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Nice, but even if I could sneak into a 40, a drop 7 is out of the question. Good luck with the sale.
Popped on a polo myself today for the first time in a while - a Brunello Cucinelli one I found in an op shop. What I like about this one is that it is slim cut and fits me in the shoulders. The only other polo I’ve ever bought that fit in the shoulders is the PJ one. For some reason, people who design polos think we are all linebackers.
Yerbamate today. A mate of mine who is a big collector held a garage sale today. He let me get in early; here is what I got from him: Parfums de Nicolai - Cologne Sologne - 0.5 of 50ml Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier - Racine - 100ml Eau De Cartier - essence d’orange -100ml Knize ten -50ml L’artisan -fou d’absinthe - 100ml Penhaligon’s london - juniper sling 95% 100ml Rocabar - 95% of 100ml Sartorial Penhaligan’s - 85% of 50ml CB I hate perfume - 90% where we are there is...
You’re right Lirum, thanks. Always useful to get a second pair of eyes on things like these.
Invasion Barbare today. What a waste; I have a cold and can’t smell a thing. Climat find yesterday has been authenticated. Today I found two shrink-wrapped bottles of Miss Balmain, and a FBIB of Leonard Balahe. Why can’t I find some cool discontinued guy stuff in op shops?
Guys I know tho question has been done to death but I’ve not encountered shell cordovan before. These look to me to be cordovan, due to the lack of fine wrinkling around the vamp, but I want to be sure of myself before I offer them for sale. Looking at the writing on the side, I’m assuming that these are by Alfred Sargent, correct? Thanks.
@rach2jlc have you tried the re-issued Helmut Lang EdC? I read a review of it that seemed to suggest it lacked much longevity, but was otherwise pretty good.
Sam can probably make it fit you - with a chainsaw. Awesome day at the op shop. Apart from that Belvest, a BB suit (which I found as separated jacket and pants) and some nice conservative business shirts from BB, Michael Kors, Tasso Elba and Harry & Sons (these are mostly for WFS).In a $2 tie bucket I found: Zegna Napoli Couture, E. Marinella, Tino Cosma 7-fold, Paul Smith, T.M. Lewin and a NWT Etro still in cellophane.I also found a full bottle of a vintage Lancome...
Sound’s good. Have you read John King’s The Football Factory trilogy? Similar ground; it's about football hooligans from the POV of the hooligans.
Helmut Lang EdC today. Wish I could find more of this. Found a FB of Lancome Climat today in an op shop. I hope it’s not a fake; still trying to find out. UPDATE: checked with a vintage perfume site and was advised that my bottle is a fair-dinkum 1980s EdT. Goody.
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