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Floris Cefiro today. Pretty undistinguished cologne, with only fleeting longevity. Still, we are getting gale force winds; maybe it got blown away.
More spring, more veitver. Couer de Vetiver Sacre today.
Hugh Parsons Hyde Park. I started wearing this last Spring. Its greenness just says cricket, sunshine, parks and gardens to me. I don't like a lot of this barbershop line, but I really like this one.
I wore the discontinued Lacroix Tumulte today. This one is almost a perfect office scent: nice woodsy smell, not too obtrusive, lasts all day. Just what I look for in a frag. I guess I will run out of it one day and then struggle to find it again, but hopefully not too soon. Vintage find on the weekend was a half-full bottle of Evyan Great Lady in a goldtone presentation case. I also saw a 1930s era gold plated Gillette Aristocrat, but balked at the price.
SOTD. Blind buy off eBay, but I was persuaded to try this after Rach's, recommendations on Roudnitska a while back. It was a risk, but all good. Smells very good still, and has this lovely, powdery drydown after a bright citrus opening. I've been wearing two dabs for about 6 hours now and it still lasts. Oakmoss is just starting to make an entrance. Very pleased.
[[SPOILER]] 44. Gold Fame CitrusGold Fame Citrus by Claire Vaye WatkinsMy rating: 4 of 5 starsWatkins' debut is a dystopian novel set in a California where endless drought has caused a vast dune sea to engulf the Mojave and the Sierras, creating a society of climate refugees desperate for water and for escape.Luz and Ray are two such displaced persons. Living in a mansion abandoned by a starlet, they decide to take her vintage Karmann Ghia and head for Seattle and safety....
[[SPOILER]] Been away on holidays and trying to up my reading. Haven't had time to write full reviews, but here's some snippets.41. Zero K, by Don DeLillo. **This starts off with a very interesting premise about wealthy people getting themselves cryogenically frozen to achieve immortality. However the second half of the book mostly drops this plot line and is almost entirely the vapid musings and philosophising of a not-very-appealing narrator, the son of the billionaire...
Got that one, and looking forward to reading it. My favourite Go-Betweens story is when they were due to play a set on a big US TV show. Foster (a cross-dresser) asked McLennan if it would be a good time to wear his new yellow dress, to which Grant said absolutely, it would be the perfect time.
[[SPOILER]] 40. BeastBeast by Paul KingsnorthMy rating: 4 of 5 starsPaul Kingsnorth's new novel is a short account of a man's retreat from modern society. Edward Buckmaster, presumably a descendant of Buccmaster from The Wake, leaves his wife and child behind and heads to a derelict cottage in the moors to live as a hermit.Buckmaster has a terrible accident and, unable to seek help, ends up in a primal survival state. While he is out one day, from the corner of his eye he...
[[SPOILER]] 39. The Secret ChordThe Secret Chord by Geraldine BrooksMy rating: 4 of 5 starsI've enjoyed a few of Geraldine Brooks' recent novels, notably March, so I was keen to see what she did with the life story of King David.The story is narrated by the prophet Natan, who first encounters David as the leader of an outlaw band in the time of Shaul. David kills Natan's father, whereupon Natan is seized in a prophetic fit and foretells David's future as a great king....
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