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Today I wore Amber Absolute, and a girl at work called Amber liked it. Yesterday I wore French Lover, but no French girl liked it.
[[SPOILER]] 29. The Ring and The Opposite of DeathThe Ring: & The Opposite of Death by Roberto SavianoMy rating: 4 of 5 starsSaviano, the award-winning journalist who wrote Gomorra, turns his hand to short stories here, and does a very creditable job. The two stories in this brief collection both deal with the trapped youth of rural Southern Italy. In The Ring these young men become foot-soldiers in the wars between organised crime gangs. Saviano contrasts this in The...
[[SPOILER]] 28. Bitter RemedyBitter Remedy: An Alec Blume Case by Conor FitzgeraldMy rating: 2 of 5 starsBitter Remedy is a pretty ordinary effort at Mediterranean noir, and not a patch on the likes of Camilleri or Izzo. Chief Inspector Alec Blume has the requisite laundry list of personal faults; he has separated from his wife and has a variety of illnesses and health issues that cause him to take lots of medicines. It is these health problems that lead Blume, at the...
L’Anonyme today. This one opens with a strong bergamot, but it’s really a soft leather frag in the dry down. It’s OK; unremarkable.
Right now, very.
Both croc and calf taste great. Not so sure about horse, snake, lizard and ostrich.
The more crocodile shoes I see in this thread, the more I am convinced that it’s ugly.
I’ve always found this article from John Cusey a good guide as to what the top-end shoe makers are all about.Not sure if you are in Melbourne, but a visit to Double Monk might be a good start for you. It’s a shame you missed the Edward Green trunk show last month. I suspect that would have been right up your alley.
L’Eau d’Hiver today, although it’s still decidedly autumn here.
How does this compare to his Erlendur books?
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