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Thanks, I’m aware of that.
I just got another one - $200 for a mint Brioni suit. Here is what I wrote, with a counter-offer:With the Zegna one, I was very tempted to follow your second option, but I ended up not sending any message at all.
Ahem.If you have an Amex card, look up the US zip code for your postcode, with a zero on the end. (If you live in postcode 2134, look up 21340). If that code exists, you are in luck. Give them your Amex details and your real street address, but the town and state that correspond to that zip code. Should work.
Eau de Cartier Essence d”Orange today. Because the heat and the humidity have spiked up, I felt like a citrus burst. This is not really the one for me; I have a host of better options in my drawer.
Just got on offer, 4 minutes before the listing expired, of $4 for a Zegna Couture tie in mint condition. I love eBay.
It’s funny how everybody knows exactly what was said between two people despite being a minimum of hundreds of metres away.Get over it. This is the norm in professional sport, going back at least to Ali taunting opponents in the ‘70s.
Sell to somebody who wants to practice antiquing.
Australia won, but I don’t have another Australian scent to celebrate with. So I am wearing the manly and muscular Tom of Finland today, as a tribute to our world champion athletes.
I always make sure that the size marked on the tag is the one in the search fields, but I usually include both sizes in the title (e.g. EU52 US42). Yours is an odd case. It might be best handled in a subtitle, saying something like ("measures to a US 46”)
Today is the final of the Cricket World Cup; of course I am supporting the Aussies. Olfactorily, I am doing this by wearing Evocative Perfumes Olibanum.
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