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I ended up wearing Carnal Flower for my anniversary outing. Great scent, love it, but it gives me a headache, for sure. My wife finds it too strong as well. So I guess I won’t be going FB on that one.Today I wore (takes deep breath) CB I Hate Perfume Where We Are There Is No Here. This is mostly an ISO-E and synthetic musk concoction. I know people who like this one, but I wouldn’t count myself in that camp.
Racine today. I was really enjoying this until I washed the dishes, and now I can smell nothing but detergent. Oh well. Today is my anniversary and I need to pick something special for this evening. We are going to a flash French restaurant, so I am thinking something French, niche, suitable for evening wear in spring/summer weather.
That would be a change of pace for Nick.
Evocative Olibanum today. This is produced by an Adelaide-based friend of mine. This is a smoky incense fragrance, but not heavy ilke Avignon. It starts with a sharp, green opening like pine, and the dry down is a softish incense with just a bit of iris. Lasts well. Mark’s prices are very reasonable for the quality; worth checking...
Sample of Ramon Monegal Entre Noranjes today. Love the bitter oranges in these, but it is useless in terms of longevity. Double the amount I usually spray, and gone in 4 hours.
Don’t know how you feel about op shops Luke, but it’s very common to see overcoats there by the likes of London Fog and occasionally Aquascutum. Not sure if that’s what you mean by “nice”.
I’ve sold quite a lot lately, but there isn’t a lot of good money in it. My best business comes from collectors that I know personally, but they’re pretty picky. eBay is pretty much a dead loss; I just sold a BNIB 30ml Shalimar for just $30, less than half RRP.
Piper Nigrum today, from a sample. This has a full-on and very sharp opening, a confusion of pepper, bitter herbs and mint. I was in two minds as to whether I like it. As the day wore on I found it fading fast. I couldn't smell it on my wrists after 4 hours, but my chest (or maybe shirt) retains a very nice mellow scent with the bitterness gone and the pepper toned down a bit. It’s a shame about the longevity; I could get to like this.
We do, we’re both part of a secretive cabal dedicated to making people smell better. Once we ease you all into Tom Ford, we are going to ambush your wallets with the siren songs of Roja, Amouage and Frederic Malle.
Nasomatto Silver Musk. Doesn’t last that well for an extract, but it smells fantastic while it does grace one with its presence.
New Posts  All Forums: