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[[SPOILER]] 28. Bitter RemedyBitter Remedy: An Alec Blume Case by Conor FitzgeraldMy rating: 2 of 5 starsBitter Remedy is a pretty ordinary effort at Mediterranean noir, and not a patch on the likes of Camilleri or Izzo. Chief Inspector Alec Blume has the requisite laundry list of personal faults; he has separated from his wife and has a variety of illnesses and health issues that cause him to take lots of medicines. It is these health problems that lead Blume, at the...
L’Anonyme today. This one opens with a strong bergamot, but it’s really a soft leather frag in the dry down. It’s OK; unremarkable.
Right now, very.
Both croc and calf taste great. Not so sure about horse, snake, lizard and ostrich.
The more crocodile shoes I see in this thread, the more I am convinced that it’s ugly.
I’ve always found this article from John Cusey a good guide as to what the top-end shoe makers are all about.Not sure if you are in Melbourne, but a visit to Double Monk might be a good start for you. It’s a shame you missed the Edward Green trunk show last month. I suspect that would have been right up your alley.
L’Eau d’Hiver today, although it’s still decidedly autumn here.
How does this compare to his Erlendur books?
Is this cheating? Anyway, it was you who put me onto this book originally, and I don’t regret it for a moment. A great read, one of my favourites from last year.
I’ve had a few CT shirts over the years, and I think they’re pretty good value. You do see a lot of them in op shops; I guess because at their price point there’s little point repairing them if something goes awry. I suspect Lewin shirts tend to shrink, but I’’ve not had that issue with CT. Some of the rest of their range is good value also; I’ve bought a rugby top and an overcoat from them that are quite OK. Their suits are good staples and can be bought online to your...
New Posts  All Forums: