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Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Most of the dudes who I see wearing narrower jeans don't mind a bulky shoe, and I think the clarks have a nice silhouette for that. They're a little sloppy and bohemian. The peals' dress chukka cut, and high and narrow lacing (even taking into account they'd be laced a little wider on a foot than in the pic) might look great with a pair of Nudie RRs, even reasonably worn APC NS, or some corduroy pants, but I...
How much will a pair of raw apcs shrink in the length over time ? My new standards are about 3" too long and i need to know how much too get them hemmed please.
Straight sven nudie would work. Of all the nudies i own it has the shortest back rise so enhances your butt . Reg ralf and slim jim both sit lower at the back
Are these still available ?
How about Nudie straight sven ? Despite what others have said it fits nothing like reg ralf. The leg is slim, straight and slightly relaxed and measures 8.5" at the hem (on my 30" waist). The back and front rise are each about 0.5" shorter than ralf meaning you wont get the saggy ass. Honestly its a great cut and looks great on slimmer guys. I think the sven will suit your needs to a tee Edited as i see you already have straight sven ! Still a great cut though
What denim whodini ?
Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta those are not classics. they are '70s style. the '70s had their comeback in the '90s. it is now 2007. move on. i agree that modern sneakers are hideous for the most part, but this gives the new generation an opportunity to wear something other than sneakers. I think you'll find that ,with the exception of the brown suede, Gazelles and the bottom Italias were first released in the 60's and are...
I like the Even steven but the very low back pockets has put me off. According to the my nudies site there's another cut coming out called "average joe" which will be the same as even steven but with higher back pockets.
Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta buy some modern shoes. the '70s are so, '90s. I cannot think of one modern sneaker i'd rather wear than the classics. Seriously, modern sneaks are very ugly in general
Guys please give me feedback on which of these sneakers i should get. I like them all but i need some help narrowing it down !
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