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Not too bad, although nothing hugely special. EZ Su Misura black cords EU48R Gucci black jeans, EU48. Almost certain these are fake, but they were in the 50% off bin, so worth a risk. PRL by Corneliani navy blazer, 46R Brioni tie Fray puppytooth blue shirt, 17.5 (first for me) Alan Flusser top (another first). Nothing special, but I picked it up because it fits, mostly. That and it was 50% off. BB shirt. Turns out to be too baggy, so I will re-donate...
I have a decant that I got from LuckyScent IIRC. Essenza Nobile has the EDP for 140 euro (incl VAT). They ship to AU.
Of the Byredo range, Sunday Cologne is my favourite. Not wearing any scent today; no point with a head cold like the one I have.
Something very different today: Ciro Danger. This is long discontinued, so I'm quite lucky to have a 10ml decant. This is a spicy oriental, bit ambery, really, really nice.
Not necessarily - a good tailor should be listened to. Ask him what his reservations are. I’d also take a hyper-critical look at the suit, any signs of wear, shine, bubbles, holes etc. You want to look your best. If it passes muster as suitable for a wedding then you might go ahead.
Without seeing the suit close up, I’d say yes, if it’s going to come up looking sharp. I’ve bought op shop suits and forked out $200 to get them made to fit perfectly. I have no trouble justifying $220 for a perfectly-fitting used Brioni.
Don't know about Flinders Lane, but they did occupy a cranny at 90 Collins Street, where Jan Logan is now. You're right that they did MTM: I had about 4 MTM suits made up by them in the 90s, including a dinner suit from Dormeuil fabric. They were my first MTM venture.
[[SPOILER]] 39. CrimeCrime by Ferdinand von SchirachMy rating: 4 of 5 starsFerdinand von Schirach is a defence attorney working in Germany. His book Crime is a series of stories about some of the more unusual cases and defendants that he has represented.Every one of these stories grabbed my interest and held it to the end. The author has a no-nonsense, matter-of-fact style, and there is none of the melodrama you often find in such books. von Schirach doesn't shy away from...
Inspector Mock series
@Henry Carter Jason is there any prospect of you re-stocking the cashmere iPad gloves that you had a while back? Mine are getting a bit ratty, and I would love another pair. Everyone I’ve shown them to thinks they’re great.
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