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This may be a forum, but there are rules about respect for other members. You are not alone in having parents from struggle town. I have told you several times what the facts are. I suggest you take your idea to a few op shop managers and see what they think of your strategy of barring people with cash to spend from their store and only allow poor people to buy from them. See how far you get.
Also FYI I re-donate a heap of what I find in op shops to Wear For Success including, recently, almost 2 dozen new business shirts, expressly so that "battler X" can wear something to his job interview.I don't know what you think you are doing casting aspersions on other members' ethics, but it's pretty offensive.
There's an implication there that I don't take kindly to.FYI I have had op shop managers actually suggest that I on-sell their items. They know that second-hand and vintage dealers comb their shops for goods all the time. They have no problem with it.
I have seen this argument time and time again, and it is always wrong.Op shops do not exist to give poor people somewhere to shop. They exist to raise money to give to poor people without the need for them to buy stuff first. I have never encountered an op shop that was not happy to take my money, in some instances more than a thousand in a single visit. They know I am not poor, but they are dead grateful for the business, because they can make great use of the funds.
Future grandfather here. One comment I'd make is that so much has changed since I was a parent. It really is important to talk to a doctor about dietary advice and precautions in the first six months. For example, everybody coming in close contact with the baby needs to have had a recent whooping cough jab; that was a new one on me. SIDS research has turned up a few things that will influence your choice of baby equipment such as bassinets and prams.
I've been considering a new camera myself, but nothing so fancy. I've been mulling the Sony RX-100 model III to replace my model II. It's a long way off the pace, but the newer models would have me just paying for video capability that I won't use.I have a Canon 7D and a shitload of lenses, but I honestly can't be bothered with setting it up. When I get some space I might.
17. Hot Milk Hot Milk by Deborah Levy My rating: 2 of 5 stars Sofia takes her invalid mother to Spain to consult a local specialist who may be able to diagnose her mother's mysterious ailments. While there Sofia encounters Ingrid, an ex-pat German, and begins a fraught relationship with this enigmatic stranger.I could not get into this book at all. It's a litany of various relationships Sofia has with women, men, the doctor, the nurse, her mother, her father and her...
Can't have been me then.
I can't claim to be an expert, but here's the label from a Dunhill shirt of mine (bloody autocorrect just made that "dunghill", BTW). Quite different, FWIW.
Looks like it will air on Starz in the USA.
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