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I've been wondering the same thing. Anyone had experience with their suits or any other clothes? The yelp reviews are overwhelmingly positive, but I'm not sure what to make of them...
Thoughts on wearing black Sohos with a tuxedo? Looking into a practical alternative to patent leather shoes.
bump Also, when I do wipe my bag rather hard, the cloth does pick up some of the color of the briefcase.
I've recently run into the same problem. My briefcase has been staining my pants, slightly, by my right rear pocket which the briefcase rubs against while I walk. However, I applied conditioner to the briefcase about a week before first wearing it. Perhaps I did not apply enough or missed some areas? Should I, too, apply alcohol to the briefcase before applying a conditioner?
stu00a, what sale was that? was it online? i'm looking into getting a navy fitz 39r, and from what i recall the past couple of sales haven't applied to solids? or maybe it was just that they had none in my size?
just curious what shoes those are you're planning on rocking?
I had actually ordered some mainline tailored polos from LE and found them to be too big on me. Far too much room in the back of the shirts. I chatted with someone from LE Canvas, and I could be wrong but I recall her saying the LE Canvas polo is 1 inch shorter, .5 inch shorter in the sleeve, and 1 inch smaller in the chest. Also, I tried on the Peacoat and the Harrington. Liked the peacoat but its sleeves were too long and I didn't think it was slim enough. The...
Anyone own the cotton peacoat or the Heritage Harrington? links:
I was also curious how this might compare in quality to other competitors' bags. I was initially considering an M-W Traveler laptop bag. The pictures posted by other users of their M-W bags have definitely impressed me.
Just checking to see if anyone owns this Jack Georges bag. A local store has it on sale and is offering free monogramming and a care kit. I'm looking at the Cognac. Will begin practicing as an attorney in a mid-sized tri-state area firm in the fall - thought this bag would be flexible in case I decide to bring a laptop to work at times. Thanks.
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