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I'm in Sydney next week, Wednesday and Thursday. Anyone want to go on a date? Per Ernesto's suggestion, we can talk about the Coat Hanger, or how interesting I am, whatever is least boring.
Plenty of opportunity to allow your "qualities" to come through during a long conversation, but a first date is just a step in a long process (34 years long in my case). The aim is to get a second date, assuming you want one, and a girl is nearly always going to be more attracted to somebody who she thinks is interested in her. If she doesn't feel that, you're wasting your time. And the more you find out about her, the more you'll know about whether you want to continue,...
Azzarro is a bit out-of-the-way compared to those others, being down in South Melbourne. They also have their specials on Saturdays now, which is unfortunate. Mind you, Luciano is selling Brioni DB suits for $700 now, so maybe that's worth a tram trip for you.Uniqlo and Up There are very close to one another, if that helps. Some nice bars near there too, like Du Nord and Kirks, and a great French creperie in Hardware Lane. You could also go into the Fragance Hall in Myer...
I haven't dated anybody since 1980, so I am probably disqualified from comment, but in general I think on a first date you should be showing as much interest in her and her enthusiasms as you can. Ask her if there's a film or a show she's been keen on seeing, or a restaurant she likes. Listen to her more than talk about yourself and learn as much about her as you can, identifying with her whenever you strike common ground ("oh, right, yeah, I detest League too").
Vintage Chanel Pour Monsieur today. Starting Sunday is National Op Shop Week here. To get in the mood, I'm wearing as many op shop outfits as I can for a week. I thought I'd top it off with a scent I bought in an op shop as well.
In honour of National Op Shop Week next week, here is WIWT, including some op shop finds: Zegna Su Misura SB 2B pinstripe navy suit Brooks Brothers lavender FC shirt Double-sided Lanvin belt (which you can’t see). (God I suck at selfies).
Another rose scent for me today: Aramis 900
How did that one escape me? I feel a weekend jaunt coming on.
Sillage is a bit much, I think. I oversprayed too, because it has to last all night, which didn't help.
Wearing Lyric Man today. Speaking of office scents, this one isn't.
New Posts  All Forums: