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ANZAC Day is observed in Turkey as well, and we are all good buddies now that we have stopped shooting at one another. Much as the Japanese are one of our biggest trading partners now.
Same thing.
You and I are definitely working off the same reading list, although you are much further down it.
My father wanted nothing more than to forget all about it. He never spoke a word about his military service and he never introduced any of his war buddies to us, not even to my mother. She met them at his funeral.Truly a lot of tosh gets talked about ANZAC Day and the one lesson we ALWAYS seem to forget is never to do it again.
Wearing Cuir Ottoman today. Perhaps an insensitive choice, given that today is ANZAC Day, the day that we commemorate Australian war dead in an attack on the Ottoman Empire. Oh well.
Allure Homme today. I really enjoy wearing this on cooler days. I have a meetup with some SFers tomorrow. I’d better be on my game; probably something from Tom Ford, maybe AA or TL.
This is already happening with a large number of niche perfume suppliers, where there is a lot of extra shipping regulation here.
I have a similar issue, related to a large thrift haul from the estate of a billionaire.I'm uncomfortable about naming him in my ads, in part because he was a somewhat divisive figure; it could be counter-productive. (For example, he was chair of an AFL club lots of people hate).What I do is in the listing text I say that it was owned by a billionaire. Occasionally I put "dress like a billionaire" in the subtitle for an exceptional piece. When somebody buys, I often tell...
Sorry, haven’t read it.
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