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Couldn't agree more. Mexican silver, loads of Art Deco MOP, Versace, Cartier, plenty of double-sided links, snap links. Huge range of nice stuff, nearly all under $20.
Trying out my sample of Boy today. It's all bit meh for me, I'm afraid. There's a fleeting citrus at the start, but it shifts to a pretty average lavender quite quickly. I don't get a huge almond note from the heliotrope, although there is a faint nuttiness and vanilla, I guess. A bit of powdery musk at the end. Fragrantica reviewers suggest that this is close to Caron Pour Un Homme, which is about a quarter of the price. I have a sample of that too; I might do a...
Baldessarini Amber today. Compteently-executed Amber fragrance, but it's never going to dislodge Amber Absolute, Ambre 114 or Ambre Sultan.
Le Galion Special for Gentlemen today. I don't get much of a balsamic warmness off this; more of a lavender bomb. Today was effing coled, so I would have preferred something more in the amber realm, I think.
Bill Cunningham has died. This is not a good year, so far.
[[SPOILER]] 26. The Sixth ExtinctionThe Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth KolbertMy rating: 4 of 5 starsRobert McCrum rated The Sixth Extinction as one of the greatest non-fiction books ever written. While I wouldn't go that far, it is certainly an interesting and disturbing read. Kolbert goes through the great extinction episodes in prehistory and explores the science that attempts to explain them. Each chapter focuses on an extinct or endangered life...
Ex Nihilo Venenum Kiss. Thanks M-C for the sample. I can't pick the dominant note in this; I'm guessing its the styrax. It projected well through the day, and is still there on skin late in the evening.
Found in the op shop today. Very happy with the fit. It's cotton, so might not see much airtime until spring.
The same thing happened when the UK joined the EU, surely.
L'inc, I'll see your Dior Homme and raise you an Intense.
New Posts  All Forums: