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Kahneman was referenced in Being Mortal actually, which reminded me that I need to read that one.
Today I wrestle the beast, lift him off the ground and crush him: Antaeus.
Enjoying the turn to the cooler weather and the opportunity to change the outfits a bit. Last night, art gallery launch: PJ jacket, vintage silk square, PJ polo, Nudie jeans, Carmina suede loafers, PRL scarf. (I bought a painting, and the wife even liked it!). Today, op shopping. Barbour cardi, PJ polo, Balmain cords, Santoni suede brogues,
I would be interested in your thoughts on insurance. I’m keenly aware that insurance is there to protect the seller, but in the past I have either self-insured, or been able to charge a small amount for insurance on a domestic parcel. This is now changing, for two reasons. The first is that the decline of the Aussie dollar has attracted more overseas buyers to my auctions. The second is that I am starting to get quite a few sales that go for prices way higher than I feel...
Just wondering, has anybody seen the new Paypal “return shipping refund” trial service? Will you be promoting it in your ads?
I may be naive, but why not just start the auction off at the price you want, rather than setting a reserve?
Wearing Oud Wood today. I have so much of this stuff, I think I will have to make it my signature scent over the coming cooler months.
Well, he never claimed it was perfect. He only gave it 9/10.
[[SPOILER]] 16. Being MortalBeing Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End by Atul GawandeMy rating: 4 of 5 starsFor those of us with elderly relatives Being Mortal can make for a bit of a sobering read at times.Atul Gawande’s thesis in this book is that Western medicine, when treating the terminally ill, works only to extend life and address symptoms, rather than consider the quality of life. Yet this is a fruitless pursuit, because mortality is the one medical...
I’m not, I’m Youngian.
New Posts  All Forums: