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Not in this backwater, sadly. There is FM distributor in Australia and they don’t stock the individual 10 mls.
So today is another I haven’t worn for a while: Musc Ravageur. One of my favourite vanilla scents, definitely not a cooking smell. This is one of the FMs I’d go FB on. My thinking on FMs is to look at buying one of the sets of 3 and then selling the other 2 on eBay. I’ll give that a go some day and see how it works.
I have been wondering. Which do people recommend: Intense or Essence? I have the traditional EdC..Today I wore Jubilation XXV. This one is more civilised than Memoir or Interlude. I thought I detected a bit of citrus in the opening, but it must have been the berry note. It’s a nicely balanced scent and lasts well. I could get used to this.
Shoulders are always a problem for me in MTM because mine slope naturally, but the right one has dropped as well. Shoulder points are wider than usual, but I guess that is necessary because it needs to be wider than my jacket.What you are seeing gin the waist could be the excess fabric issue I referred to. I lost some waist suppression in sorting that out. We’ll see how it ends up after a few wears.I plan on taking daylight photos this weekend. Right now it is always dark,...
Red letter day today, or maybe green. I picked up my new overcoat from Oscar Hunt. Here’s some early pics. Please excuse their crappiness; they looked better in the camera preview. Dark green herringbone wool, knee length, DB, horn buttons (3 on sleeves), burgundy lining and a wide interior pocket that will hold a book, my test kit, and/or an iPad. I’m pretty happy with it. About the only concern is that there is a bit of excess fabric just above my right hip. We...
Epic Man today. This is gooderer, but still not in FB territory (given the RRP of an FB).
[[SPOILER]] 35. The Dalai Lama’s CatThe Dalai Lama's Cat by David MichieMy rating: 2 of 5 starsThe Dalai Lama’s Cat is a series of vignettes recounted by the titular feline. The cat is rescued from the Indian slums and raised by the Dalai Lama and his entourage in the Tibetan Buddhist monastery of McLeod Ganj.In each chapter, the cat tells a story where she observes a human absorbing Buddhist wisdom from the Dalai Lama or one of his followers, which changes their lives....
Memoir Man today. This one has a nasty sour opening; I wonder if it is the wormwood. I really don’t like it, anyway. After the opening it’s quite a reasonable scent, with the typical Amouage incense notes prominent. Still, at the price Amouage fetches, even minor dislike is a deal-killer when it comes to a purchase.
I think I figured it out - it may have something to do with eBay’s two-factor authentication. I created an ad through eBay and went through their SMS PIN routine. After that GarageSale works. on both accounts.
Has anyone tired opening a second eBay account on GrageSale. I am trying to do this, but I keep getting this error when I refresh the access token:The eBay account is already set up, so I’m not sure what is going on here.
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