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Not sure who was reviewing The Three-Body Problem, but Amazon has the sequel on special today.
That upr-crust guy must be the most conservative dresser in creation. What he thinks is daring and difficult is everyone else's definition of boring.Voted for SYSYC myself.
8. Burial Rites Burial Rites by Hannah Kent My rating: 4 of 5 stars Burial Rites is a very accomplished debut novel, especially since its Australian author sets her story in 19th-century Iceland.The story is that of Agnes Magnusdottir, the last person to be executed in Iceland. Agnes, with two accomplices, has been found guilty of the brutal murder of a local healer and his colleague. The local District Commissioner commands that she be billeted with an unwilling family of...
7. The Consorts of Death Consorts of Death by Gunnar Staalesen My rating: 4 of 5 stars In The Consorts of Death Staalesen reaches back into Varg's early days working for social services. He and a colleague go into a drug den and take away a little baby called Johnny Boy from his addict mother Matte and her thug boyfriend Terrje.Johnny Boy is fostered out and Varg runs into him again as a six year old when his foster father is found dead. He is fostered again, and about ten...
@Master-Classter @fxh @The Ernesto Guys I am going to have to decline tomorrow night. Something has come up. Sorry to miss out on meeting you MC.
Next level tailoring? Would you do it? Alton Lane Body Scan Fitting
Sounds good.
Silly US import - like Halloween.
I can do Tuesday.
@The Ernesto You might want to try Polo Ralph Lauren Green, which has leather, tobacco AND pine. I would also like to plug local firm Evocative Perfumes' Siberian Fir
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