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Eau de Gentiane Blanche today. This is one I don't wear much, but it's a nice alternative to Orange Verte. Much more floral than citrus, with a bit of pepper and a powdery iris dry-down. Lasts pretty well compared to the usual Hermes EdCs.
[[SPOILER]] 6. Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?Can't We Talk about Something More Pleasant? by Roz ChastMy rating: 5 of 5 starsI bought this book when my mother first moved into aged care, with the thought that it might help prepare for what was coming. Not too long after that, my mother-in-law died after a relatively short illness, so I discreetly put it to one side. I didn't really think it was the right book to be reading at that point.It came to hand when I...
Congrats. Not as the defendant, I hope.
I'm wearing MdO Vetyver today. I've reviewed this before; it really is a good example of this style, with good legs. Yesterday I wore Miller Harris Terre de Bois. This was a blind buy at a sale, mainly because it was ridiculously cheap - $10 for an unopened FB. I haven't tried MH before, but I liked this one as a green scent, although it dries down powdery, with what is supposed to be a fairy floss note. I'm not too keen on that aspect.
[[SPOILER]] 5. The Lost Girls of RomeThe Lost Girls of Rome by Donato CarrisiMy rating: 3 of 5 starsMarcus is an amnesiac member of a shadowy order of priests that investigate crimes gleaned from the confessions of evil-doers. The Church disapproves of them so he must conduct his activities in secret. Sandra Vega is a crime scene photographer mourning the recent death of her photojournalist husband David. David fell to his death in a deserted building in Rome. So why did...
We are back into the warm weather again. Friday I wore Mona di Orio Tubereuse. I always approach tubereuse somewhat gingerly; it so easily becomes all lush and girly. This one doesn't; it has a green edge to it that keeps it civilised. I wore it to work and, after a few more dabs, out to dinner. It's versatile, lasts well, good for summer, very happy with this one. Less so today, with Olfactive Studios Still Life. Nice citrusy opening, but this disappeared oh-so-quickly....
Heeley Cuir Plein Fleurs today. Blind buy at last week's sale. My this is noice. It's clearly a leather frag from the outset, but not intrusive at all. Not is it the girly floral its name suggests. Lasts well - 14 hours+ - and retains some of the leather all the way, with some ozonic element late in the day.
Wore the AdP Assoluta yesterday. Today was MdO Eau Absolue.This has really good longevity - at least 13 hours. It's a nice balance of bergamot and vetiver, with a bit of pepper, with nothing too dominant. On the downside, that makes it a little characterlss as a fragrance, while a high-end niche frag should be a bit more memorable.
Did you read Irene first? For some reason they published Alex in English first, and screwed up the first book as a result.
I remember exactly why I started wearing bright socks. It would have been in the '90s. My sons both have the same size feet as me, and they started raiding my supply of navy and grey socks to wear to school. So I cracked it and decided that nobody would be in any doubt which socks were mine, and swore off boring socks forever.Unless you wear them with shorts, they are only ever a flash of colour anyway, nothing to be frightened of.
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