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So whens the new "top 20" list expected guys ?
Yeah i think although i'm not tall (5ft 9) my torso / leg proportion is pretty standard so a mid rise feels more comfortable. I also have a butt which is making the svens a little tighter as well. I've also had slim jims which although a "slimmer" fit were definitely more comfortable due to the longer back yoke
Sorry i should have said. I bought my normal waist size (30"). I think the front rise is 0.5" lower than my RRDS and the back rise is 1" lower. I'm thinking maybe my body type doesnt really suit low rise jeans. The only other jean in my rotation at the moment is apc ns which is just about perfect in the top block area
So i've been wearing these for a couple of weeks now. I'm not sure if the size i bought is tagged incorrectly but they will feel so dam uncomfortable around the top block area. Are they supposed to be lower rise than ralfs ? I love the fit through the legs which is why i'm persevering with them but i'm not prepared to sacrifice comfort for something which looks good. I'm wondering if i soak them to get rid of the starch then they may loosen up significantly ? though i...
Quote: Originally Posted by jufros i wouldn't wear my NS with a blazer unless i was trying to look edgy. Empire- what size are your SJDJ? How often do you wear them and how tight were they on you at first? Hideout- how many washes have you done and are they DJ or just dry? I Wear them around 2-3 times a week. I 'd say the waist has stretched about an inch and the legs hardly at all. I think with slim jim , unless you want them skinny,...
Quote: Originally Posted by jufros less finished and more aggro-hipster outfits. What does this mean ? I have the dry japan slim jims in my actual waist size and they fit very well and have hardly stretched in 2 months.
I use Scholl gel arch supports in my sneakers. I recommend them if you have flatish feet
Quote: Originally Posted by prozach1576 I'd prefer MJK's jackets to both of those. Thats really helpful. Thanks
Now winter is just about over i decided i need a new spring jacket. I've narrowed it down to two i think so would appreciate some positive / negative feedback on these :
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife . about the jacket, it DOES look like nairb's, now that i think about it, but it is from yoox, actually. i had been watching the price drop for a while and finally got the wife to get it for my birthday present. it was a steal. much much cheaper than any alternatives that i was considering. and i quite like it. Hard to tell from the pic DDML but is it the Drkshadw jacket with the chinese...
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