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Guys please give me feedback on which of these sneakers i should get. I like them all but i need some help narrowing it down !
Should i size up one to a 31" waist if i do decide to get the SD-103 ?
I just got a pair of SSDS and i honestly think they're the best fitting jean i've ever worn. The rise is just right on me at 10" (30" waist) , slim through the legs and a leg opening of 8.5" which goes with all my current footwear rotation. Having looked into the measurements of the SDA-103 they seem very similar fit wise and the denim seems good quality. I know a few people on here have both of these so i'd like to know how similar / different they are or indeed if theres...
You are all missing the king of knitwear........John Smedley !!
I have lvc 1947's 2" up from my waist size which is the way to go for the proper fit. I'll not post pics of them though as they're too high rise on me
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster RRDGs, sized up one from my normal waist size. Makes me wonder though why my RRDS in my normal waist size look much bigger in the calf area than yours. Guess maybe because mine are unwashed and fairly stiff still ? They just dont seem to sit on my footwear as nicely as yours
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Outfit won't be winning any awards, but I found a great spot for a pic on my lunch break: Which jeans are they Sauce ?
I think straight sven is a perfect example of the sort of silhouette thats about to become more popular
Looking for these in a 31" waist. Can anyone help ?
I have a 30" waist comfortably in RRDS and couldnt even button up the 30" waist in olas. So no dont size down and yes the inseams run about 0.5" smaller than tagged
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