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Sums Wasp Factory up in one sentence.
Took some clients to see Juventus at Etihad in 2008. We had the table next to Mick Gatto, his mates and their mistresses. I told my clients to resist ogling any women, under any circumstances.
That would be McCloud's. They do stock Loake, also Barker, Church and Cheaney, amongst others.
Saw some savage reviews of that when it came out, so I passed. So much ignorant crap gets talked about debt in Australia that I can't stand reading more of it.
Journey Man. Not an apprentice at these rates, and not a Master piece, but not at all bad.
[[SPOILER]] 31. The Heart Goes LastThe Heart Goes Last by Margaret AtwoodMy rating: 2 of 5 starsI first encountered this story as a series of Byliner episodes a few years back, so I was curious to read Atwood's full account of the Positron story.Charmaine and Stan are two young people who have lost their jobs in the wake of a catastrophic financial collapse. Like countless others, they are forced to live hand-to-mouth, roughing it in their car, feeling forever threatened....
[[SPOILER]] 30. VixenVixen by Hoa PhamMy rating: 4 of 5 starsVietnamese-Australian author Hoa Pham has been producing a series of highly original novels that convey the immigrant experience through the lenses of fantasy and magic realism.Vixen is the story of a Vietnamese spirit, a fox fairy who can take the shape of a human woman. At the start of her story, she is a courtesan in the Imperial court in Hue, during the rise of the Viet Minh and the intervention of the French...
M7 today. As good as ever.
I wore Lonestar Memories yesterday. Today was Van Cleef and Arpels Pour Homme. I sprayed the modern version and dabbed a bit of my vintage splash on one wrist, to compare. Both have lasted well, but the vintage seems to have more presence late in the day, with a sharper-smelling drydown. I think the difference here might be synthetic vs real oakmoss.
I bought a peacoat from them a while ago. There are photos somewhere here. Happy overall, but there are a few points to note:1/ choice of fabric. I got the impression that all of Hermen's fabric choices are from Chinese mills. I'm not drawing any conclusions as to quality, but they do not offer the English and Italian cloth that you'll find elsewhere.2/ No second fitting. The measure you up and agree the order, and then it gets sent to you. If there are any issues, you get...
New Posts  All Forums: