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That sorta goes without saying, doesn’t it?
Mitsouko today. Not sure why I chose this, or even if I like it that much.
I remember people dressing like that after Urban Cowboy came out, but that was way before 1989.
My go-to scent for a job interview is Mark Birley. Since I don’t have an interview today, I’m wearing what is probably my run-away-from scent for an interview: Black Afghano.
Not La Fin du Monde?
I guess that’s what I’m saying. RMWs are a work boot, designed for kicking around. They are not office attire, and hence shouldn’t need to be polished. Remind me of that ridiculous guy who works at ANZ and rocks up to the CBD office every day in his ankle length Drizabone and a cowboy hat. He looks like he belongs on the set of McCloud.
I agree. If ever a shoe was supposed to look beaten-up and worn, it’s your RMWs.
Tough one this. I only got 3 right, and I read a fair bit of crime fiction. Maybe some of you guys can do better. Quiz - name the detective from the description
Having selected one form the bottom drawer yesterday (M-Z) it is time to give one of the A-Ls a go. I am wearing Acca Kappa 1869 solely due to its position in the alphabet. That, and because it is a relatively mild leather fragrance suitable for wear all year round, and a pretty good bargain at the price.
New Posts  All Forums: