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Italian Cypress today, after wearing London yesterday. Master-Classter can guess why. Thanks mate.
I read Cloudstreet when it first came out, so I'm stretching my memory a bit. I think I was a little put off by the very Aussie tone of it, but I think that's probably true to how such families would have been at the time it's set. I liked it's juxtaposition of a straight-laced family with a happy-go-lucky group of chancers in the same house, and the dynamic that Winton sets off as a result. For a long time I was a Winton completist and loved books like That Eye The Sky,...
[[SPOILER]] 42. My Brilliant FriendMy Brilliant Friend by Elena FerranteMy rating: 3 of 5 starsThis is the first of a series of novels by Elena Ferrante about a young woman growing up in Naples. Elena and Lila are childhood friends, both very bright, although Lila is the more precocious of the two, even in elementary school. Growing up in a poor suburb among an ill-educated and violent community, the girls struggle to find a place in a world where neither of them feels...
Yesterday I wore Santal Majuscale. Today is Jovoy's Les Jeux sont Faits. This one is very promising: boozy incense - much to like.
I can resist anything except temptation ... I also snagged a Giampaolo shirt in a solid blue. No experience of the brand, but I figured another blue shirt can't hurt.
Contact master-classter. You won't find TF on discount anywhere here, but he can fix you up with decants of up to 50ml at good prices.EDITSorry, missed Pete's earlier response.
Rose Nacree du Desert today. Regarding Norne, it's not so much a spicy or incensey wood as a clean fresh woodsy smell. I don't have a lot that smell like this. Maybe Equipage, but it's a lot more complex. Around now is when I should put in a plug for my friend Mark Evans, the perfumer at Evocative Perfumes, whose Siberian Fir is supposedly another nice example of this kind of scent. (I've yet to have the pleasure, but I can vouch for his Olibanum).
Slumberhouse Norne today. This is a seriously good woody fragrance with pretty decent longevity. For the office, during winter, this is a cracker. Sadly, my sample won't last much longer, and I don't think I can afford a bottle.
Encre Noir today. Another one that needs no introduction. I'd prefer it to last a bit longer.
Pardon today. Seriously good, but seriously expensive. Nasomatto have got to be taking the piss: $240 for 30 ml.
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