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TF TV today. Don't think there's much I could tell you guys about this that you don't already know.
Well done. I feel like a positive sluggard in this company. Need to pick up my game a bit.
Does that mean you've hit your 50 GF? Well done!
Fragrantica dates it at 2009.Today I'm wearing Black Afgano. Maybe not the best choice for the office, but I'm going out tonight and needed a longevity monster.
Rach have you tried AdP's Magnolia Nobile maybe? Today I'm wearing vintage Givenchy Gentleman. I'm not a huge patchouli fan, but this one really works for me. I still stand by the description a lady friend of mine gave it: "essence of man".
You would have loved the mismatched pair of Cleverleys I saw in the op shop last weekend. One shoe was well wider than the other. I returned them thinking they'd be useless, but all along I could have sold them to you!
Today I am wearing vintage Monsieur de Givenchy. This was an eBay find, in a lot with Gentleman and Interdite. Monsieur is a citrus-woody scent with neither dominating - very refined. I had another skin reaction yesterday, to the Gucci Pour Homme. I think I understand why the EU moved to control some fo the ingredients in these older frags.
Vintage Gucci Pour Homme today.
Not so much a brag today as a sob story. Shoes are crap in Melbourne op shops; I find almost nothing in decent condition other than a few Ballys. So I was shocked to go into an op shop on Saturday and find a pair of Alfred Sargents. Right next to them was something that really got me going - a pair of Cleverleys. I most definitely have never seen them in an op shop; they are hardly sold anywhere here. I paid for both pairs and got home. Took them out of the bag to brag...
New Posts  All Forums: