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Couer de Vetiver Sacre and the Guerlain Vetiver are my favourites. I don't mind Creed Original Vetiver either. Today's frag is Honour Man, first time trying from a decant I got. Mostly mild pepper on me; I'm not sure what geranium is supposed to smell like, but I might be getting a bit of that. I'm over my gastro and can actually smell now, which helps.
Sadly, this still strikes close to the bone: Definition of Styleforum
Someone has been waxing lyrical, probably about Gerry … Ode to a Man in Dress Clothes When I see a man in a dress shirt, I want to walk up behind him, place my hand between his shoulders, to rest it there for a moment. I think about his socks, how he chose one pair that morning and the rest are still at home in a drawer. And his shoes - god those shoes, they break me, especially when they're polished, what does he do to make them shine like that, yes, all it takes is...
Today I am wearing Olympic Orchids Osafume. Haven't been able to form an impression as I've been making calls on the porcelain telephone all day.
So will I, but it won't stop me trying. I remember some a*hole journalist giving away the ending of Series 1 because she assumed everybody must have seen it. Very annoying.
Guys, I'm begging you. Take this stuff to a GoT thread somewhere where I can avoid the spoilers. Due to the Murdochracy, I have to hold out for the Blu-Ray.
Please STFU about Game of Thrones. Not everyone has Fox.
Keiko Mecheri Oliban today. Maybe the most discreet incense frag I've ever encountered.
Something very different today. Last night I finally got the stopper out of a vintage bottle of cologne that I found in an antiques market. I gave it a dab test last night and it seemed fine, so I decanted some and it is my SOTD today. It's called Christy Eau de Cologne, and probably dates somewhere in the 50s-60s. I can't find out anything about it and therefore have no reference points, so I'll have to fall back on my weak descriptive skills. I'd call it an aromatic...
New Posts  All Forums: