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Russian Tea again today. The cold weather is here (at least by our standards) and I am now hankering for leather, booze, amber, spice, gourmands etc. I’m about to start a Tom Ford binge, thanks to master-classter.
Book Depository has it for $43 shipped. They are ultra-reliable in my experience
Chaps, I have some Tom Ford samples that I don’t need. If anyone’s keen, PM me. There are 1ml samples each of: Tobacco Vanille Tuscan Leather Oud Wood Noir de Noir Cafe Rose Amber Absolute. Prefer not to split.
Attica would be among the priciest and it’s degustation menu is about $200 with matched wines, but that’s only 5 courses, not 8. Menu choices look wrong too - too mundane for them.Vue de Monde has relocated, and I don’t think the “heritage, stone walls” description fits them. Maybe Bistro Vue, at their old site. State of Grace is in a heritage-listed building, but hardly the #1 degustation menu in Melbourne.
Sounds great Matt.
Tabarome today. I’m pretty meh about a lot of the Creeds; Aventus, SMW, VIW et al do little for me. This is one that I do like, especially in wintry weather. The spice/tobacco/leather combination is like comfort food. Unlike a lot of other Creeds, I can still smell it at the end of the day, too.
Penhaligon’s Sartorial today.
[[SPOILER]] 23. All the Birds, SingingAll the Birds, Singing by Evie WyldMy rating: 4 of 5 starsAll the Birds, Singing is set in a remote island off the coast of Britain, and in the scorching heat of the Australian outback. The central character, Jake, is living on the island running a small sheep farm on her own, and her sheep are dying violently from some kind of mysterious attack. A stranger turns up on her farm, giving her grounds for suspicion.The book also tells the...
Poivre Piquant. Another L’Artisan that doesn't L’Arst long enough.
Which could be anywhere or everywhere, I guess. Odd. Thanks for the info.
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