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I saw that. A couple of times I’ve run big sales on BS& for MS Society and Movember, and SF members have always been generous. I like the direct donation because I know exactly what they need and am just keeping an eye out on their behalf. They don’t really need Brioni and such-like, just any shirt, suit or pants in a state fit for an interview after a clean. Those are relatively easy to find for around $2, so I snag them and pass them on.
I have one FB and one mini, which I use very sparingly. The mini was in a set with vintage L’Interdit and Monsieur.
Right now I have been going through a process of listing my best stuff, which is mostly BINOBO. I have a large swag of older stuff that I have little use for, which I intend to put up as 7-day auctions and see what they get: I don’t really care about the COGS with these as I used them myself, or I bought them for cheap so long ago that it doesn’t matter.On the subject of crap, I maintain a separate stack of clothing that I donate to a charity called Wear For Success, which...
I think I have become a BINOBO convert now. This morning I sold a pair of pants for about 25 times what I paid for them. Sold a tie for 10 times cost as well. I formally apologise to Brian for doubting him.
With shipping shoes, I worry about two things: keeping them protected from exposure and keeping their shape. I stuff each shoe with newspaper, wrap each one in a separate plastic bag which I tape down securely, and send in a padded bag. Seems to work OK.
Very sorry to hear your news fxh. My condolences.
Vintage Aramis 900 today. This is monster stuff that lasts forever.
Send him my way. I need a job.
Great haul. Oddly enough, this is what I’m most envious of. I just never find dress belts in any kind of wearable condition. Best I’ve done were a couple of NWT stretch plaited belts in anonymous brand. They’re OK, but I’m yet to score anything decent.
February has been pretty steady for me, although I am still learning the ropes.Here in Australia, everyone is on holidays in January - including me - so activity is naturally lower. Plus people are spending their cash on the department store sales and back-to-school. February is a bit more normal, and people are also starting to look for new stuff again. I made twice as many sales this month as in January.
New Posts  All Forums: