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Italian Cypress. This is a great spring scent, and I especially enjoy the woody opening. It lasts pretty well, but it gets very close to the skin on me pretty quick. Probably a little short-sighted to be discontinuing this, but I guess it will come back one day.
For those, it would be worth trying the Brooks outlet at Essendon DFO.
Today is Vetiver Fatal. This one is not your usual vetiver; to me it warmer, sweeter and woodier than a typical spring vetiver. It's not a bad fragrance at all, and it lasts well, but it's not really what I was reaching in today's stinking hot, windy weather.
You might think that;I couldn't possibly comment.
I mean in a workplace environment where the sexual harassment laws are in effect, where women are present and where I am expected to conduct myself like a professional. That's pretty much every workplace that I would ever be engaged at. What is so great about those cufflinks that I should risk a complaint if I wore them to work?
I can't bring myself to buy stuff like that. Similar with ties that have a naked woman in the inside of the blade. In an office environment, I think it goes pretty close to crossing a line.
I've also got a pair of C&J Tetbury in tan. They've been refurbished and have a fair bit of patina on them, so I tend to wear them with jeans, for biz cas, etc. They get a pretty regular outing year-round, although I wouldn't wear them in the hottest weather as I'd be wearing shorts.
Today I'm sampling Silver Mountain Water. Unlike most Creeds, this one has lasted the full day, but by day's end all I am really getting is sandalwood. The linear finish combined with an undistinguished opening makes this one a "no", especially at the prices they like to charge for Creed hereabouts. I'll keep the sample though, and no doubt wear it again some time.
First day of daylight saving today. Needless to say, I spent all day wandering around confused about what time it was. Gloriously sunny and warm, so it was just the right day for Geranium Pour Monsieur. I really like this, but I'd like it even more if the minty top-note lasted longer. Back to work tomorrow. Sigh.
DS & Durga Italian Citrus. This is a good one, and has lasted well for a hot day. I need to give this a few more wears before I decide how it ranks as a summer alternative.
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