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To each his own Gerry. I simply can’t be bothered any more. I’ve been badly burned in the past by SF blowhards having a go at my outfits, and I’m a bit less inclined to be positive about it as a result, I guess. It’s not for me, and I think I’ll just refrain now.
Which is sort of my point. Is it a photography competition? Fine, then say so. I’m aware of my limitations there, which is why I don’t like getting into that. I still think that people who think solid ties are “loud” and discreetly striped suits are “patterned” are living in a very strange conservative place that I don’t dwell in.
I already did. The experience did nothing to change my dislike of putting pictures of myself up on SF (outside this thread).
Byredo Green today. I don’t mind this, maybe it’s the petitgrain.
Maybe, but the way the poll is going it will be won by a guy who is not even wearing a patterned suit. I would have thought that part of the whole deal here is that people understand these concepts and don't need a photo to tell them what "patterned suit" means.
I know I sort of said this before, but some of those guys dress so conservatively, they don’t even understand any concept beyond the most discreet "good taste”. It’s a pretty basic thing: suits are either solid, striped or patterned. Anybody who enters a striped suit in this challenge is just showing off his ignorance, and ought to be ruled out.
I ordered the digital version, so no such issues.I’m sure there will be a few Modiano publications hit the bookshelves in short order.
One of my favourites. I have three versions: the original, when it was just called Hermes EdC, Orange Verte, and the Concentree. I like ‘em all.Today I’m wearing Nicolai Pour Homme.
I’d buy those like a shot, if only you shipped internationally.
Job interview, so I toned it down a little. FM Vetiver Extraordinaire
New Posts  All Forums: