate it.Here are a couple of the ones we’ve hung. The abstract is a Melinda Harper, and the other is a Janine Daddo. She’s an artist on the rise apparently; she was commissioned to do one of Melbourne’s art trams.
New Posts  All Forums: